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James O’Keefe Sting Video Alleges Illegal Donation To Clinton Campaign (VIDEO)

NEW YORK, Sept. 1, 2015– An undercover video that purportedly shows Hillary Clinton’s campaign indirectly accepting a donation from a foreign national has been released by journalist James O’Keefe’s “Project Veritas”.

At Clinton’s campaign launch earlier this summer, the Project Veritas team was scattered throughout the crowd and interacting with Clinton staffers. At one point, the team found a Canadian citizen trying to purchase $75 in Clinton merchandise.

Initially, the staffer turned the Canadian citizen away due to laws set forth by the Federal Election Commission, which prohibit accepting funds directly or indirectly from foreign nationals.

An O’Keefe operative can be heard joining the discussion in the edited video. “But she traveled all the way from Canada to support Hillary. You could give her, she’s paying cash,” the operative said.

The Canadian woman suggested that the O’Keefe operative could purchase the items for her. The operative agreed to accept the Canadian woman’s money to purchase the merchandise for the woman on her behalf, an action that is considered illegal by the FEC due to the transaction being an indirect donation.

Due to the small nature of the donation, many in the media have come to Clinton’s defense and attack O’Keefe, as well as, the video.

“This video shows a Project Veritas operative yet again unsuccessfully trying to entrap campaign staffers who very clearly rejected any foreign donation,” said Clinton’s spokesman Jesse Ferguson in a statement.

O’Keefe promised that another video, yet to be released, would “go even deeper inside the Hillary campaign to show you how the election laws and rules are ignored at every level.”

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Update: Rand Paul’s Filing For Presidency A Hoax?

Update #2, March 19th, 7:15 p.m. Eastern: The Washington Examiner’s updated report has removed Paul’s office’s statement suggesting that the FEC page was a hoax, and now states that the FEC page is a “common bureaucratic procedure”: “The mix-up appears to have occurred from a common bureaucratic procedure. In 2013, the Human Actions super PAC had reported independent expenditures supporting Paul for President. Since the FEC can’t link transactions to a candidate that doesn’t exist, the agency set up an ID page that seemed to note Paul was filing to be president. The FEC has done this before, but it has never caused such confusion, the spokesperson told the Examiner. The page was not readily available on the FEC’s website and the agency doesn’t know how the ID page was discovered.”

Update #1, March 19th, 2:40 p.m. Eastern: There have been conflicting statements regarding this filing, which had been reported by BenSwann.com as well as the Washington Examiner and Mediaite. Paul’s office told the Washington Examiner that he “hasn’t filed anything and the page appears to be a hoax,” while an FEC spokesman told CNBC that the circulated filing is an “old ID page created in 2013 after a Super PAC filed an independent report saying was supporting Paul for a 2016 bid.”

Original post:

United States Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) has filed with the Federal Election Commission as a presidential candidate:


Reuters had reported on Wednesday that Paul would announce his candidacy on April 7th, according to an unnamed source close to Paul.

Paul’s office was unable to be reached for comment on the filing. This would make Sen. Rand Paul the first candidate on either the Republican or Democratic side to file for the Presidency.