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Julie Borowski Brilliantly Dismantles FCKH8’s Viral Video

Julie Borowski recently released a new video spoofing FCKH8.com’s viral video. In FCKH8’s video, young girls use the F-word to sell t-shirts by pointing out the old, worn out and often disproved talking points of the far left feminist movement.

Borowski destroys the talking points.

Pay inequality:  Women do not make 23% less than men for the same exact job. Source

Rape & Violence: 1 in 5 women will not be sexually assaulted. The survey that FCKH8 sourced never asked if the woman was sexually assaulted. Source

Borowski points out that the government is making women less safe by trying to regulate and/or taking their rights to defend themselves.

Borowski ends the video with a simple message:

“So screw your victimization.”