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Are Media Matters and George Soros Behind the Social Purge?

A nearly two year old document reportedly issued by Media Matters for America lays out a plan for “defeating Trump” and Republicans over the next four years. But is this strategy actually responsible for the social media taking place on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google? After all, this purge only protects establishment “left” and “right”.

Let’s give it a Reality Check.

Open Society Foundations Ceases Operations in Hungary in Response to “Stop Soros Act”

Budapest, Hungary – Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has succeeded in forcing George Soros’ Open Society Foundations (OSF) to cease operations in Hungary, as the group confirmed on Tuesday that it would be ending operations in the country. OSF previously said it would move its Budapest operations to Berlin if necessary.

“Faced with an increasingly repressive political and legal environment in Hungary, the Open Society Foundations are moving their Budapest-based international operations and staff to the German capital, Berlin,” OSF announced on Tuesday.

Orbán and the Fidesz party had targeted OSF for “meddling” in the political affairs of Hungary, primarily in the funding of opposition groups that allegedly supported immigration.

Open Society Foundations President Patrick Gaspard refuted Orbán’s characterization of the group, saying the Hungarian leader has “denigrated and misrepresented our work” while repressing civil society “for the sake of political gain.”

Orbán is widely known as a staunch opponent of immigration. “We will never allow Hungary to become a target country for immigrants. We do not want to see significantly sized minorities with different cultural characteristics and backgrounds among us. We want to keep Hungary as Hungary,” Orbán declared in 2015 following the murders in Paris at the French satirical newspaper Charlie Hebdo.

OSF noted that the impetus for the move comes as Hungary “prepares to impose further restrictions on nongovernmental organizations through what it has branded its ‘Stop Soros’ package of legislation.”

The Fidesz party submitted legislation to parliament in February known as the “Stop Soros Act” that aimed to limit immigration and intensify restrictions on the activities of foreign-funded non-governmental organizations (NGOs). According to Reuters:

The bill, submitted to parliament late on Tuesday, is a key part of Prime Minister Viktor Orban’s anti-immigration campaign targeting U.S. financier George Soros whose philanthropy aims to bolster liberal and open-border values in eastern Europe.

The government says the bill, which would also impose a 25 percent tax on foreign donations to NGOs that back migration in Hungary, is meant to deter illegal immigration Orban says is eroding European stability and has been stoked in part by Soros.

Hungary and Poland are both under nationalist governments that have clashed with the European Union leadership in Brussels over their perceived authoritarian drift deviating from EU standards on democracy and rule of law.

“If Soros is found to have engaged in such activity, meaning he organizes illegal immigration, then the rules will apply to him,” Hungarian government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said.

After Orbán’s recent landslide election victory in April, he said, in reference to Soros and the OSF, “I know they won’t accept the result of the election, they will organize all sorts of things, they have unlimited financial resources.”

When news subsequently broke in April that OSF was planning on moving from Budapest to Berlin, Orbán quipped, “You might understand if I don’t cry my eyes out.”

Soros-affiliated organizations, such as OSF, have reportedly been connected to various color revolutions, the Arab Spring, and a number of other political uprisings across the globe.

According to a report in New Eastern Outlook:

The totality of what is revealed in the three hacked documents show that Soros is effectively the puppet-master pulling most of the strings in Kiev. Soros Foundation’s Ukraine branch, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) has been involved in Ukraine since 1989. His IRF doled out more than $100 million to Ukrainian NGOs two years before the fall of the Soviet Union, creating the preconditions for Ukraine’s independence from Russia in 1991. Soros also admitted to financing the 2013-2014 Maidan Square protests that brought the current government into power.

Soros’ foundations were also deeply involved in the 2004 Orange Revolution that brought the corrupt but pro-NATO Viktor Yushchenko into power with his American wife who had been in the US State Department.

Zero Hedge reports that Open Society, which was launched in 1979, currently spends more than $940 million a year to support 26 regional and national offices. Last year, Soros announced that he was dedicating the majority of his $18 billion fortune to funding the Open Society Foundations.

George Soros’ Fund Has Approved Cryptocurrency Trading

(Dash Force News) George Soros, who famously called Bitcoin a bubble this past January, now has his fund, Soros Fund Management, internally approved for cryptocurrency trading.

