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Social Services Sedates Pregnant Woman, Then Takes Her Baby From The Womb


Social workers forced a woman in the U.K. to get a C-section last year because she had a mental breakdown. They subsequently took the baby from her.

The woman is Italian but was in England for a work event at the time.

During the breakdown, which occurred as a result of the woman’s bipolar disorder, she called police. Officers reportedly told the woman they were taking her to a hospital, but instead took her to a psychiatric facility. She asked to leave and return to her hotel, but was detained at the facility by social services; this is allowed under England’s Mental Health Act.

After being held for three weeks, the woman was forced into sedation. Her baby was then taken out of the womb, against the woman’s wishes.

She claims that she was kept in the dark the entire time — she never knew that social services was planning on the forced C-section.

Currently the baby girl is still in the care of social services, despite the fact that the mother has made a full recovery and wants her child back.

The woman and her lawyers are also angered over the fact that the baby was put up for adoption in England, despite the fact that a family friend in America had offered to care for the child.

Brendan Fleming, the woman’s attorney, said, “I have never heard of anything like this in all my 40 years in the job. I can understand if someone is very ill that they may not be able to consent to a medical procedure, but a forced caesarean is unprecedented. If there were concerns about the care of this child by an Italian mother, then the better plan would have been for the authorities here to have notified social services in Italy and for the child to have been taken back there.”

Experts on social services have called this case “highly unusual” and “unprecedented.”

We will keep you up-to-date on the situation as news breaks.


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Hospital Holds Teen For 9 Months, Won’t Let Parents Take Her Home

Screen shot 2013-11-21 at 4.21.46 PM

Boston’s Children’s Hospital has taken custody of 15-year-old Justina Pelletier, against her parents’ will. The teen has been there for nine months now.

Years ago, doctors diagnosed Justina with mitochondrial disease, which causes loss of muscle control. Despite this diagnosis, Justina was able to live a happy, and relatively normal life with her family in Connecticut. She was very active and enjoyed various sports such as ice skating.

When she got the flu last February, she was taken to Boston Children’s Hospital.

Justina hasn’t left since.

Doctors at Boston Children’s Hospital claimed that Justina has somatoform disorder, not mitochondrial disease. Somatoform disorder is a mental disorder — not a physical one, like mitochondrial disease.

After this diagnosis was made, the girl’s parents wanted to bring their daughter home — but officials would not allow that. Lou and Linda Pelletier were escorted out of the hospital by security personnel.

Only four days later, they found out they had lost custody of their daughter due to “both parents’ resistance towards recommended treatment plans.” They are heartbroken and furious.

“It is kidnapping,” Lou Pelletier said.

Lou and Linda insist that they were never “resistant” towards treatment for Justina. They had closely followed medical procedures and medication dosages for their daughter, as recommended by her physicians.

Dr. Mark Korson of Tufts Medical Center was one of Justina’s prior physicians. In an email, he said, “I am dismayed. … It feels like Justina’s treatment team is out to prove the diagnosis at all costs. … The (Boston Children’s Hospital) team has demanded that Justina be removed from the home. … This represents the most severe and intrusive intervention a patient can undergo … for a clinical hunch.”

During her nine months at Boston’s Children’s Hospital, Justina has been sending letters to her parents, hidden in origami artwork. One of her notes said, “I know you trust in me. Don’t forget it. I love you more than everything in the whole world. Justina.”

According to FOXCT, The Massachusetts Department of Children and Families (DCF) has set guidelines for Justina’s parents, dictating when they can and cannot see their daughter. Currently, the parents are allowed two short phone calls and one hour-long visit per week.

Justina’s parents say they will continue fighting to regain custody of their child.

“Hospitals, be it this scenario or big picture, cannot just hide behind DCF to do their dirty work. It’s beyond any wildest nightmare that you could think of,” Lou said.

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White House Exploiting Control Of Agency Websites To Push Its Own Agenda?


We the People” is a government website where any American citizen can create and sign petitions pertaining to issues that they feel strongly about. “We the People” was created by the Obama administration in an effort to make the federal government more “open and participatory.”

The White House’s petition site is a grab bag of ideas of every kind — from the best to the worst, from intelligent to ludicrous. But it is still a mechanism for communicating with the federal government that many citizens have embraced.

It is unclear why, given its popularity and its symbolism for government responsiveness, it was pulled from the web earlier this week, ostensibly in reaction to the government shutdown.

Here is what currently shows up at the “We the People” page:

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 2.42.34 AM

While it’s possible to make sense of why “non-essential” employees are sent home and other services are closed during the government shutdown, it continues to boggle the mind why websites, the operations cost of which are negligible, have been shut down.

The petition website is just one example of the recent pattern.

The federal government has shut down, or otherwise put up, frightening messages on dozens of federal agency websites.


Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 3.14.41 AM

The Library of Congress:

Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 3.14.31 AM

The Department of Agriculture:
Screen shot 2013-10-03 at 3.14.05 AM

It is hard to escape the suggestion that there is no real need for government agencies to shut down their sites. It is easy to imagine that what is happening is that the White House is taking advantage of its control over these sites to scare American people and to gain leverage in its one-sided bid to pin the blame for the current crisis on Congress.

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Obama Creates “Nudge Squad” To Influence Behavior

Barack Obama has has expanded the size and scope of the federal government far more than any of his predecessors.

Now, he’s spending our tax dollars to “nudge” us into accepting his big-government ideas.

On Tuesday, Fox News revealed that Obama is planning to use mind tricks and “behavioral insights” to cajole us into accepting his beliefs and ultimately control our behavior. He is doing this through a “nudge squad.”

As reported by Fox, “The federal government is hiring what it calls a ‘Behavioral Insights Team’ that will look for ways to subtly influence people’s behavior.”

There are already teams of “insights” agents that are dispersed across a number of government bureaus. Their job? To carefully construct each agency’s message to convince Americans that Obama’s government knows what the nation needs. You know, to fix all those problems that Obama certainly had nothing to do with starting…


A government document has surfaced, detailing the program and urging people to apply for positions on the team. It reads, “Behavioral sciences can be used to help design public policies that work better, cost less, and help people to achieve their goals.”

Maya Shankar initially released the document. She is a White House adviser and made the document public in an effort to try and generate interest in applying for the team.

“The idea is that the team would ‘experiment’ with various techniques, with the goal of tweaking behavior so people do everything from saving more for retirement to saving more in energy costs,” reports Fox News.

While many Obama supporters have been tight-lipped about the program, some have spoken out against it. Michael Thomas is an economist at Utah State University. He said, “I am very skeptical of a team promoting nudge policies. Ultimately, nudging … assumes a small group of people in government know better about choices than the individuals making them.”

Thomas is right.

The nudge squad doesn’t aim to make government better — rather, it tries to trick us into thinking government knows what’s best for us. Not only that, but we’re paying to brainwash ourselves; of course, the nudge squad is 100% funded by our tax dollars.

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