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Ron Paul On Same-Sex Marriage: Why Is Government Involved In Sacrament?

Last week the Supreme Court decided to overrule state laws and allow same-sex marriage across the nation. While many news outlets reported this decision as granting a new right, former Texas Rep. Ron Paul reminded viewers of his Liberty Report that rights do not come from our government—they are natural to us all. A 5-4 ruling does not mean same-sex marriage is a new right, he said.

I think it raises the issue of licensing,” Paul explained. “What they are really talking about is they are changing how you can get a license. The federal courts are overruling what states have done and in many ways they are changing the definition of marriage, which seems to be way beyond what governments are supposed to do. . . . I’m convinced that this could have been prevented by maybe having a lot less laws in the land.

Daniel McAdams, co-host of the Liberty Report, commented that both sides have it wrong, that the traditional family supporters and the same-sex marriage supporters are missing the point. Paul agreed, and shared his views on marriage.

I see marriage as a sacrament, but not everybody wants to see it as a sacrament,” he said. “Why is the government involved in sacrament?” He likened the idea of a government-issued license for marriage to having a government-issued license for baptism.

If we lived in a libertarian free society, you would be able to make your own decision as long as you didn’t exert aggression against somebody else,” Paul continued. “Those who believe in traditional marriage could have a traditional marriage and get married in a church, and those who want a secular marriage can do that too. But I don’t think we’re anywhere close to that today.”

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