Adam Fisher, who oversees macro investing for the fund, has reportedly gotten internal approval to trade cryptocurrencies. While no reports indicate that any trades have actually taken place, yet, the statement is a complete 180 degree turn from the earlier public sentiments of George Soros. However, Soros and his fund have been making indirect upward bets on cryptocurrencies by becoming the third-biggest shareholder in Overstock.com since the fourth quarter. Overstock.com was one of the first to accept cryptocurrencies and has Medici Ventures as a subsidiary to invest heavily in cryptocurrencies and related technology, including tZERO as a trading platform.

Soros said at the World Economic Forum in Davos that cryptocurrencies are not actually currencies because of their volatility. In addition to calling cryptocurrencies a bubble in January, Soros went on to say, that “rulers in [dictatorial] countries will turn to Bitcoin to build a nest egg abroad”.

Soros’ actions assign a value to cryptocurrencies because of its use as a currency

The large shift in opinions of Soros and his managed fund sheds light on how popular edicts are often made at the time with little information. Since Soros Fund Management now has internal approval to trade cryptocurrencies, it begs the question of what Soros has learned since calling Bitcoin a bubble. In addition, the contradictions should be noted since quarter four and his fund’s investment in cryptocurrency-heavy Overstock.com overlaps with his cryptocurrency-negative comments. A proposition that squares those contradictory actions is that Soros, as “The Man Who Broke the Bank of England”, makes bets in favor of the market-natural direction of a currency. To do so, him and his fund must make bets that go with the flow of the market-natural value of a currency.

By investing in cryptocurrencies, whether it is a bet upwards or a bet downwards, he is implying that cryptocurrencies have some value that they are trending towards and will eventually reach. This argument in combination with Say’s Law, which says that value arises from production as opposed to consumption, proposes that cryptocurrencies’ value arises from the fact that they produce an item that other individuals deem valuable and are willing to forgo other forms of money and consumption to buy and earn cryptocurrencies. The ability to use cryptocurrencies to buy goods and/or services create value for its users.

The value of Dash arises from the confidence behind its usability

Dash is quickly spreading all over the world, which reinforces its usability by giving consumers many options of where to spend their hard earned Dash. The adoption of Dash is so strong and fast because of the confidence users see behind its structure. Dash has demonstrated how it leverages its combination of miners, masternodes, and treasury fund in an incentive-based organization to develop the blockchain in ways that best serve consumers. Consumers then have larger confidence in Dash’s ability to cope with adversity that could arise in the future.

Dash allows Venezuelans to buy items without government manipulation. Dash allows those in many African nations that could not have access to reliable bank accounts before to now store their wealth in a safe and secure way. Dash allows Indians a corruption free method to spend their money quickly. These features overlap between countries and continents with numerous integrations, but overall demonstrates that Dash provides value for consumers because of its production of a fast and inexpensive trustless decentralized network for currency that can be reliably sustained long into the future.


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Soros PAC Targets Democratic Incumbent in Texas DA Race Who Opposes Sanctuary Cities

San Antonio, TX— A political action committee (PAC) backed by progressive billionaire philanthropist George Soros, who has spent millions targeting local District Attorney races in recent years, has contributed to yet another local election in Texas.

An investigation of campaign finance documents by The Daily Caller revealed that Soros, through a state-level PAC called Texas Justice & Public Safety, spent $70,000 in support of primary opponent Joe Gonzales against sitting Bexar County District Attorney Nicholas LaHood.

LaHood is actually a Democrat, but due to his opposition to sanctuary cities and proclaimed support of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott’s stated intent to target cities that disregard federal immigration law, his seat has become a target. More than $30,000 was spent by the Texas Justice & Public Safety PAC on mailers that label LaHood as “bigoted,” “racist” and “Islamophobic” in both English and Spanish.

The Daily Caller report notes:

Soros has repeatedly backed left-wing district attorney candidates with massive donations typically only seen in gubernatorial, congressional or presidential campaigns. Soros spent more than $9 million on local DA races in 2015-2017 alone, allowing the New York resident to influence local criminal justice policies all across the country.

Interestingly, while other billionaires have used the Citizens United decision to inject millions into presidential and other high-profile congressional races, Soros has enacted a strategy of infusing millions into local DA races with a stated goal of reforming the U.S. criminal justice system.

