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Wis. Gov. Scott Walker Signs Law Granting Authorities Broader Strip Search...

Wisconsin Republican Governor Scott Walker signed a bill on March 1 which expands the circumstances in which police and correctional officers can conduct strip...
Governor Scott Walker

Walker Takes The Feds To Court To Drug-Test For Food Stamps

In preparation for a possible federal challenge, Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel filed a lawsuit Tuesday asking the district court to allow the state to drug-test food stamp recipients.

Scott Walker Won’t Rule Out Another ‘Full-Blown’ Invasion Of Iraq

Republican Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker refused in an interview with ABC’s “This Week” Sunday to rule out a possible re-invasion of Iraq in order to defeat ISIS, telling correspondent Jonathan Karl that he would do whatever was necessary to protect the U.S. security interests.

Governor Scott Walker Calls for Full Reauthorization of PATRIOT Act

A recent nationwide ABC News/Washington Post 2016 presidential primary preference poll found Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker and US Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky tied at...

Governor Walker Breaks Silence On Patriot Act, NSA Stance

Appearing on Fox News’ Special Report with Bret Baier, presumptive Republican presidential candidate Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker gave Americans their first preview on where...