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During Fox News Segment on Trump, Geraldo Tells Bolling, “I’d Knock You Out Right Now”

A debate over Donald Trump’s comments on immigration nearly descended into violence on Monday’s episode of The Five on Fox News. The segment in question, which can be seen in the above-embedded video, began with commentator Jesse Watters contrasting what he saw as Trump’s “muscular,” tough-talking style with the demeanor of “skinny community organizer” and President Barack Obama.

Geraldo Rivera blasted back that he felt that Watters’ comments were disrespectful to the president and added, referencing Trump’s rhetoric on immigration policy, “Immigration is like a cheap drug. You get a big bang, a quick high, and a very long hangover.

It’s not a quick high when people are getting murdered in San Francisco,” said Watters, referring to alleged murder of Kate Steinle at the hands of convicted felon and five-times deported Mexican national Juan Francisco Lopez-Sanchez. He also commented on what he perceived as Mexico’s inability to keep drug cartel members from escaping incarceration and “selling heroin and cocaine to our children.

Rivera responded, “It is the cheapest shot of all to exploit the misery of [the Steinle] family… it has nothing to do with immigration.

You’re exploiting it by downplaying [the murder],” said Watters.

When Rivera argued that Trump’s comments were “exploiting” and “sensationalizing” the immigration issue, Fox News host Eric Bolling said to Rivera accusingly, “From a guy who exploits and sensationalizes everything, really?

Are you talking to me?” replied Geraldo Rivera. “You’re lucky that you’re my friend; I’d knock you out right now. That’s absolute BS.

We can take this up later,” said Bolling.

That is absolute bogus BS. You’re telling me I exploit and sensationalize? What do you do? Where do you get your stuff from? What right-wing pundit is giving you your script?” shouted Rivera.

Sensing the rising tension, commentator Kimberly Guilfoyle asked the show’s producers in the control room to cut to commercial break.