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Watch: Bill Maher Rips PC-Left As ‘Humorless Jackoffs’ Over Halloween Costume Outrage

By Derek Hunter In his “New Rules” segment on HBO’s “Real Time with Bill Maher,” host Bill Maher went on an epic rant against the faux outrage whipped up across the country against politically incorrect Halloween costumes.

“The fake outrage people get 364 days a year to hypersensitive about everything, there has to be one day where ‘going too far’ isn’t just OK, it’s celebrated,” Maher said. “Halloween is supposed to be politically incorrect. That’s why we say ‘trick or treat’ instead of ‘placate and coddle.’”

Maher then listed costumes left-wing website like the Huffington Post deemed “frighteningly ignorant,” like “sexy nurse” and mariachis.

University of Louisville in Kentucky president James Ramsey recently had to apologize for being photographed with his staff wearing sombreros. Maher quipped, “Do you think most Mexicans wear sombreros and sequined suits? No, just the ones who play that horrible music while you’re trying to eat.”

“Another one they hate, geisha, oh, who is that going to offend, the geisha who lives in the apartment upstairs?” Maher asked. “There’s 12 geishas in the whole world, and they’re all in Kyoto. they’re never going to find out you dressed like them at the office party in Irvine.”

Maher then blasted “lazy liberalism” that sees faux outrage and politically correct cries as accomplishing something. Saying, “…banning a hobo costume doesn’t make the homeless feel better. It makes you feel better. This is the lazy liberalism in which scolding has become a substitute for actually doing something. And here’s the thing, reasonable people see self-righteous liberal busybodies trying to leech the fun out of everything and they say, ‘Fuck, I’m going to vote Republican, because I just can’t stand being on the same team as these humorless jackoffs.’”

He finished by lambasting liberals who cry foul at people dressing as Caitlyn Jenner. Showing a picture of a Jenner costume on a hairy, overweight man, Maher said, “the costume they have been wringing their hands over since August, is the Caitlyn Jenner. What message does it send? None. It doesn’t send any message, except, if this guy is transitioning, he’s got a long way to go.”




This article was republished with permission from The Daily Caller