According to a report by Politico:

His money has supported African-American and Hispanic candidates for these powerful local roles, all of whom ran on platforms sharing major goals of Soros’, like reducing racial disparities in sentencing and directing some drug offenders to diversion programs instead of to trial. It is by far the most tangible action in a progressive push to find, prepare and finance criminal justice reform-oriented candidates for jobs that have been held by longtime incumbents and serve as pipelines to the federal courts — and it has inspired fury among opponents angry about the outside influence in local elections.

Soros has spent on district attorney campaigns in Florida, Illinois, Louisiana, Mississippi, New Mexico and Texas through a network of state-level super PACs and a national “527” unlimited-money group, each named a variation on “Safety and Justice.” (Soros has also funded a federal super PAC with the same name.) Each organization received most of its money directly from Soros, according to public state and federal financial records, though some groups also got donations from nonprofits like the Civic Participation Action Fund, which gave to the Safety and Justice group in Illinois.

As a means of pushing back against the Soros influx of funding, LaHood and others have attempted to publicize Soros’ involvement, accusing him of trying to buy DA seats across the country.

“We know George Soros is a billionaire who has purchased at least 10 other district attorney’s offices around the country, not to mention other political positions,” LaHood said in the ad aimed at highlighting Soros, titled, “Your DA’s Office is Not For Sale.”

Thus far, the only losing effort by a Soros-backed candidate has been in Houston’s Harris County. Keeping in line with the strategy of targeting races with large urban centers, Bexar County is Texas’ fourth most populous county and includes the city of San Antonio.

Soros PAC Continues Routing Funds to Local District Attorney Races

Washington, D.C. – For years, billionaire progressive philanthropist George Soros has been aiming to steer local elections in favor of certain candidates for district attorney— by infusing their campaigns with financial support from Soros-funded political action committees.

The Daily Caller reports that the most recent election victory by a Soros PAC-funded candidate in a district attorney race saw the Justice & Public Safety PAC, funded by Soros, provide more than $100,000 to the campaign of Portsmouth, Virginia Commonwealth Attorney Stephanie Morales between Sept. 9 and Nov. 4, according to the PAC’s FEC filings.

Interestingly, the Soros-related funding never arose to become a campaign issue, as has taken place previously when the information becomes public, potentially due to Morales not filing her campaign finance reports online but on paper instead. The Daily Caller notes that online reports are more readily available, in contrast to manually filed reports that are generally accessed by a mail request or by visiting city hall.

During the 2017 election campaign for Philadelphia DA, Soros pumped at least $1.45 million into the campaign of civil rights attorney Larry Krasner, who won the election in a landslide with a reported 75 percent of the vote, according to the Associated Press.

The report by the Daily Caller notes:

“Soros has repeatedly backed left-wing district attorney candidates with massive donations typically only seen in gubernatorial, congressional or presidential campaigns. Soros spent more than $9 million on local DA races in 2015-2017 alone, allowing the New York resident to influence local criminal justice policies all across the country. 

Justice & Public Safety PAC’s spending on behalf of Morales (known as “in-kind” contributions) included more than $82,000 on polling, media advertisements and direct mail leaflets in the crucial last two weeks of the campaign. The PAC did not return The Daily Caller’s request for comment.

Soros’s financial backing of Morales gave her an enormous fundraising edge over her challenger, Portsmouth attorney T.J. Wright. The $106,000 Soros spent on Morales’s behalf single-handedly more than doubled all contributions to Wright’s campaign, according to Wright’s campaign filings.”

With money essentially equating to a more prominent voice during the course of an election campaign, the targeting of local elections is a powerful method of affecting domestic policy on the ground.

Although “democracy promotion” is the stated mission of Soros’ Open Society Foundation, which funds Soros-affiliated NGOs across the world, a number of these organizations have reportedly been intimately connected to color revolutions in Europe, the Arab Spring, and a number of other political uprisings across the globe, as revealed in allegedly hacked emails.

A report by F. William Engdahl, featured in New Eastern Outlook, elaborates on Soros’ reported use of NGOs as a tool to meddle in the internal affairs of states:

“The totality of what is revealed in the three hacked documents show that Soros is effectively the puppet-master pulling most of the strings in Kiev. Soros Foundation’s Ukraine branch, International Renaissance Foundation (IRF) has been involved in Ukraine since 1989. His IRF doled out more than $100 million to Ukrainian NGOs two years before the fall of the Soviet Union, creating the preconditions for Ukraine’s independence from Russia in 1991. Soros also admitted to financing the 2013-2014 Maidan Square protests that brought the current government into power.

