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Congress: Top EPA Official Racked Up Huge CO2 Footprint Pushing Global Warming Rules

By Michael Bastasch – House investigators want to know how much carbon dioxide a top Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) official spewed into the atmosphere while traveling the country promoting agency rules aimed at curbing global warming.

Texas Republican Rep. Lamar Smith ’s office wants to know how much CO2 Janet McCabe, the head of EPA’s air and radiation office, emitted while flying and driving across the country to promote the so-called Clean Power Plan — a regulatory plan to cut CO2 emissions from power plants.

“Last year, President Obama issued an Executive Order, calling for the heads of Executive Branch departments and agencies to ‘consider the development of policies to promote sustainable commuting,” Smith’s office wrote in a letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy obtained by The Daily Caller News Foundation.

“McCabe’s routine travel raises significant questions as to her commitment toward furthering the reduction of carbon emissions that she promotes in her official capacity on the taxpayer’s dime,” the letter reads.

As head of EPA’s air office, McCabe has been described as the “public face” of the EPA’s global warming effort, traveling the country to promote the agency’s agenda. But travel means CO2 emissions, and lots of travel would seem to contradict Obama’s order to limit emissions from travel.

“McCabe routinely enjoys weekends away from Washington where she maintains where she maintains her permanent home in Indianapolis,” Smith’s office wrote, going on to quote McCabe saying she goes home every weekend — it’s a long commute from D.C. to Indiana.

Smith has been critical of EPA’s Clean Power Plan, and joined Republican lawmakers in voting to repeal the rule last year. Smith has also led an investigation into the agency’s use of non-public science to justify regulations. Now, the Texas lawmaker wants to know how genuine EPA officials are who want everyone else to cut CO2 emissions associated with daily activities.

McCabe, however, isn’t the only EPA official who travels across the country literally every weekend. McCarthy’s weekly trips home likely resulted in tons of CO2 being emitted into the atmosphere.

In 2014, the EPA released a photo album titled “A Day In The Life of the EPA Administrator” that shows what McCarthy does on a typical day, including the fact that she flies home nearly every weekend to spend time with her family.

“Yes, Administrator McCarthy flies home regularly to see her family. And yes she is a leader in fighting to protect our environment and improve public health,” the EPA told TheDCNF in 2014.

TheDCNF calculated that, assuming she flew home every weekend, McCarthy’s carbon footprint from airline travel alone was around 37.5 tons over four years — more than 3.5 times the average American’s yearly carbon footprint.

Of course, this footprint is likely larger now, and all while she’s been telling the public of the dangers of global warming — warming the agency blames on CO2.

“Addressing the threat from a changing climate is one of the greatest challenges of this and future generations,” McCarthy told Congress in April 2014. “The agency will focus resources on the development of common sense and achievable greenhouse gas standards for power plants — the single largest source of carbon pollution.”

“Although you have pledged your support for the President’s measure, examples such as the case of McCabe’s — EPA’s chief advocate for reducing carbon emissions — raise significant questions about the example EPA is setting,”

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Jason Stapleton: Who’s the bigger threat ISIS, Global Warming or the State?

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John Kerry: Global Warming Possibly World’s Most Dangerous “Weapon Of Mass Destruction”


US Secretary of State John Kerry recently said that climate change is as big a threat as terrorism.

Speaking to students in Jakarta, Indonesia, Kerry said, “Think about the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. It doesn’t keep us safe if the United States secures its nuclear arsenal while other countries fail to prevent theirs from falling into the hands of terrorists. The bottom line is this: it is the same thing with climate change.”

He continued, “The science is unequivocal, and those who refuse to believe it are simply burying their heads in the sand. We don’t have time for a meeting anywhere of the Flat Earth Society.”

Telling the students that climate change is a threat to their survival, Kerry said, “This city, this country, this region, is really on the front lines of climate change. It’s not an exaggeration to say that your entire way of life here is at risk. In a sense, climate change can now be considered the world’s largest weapon of mass destruction, perhaps even, the world’s most fearsome weapon of mass destruction.”

Kerry gave the speech while on tour in Asia — he stopped in three countries.

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TATE: U.N. Report Blames Free Trade For Climate Change


new report from the United Nations claimed that as a result of increased international trade, rich countries are “outsourcing” carbon dioxide emissions to poor countries. This is driving global warming, the report argued.

The U.N. report said, “A growing share of CO2 emissions from fossil fuel combustion in developing countries is released in the production of goods and services exported, notably from upper-middle-income countries to high-income countries. A growing share of global emissions is released in the manufacture of products that are traded across international borders.”

According the to report, most of these emissions come from coal plants in China and other manufacturing countries that are producing electronic devices like “smartphones, cheap clothes and other goods.” These products are typically then bought and consumed in the United States and Europe. BenSwann.com’s Sonya Sandage wrote about the new U.N. report yesterday.

The U.N. continues to discourage free trade by lamenting carbon dioxide emissions. But the fact is that free trade benefits both consuming and manufacturing countries.

George Mason University economist Donald Boudreaux said, “Free trade increases prosperity for Americans — and the citizens of all participating nations — by allowing consumers to buy more, better-quality products at lower costs. It drives economic growth, enhanced efficiency, increased innovation, and the greater fairness that accompanies a rules-based system. These benefits increase as overall trade — exports and imports — increases.”

Furthermore, manufacturing raised the living standards in countries with developing economies like China. Economic analysts at consulting company McKinsey & Company said, “China’s emergence as a manufacturing powerhouse has been astonishing… China not only overtook the United States in 2011 to become the world’s largest producer of manufactured goods but also used its huge manufacturing engine to boost living standards by doubling the country’s GDP per capita over the last decade.”

Sandage reported yesterday that the U.N. recommends “a shift to clean energy and a move away from fossil fuels such as coal.”

But living standards in poor countries have increased due to coal. Chief Executive of World Coal Association (WCA), Milton Catelin, said, “No other poverty alleviation strategy in modern history has been more effective than the one implemented by China and driven by an economy fuelled at over 70 percent by coal.” The WCA reported, “Coal has been vital to global development – almost half of this century’s incremental energy has come from coal alone. Virtually all of the world’s poverty reduction between 1981 and 2008 took place in coal-fuelled China.”

The U.N. report also pointed out that carbon dioxide emissions may cause global warming. China has doubled their yearly carbon emissions since 2000 — a sizable percentage of such emissions are from manufacturing goods for consumption in the U.S. and Europe. Given this fact, many U.N. diplomats are trying to force consuming countries to pay poor countries for the emissions. This means taxpayers in the U.S. would be made to fork over more cash to the U.N. for climate change in the form of “loss and damage” payments.

The Daily Caller reported, “The issue ‘loss and damage’ will be revisited in 2016… Rich countries feared that creating a new UN mechanism for the damages of global warming would saddle them with new financial obligations — which would be unpopular in a time of slow economic growth, high unemployment and growing government debt… China and other poor countries have demanded $70 billion a year in climate aid by 2016.”

Bottom line: while the new U.N. report makes valid points about the possible future of the environment, it should not be blindly accepted. Like most organized groups, the U.N. has an agenda of its own.

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U. N. Climate Report Leaked to Press Paints Bleak Picture

The report leaked to some major press outlets came out just a few days ago, and says because nations have imperiled their populations with inaction, that the future may look very different as humans adapt to climate change. The report came from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is a United Nations panel of experts. The IPCC panel won a Nobel Peace Prize in 2007. http://www.ipcc.ch/

U.N. IPPC panel says 15 years of failure to implement recommendations has made the problems almost impossible to solve with current technologies.

“A delay would most likely force future generations to develop the ability to suck greenhouse gases out of the atmosphere and store them underground to preserve the livability of the planet,” the report findings state. One point is that the technologies don’t exist, and no one is sure if they will ever exist. The report says the technologies would be vastly expensive compared to taking some steps now.

Recommendations include a shift to clean energy and a move away from fossil fuels such as coal. The report says the façade of a move to clean energy exists in the use of solar power and wind power, but booming nations like China are exploding in their use of coal. The report also said the use of nuclear energy, which is considered low-carbon energy, is actually on the decline in the total power use worldwide.

If nations continue to have high emissions into 2030, it may be impossible to keep greenhouse gas emissions under 500 parts per million. The levels tested worldwide are already 400 part per million and predicted to reach 500ppm by 2040 or 2050. The report says if action is not taken now, future generations will have to develop technologies to pull greenhouse gases out of the air. Bioenergy crops that use up carbon dioxide, burn the fuel, and inject the emissions into underground formations could be part of the solution. The problem with that solution is that it will compete with food production, which is already strained at the current world population.