Soros’ foundations were also deeply involved in the 2004 Orange Revolution that brought the corrupt but pro-NATO Viktor Yushchenko into power with his American wife who had been in the US State Department. In 2004 just weeks after Soros’ International Renaissance Foundation had succeeded in getting Viktor Yushchenko as President of Ukraine, Michael McFaul wrote an OpEd for the Washington Post.”

McFaul, former US Ambassador to Russia, detailed some of the buzzwords and organizations utilized to intervene in the domestic politics of a country in the name of “democracy” in his op-ed for the Post:

“Did Americans meddle in the internal affairs of Ukraine? Yes. The American agents of influence would prefer different language to describe their activities — democratic assistance, democracy promotion, civil society support, etc.— but their work, however labeled, seeks to influence political change in Ukraine. The U.S. Agency for International Development, the National Endowment for Democracy and a few other foundations sponsored certain U.S. organizations, including Freedom House, the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute, the Solidarity Center, the Eurasia Foundation, Internews and several others to provide small grants and technical assistance to Ukrainian civil society. The European Union, individual European countries and the Soros-funded International Renaissance Foundation did the same.”

It’s important to remember that if these tactics can be successfully employed abroad, they can just as easily be implemented domestically in the United States, under similar auspices.

Russia Bans George Soros’ Open Society Institute, Calls It National Security Threat

The office of Russia’s Prosecutor General announced on Monday that Russian citizens are banned from working with George Soros’ Open Society Institute and Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation.

Soros, a politically progressive billionaire investor and philanthropist, was listed by Bloomberg earlier this year as the 25th richest person in the world.

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A statement by Russia’s top prosecutor declared the Soros foundations to be threats to Russia’s national security and constitutional system.

Under the Law on Undesirable Foreign Organizations, which passed in June of this year, Russia’s Prosecutor General has the power to declare certain international organizations undesirable. Once such a declaration has been made, Russia’s Justice Ministry will freeze the organization in question’s locally-held assets, prohibit the distribution of its promotional materials, and close down its office space. Russian citizens who work with a banned organization could face fines or prison time.

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RT notes, “Prosecutors launched a probe into the activities of the two organizations – both sponsored by the well-known US financier George Soros – in July this year, after Russian senators approved the so-called ‘patriotic stop-list’ of 12 groups that required immediate attention over their supposed anti-Russian activities. Other groups on the list included the National Endowment for Democracy; the International Republican Institute; the National Democratic Institute; the MacArthur Foundation and Freedom House. In late July, the Russian Justice Ministry recognized the US National Endowment for Democracy as an undesirable group after prosecutors discovered the US NGO had spent millions on attempts to question the legitimacy of Russian elections and tarnish the prestige of national military service.

Suggesting that the move may be largely symbolic or preventative, Zero Hedge wrote, “It is doubtful that Soros still has any active assets in Russia – his foundation, which emerged in Russia in its early post-USSR years in the mid-1990s, wrapped up active operations in 2003 when Putin cemented his control on power.

Ron Paul: ‘Fear Mongering’ George Soros Pushes For Ukraine War Expansion

Fear mongering” George Soros has plans for continuing our government’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, according to Ron Paul.

Soros, a co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Super PAC, has significant financial and political investment around the world, presenting the opportunity to leverage relationships to affect change in various governments and economies. Paul cites a recent article by ZeroHedge as evidence of this power.

In the article, titled “Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master,” ZeroHedge dissects emails exposed by hacker group CyberBerkut that prove his close relationship with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko as well as U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

Well, I guess having a few billion dollars lying around, I guess, buys a lot of access,” Liberty Report co-host and Ron Paul Institute executive director Daniel McAdams said of Soros.

The concerns here are Soros’ plans for Ukraine, which include getting our Federal Reserve involved in the country’s debt crisis by promising a $15 billion deal with the National Bank of Ukraine, Paul said. Soros also wants the European Commission to commit $1 billion annually to Kiev.

The problem is debt and who’s going to get stuck with it,” Paul explained. “It’s not too unlike the problem that the Europeans are facing—including the United States because we have banks over there—with Greece. And it’s not like they’re expecting Greece or the Ukraine to ever get rich all of a sudden and start paying their bills.”

Paul remarked further that, “There’s a lot of politicking going on right now and a lot of accusations. I think Soros has a precise plan on what we should do with our weaponry.”

McAdams concurred, noting that Soros has been pushing not only for funding for Ukraine but also for sending weapons to western Ukrainians to fight the East.

That really is coming right up against the Minsk agreement, which was supposed to be a cease-fire agreement,” McAdams said. “So he’s pushing for more weapons and as we very well know, the U.S. has military trainers and they are training the army in the West as well.

Paul also questioned why there are so few reports by our media outlets on how many people the U.S. has in Ukraine and how much money is involved.

Watch the full episode above and check out more episodes of the Ron Paul Liberty Report here at Truth In Media.

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Billionaires Charles Koch, George Soros to Team Up on Criminal Justice Reform in 2015

Billionaire philanthropist Charles Koch is often demonized by liberal politicos and painted as a robber-baron type figure, despite his unflinching support for liberal-friendly issues like marriage equality, drug legalization, and defense cuts. George Soros typically funds progressive causes with his titanic wealth, drawing the ire of conservatives. As 2015 approaches tomorrow morning, The Wichita Eagle is reporting on some comments by Charles Koch that indicate that his New Year’s plans include spending even more of his so-called disproportionate wealth promoting criminal justice reform on behalf of those too poor to defend themselves from excessive sentences and wrongful arrests. What’s more, his push for fairness in the criminal justice system has placed him in an unusual position as the tag team partner to left-leaning billionaire George Soros, who is also funding the same cause.

Charles Koch has been funding efforts to reform the criminal justice system for a decade. He was first inspired to take on the issue when one of his companies, Koch Petroleum Group, was charged with 97 felonies in 1995, 96 of which were later dropped by prosecutors, but only after draining millions of dollars in fines and legal fees. The ordeal barely put a dent in the Koch fortune, but it did cause Charles Koch to reflect on what might have happened had he fallen victim to overzealous felony prosecutions without having sufficient wealth to afford top-notch legal representation.

Ten years ago, Koch dollars were first injected into the fight against the zero-tolerance, tough-on-crime War on Drugs policies that caused America to have the world’s highest incarceration rate when Charles Koch began pumping funds into the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers in an effort to support their push-back against the rise of draconian criminal sentencing policies. Though his efforts have continued to this day, Koch plans to increase his spending on the issue in 2015. Said Koch to The Wichita Eagle, “Over the next year, we are going to be pushing the issues key to this, which need a lot of work in this country… And that would be freedom of speech, cronyism and how that relates to opportunities for the disadvantaged.” He said that he intends to promote changes to the criminal justice system in hopes of “making it fair and making (criminal) sentences more appropriate to the crime that has been committed.”

Charles Koch’s attorney Mark Holden said, “We have more of America now in prison than they ever did [in South Africa] in apartheid. Let that swirl around in your head for a while.” Holden pointed out that legislative efforts to criminalize more and more activities with tougher and tougher penalties have disproportionately affected minority communities that are often subjected to racial profiling by law enforcement. “It definitely appears to have a racial angle, intended or not,” said Holden.

Koch’s reform efforts will be aimed at resolving some of the key issues caused by overzealous prosecutions in the wake of America’s zero tolerance society, including lack of funding for legal defense for the poor and the inability of once-incarcerated, non-violent individuals to move on with their lives by obtaining jobs and regaining their voting rights after being released.

As Americans debate the issue with chaotic scenes in Ferguson, MO and New York City as a backdrop, Charles Koch now finds himself on the side of George Soros and most American progressives, a fact which flabbergasted left-leaning commentators at The Huffington Post. With two financial titans from opposing political poles doubling down on criminal justice reform, major changes to the justice system may be around the corner in 2015.

George Soros Signs On With Hillary Clinton 2016 Super PAC

The official Twitter account of the Hillary Clinton super PAC “Ready For Hillary” recently tweeted that George Soros is on board with the PAC. “We are proud to welcome George Soros as one of the co-chairs of @ReadyForHillary‘s national finance council,” tweeted the account.

In 160 characters or less, the tweet seems to confirm the forces, which will push Clinton into a democratic presidential bid.


Soros is an billionaire, ideologue who supports the ideas of a global society and economy. Soros had a hand in crashing the British currency, and is an avid anti-capitalist. You can read more about Soros HERE.