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Obama Vetoes Bill To Repeal Obamacare Provisions, Defund Planned Parenthood

President Obama vetoed a bill that would have repealed key provisions in the Affordable Care Act and defunded Planned Parenthood for one year on Friday.

The bill was sent to the president’s desk on Wednesday after it was passed by the House of Representatives, 240 to 181. Prior to the House’s vote, the bill was passed in the Senate on Dec. 3, 2015.

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The vote in the House was largely along party lines, with Rep. Collin Peterson (D-Minn.) being the only Democrat to vote for the bill, and Reps. Bob Dold (R-Ill.), Richard Hanna (R-N.Y.) and John Katko (R-N.Y.) the only Republicans to vote against it.

In response, White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest said that although Congress passed the bill, it ultimately will have no effect on Obamacare.

“They’ve voted 60 times to repeal the Affordable Care Act. This is the first time that it has reached the president’s desk, but it has no impact,” Earnest said during a press conference Thursday.

HR 3762, the Restoring Americans’ Healthcare Freedom Reconciliation Act of 2015, sought to repeal Obamacare provisions including the requirement for most people to obtain healthcare coverage, the expansion of Medicaid, and the taxes imposed on income, insurance policies and medical devices that were required to fund Obamacare.

The bill would have also put an end to the nearly $450 million given to Planned Parenthood for at least one year. While the Senate did vote on over a dozen amendments to the bill, they rejected two amendments that would have given money to Planned Parenthood.

House Speaker Paul Ryan (R-Wis.) noted the significance of such a bill reaching the President’s desk after five years of being struck down by Democrats. While he did not say what the Republicans would replace it with, he claimed that a Republican president in 2017 would seek out “a truly patient-centered healthcare system.”

“This budget reconciliation bill, which would reduce the federal deficit by a half trillion dollars, forces the president to confront the failures of Obamacare head on,” Ryan said. “But most importantly, it clears the path to repealing this law with a Republican president in 2017 and replacing it with a truly patient-centered health care system. We will not back down from this fight to defend the sanctity of life and make quality health care coverage achievable for all Americans.”

New health care bill for veterans signed into law

After the various problems and scandals faced by the Department of Veterans Affairs, President Obama signed into law a new heath care bill which would make it easier for veterans to receive government-paid health care.

Months of negotiations in Congress finally led to bipartisan support of the bill upon being passed.  According to Politico, before signing the bill, President Obama took the chance to say the support for the bill “doesn’t happen often in Congress.”  The president also took the chance, as he signed the bill, to say he wished he had the chance to sign more bills passed by Congress, joking about the numerous stalemates faced by Congress.

President Obama said this bill is the first step in a long process to fix the many problems plaguing the VA.  However, the president also highlighted the remaining problems which veterans face everyday including veteran homelessness and the backlog of disability claims throughout the VA.

“This bill will help us ensure that veterans have access to the care that they’ve earned,” said President Obama at the signing in Fort Belvoir, according to the Wall Street Journal. “It will help the VA hire more doctors and more nurses and staff more clinics.”

An estimated $16.3 billion is being allocated to help support the VA through the new bill, according to USA Today.  The money will go to open nearly 1,000 hospitals and other medical facilities throughout the country to help give health care to veterans.

The new bill will also require VA employment rules to be revised, making it easier to fire executive members of the VA who have been performing poorly or have been negligent in their responsibilities.

“This will not and cannot be the end of our effort,” said the president, according to the Christian Science Monitor. “We have to make sure the VA system can keep pace with the new demands.”

Obamacare Day 1: Online Exchange Is Already Broken

Have you tried to sign up on the Obamacare exchange yet? After hearing reports from potential patients around the country that the website is already malfunctioning we decided to investigate. The domain is available, seemingly unaffected by the government shutdown. Other government sites are currently unavailable, which makes one wonder- Does the federal government pay for and register their domains on a daily basis? If so, they deserve to be shut down. Obamacare webstite

Like an ominous sign of things to come the Healthcare.gov website is already telling potential patients they’ll have to wait in line… It took approximately 8 minutes for the site to allow us to advance, and no- our internet connection wasn’t slow. Once we were able to advance the site asked a series of questions. Again, once we tried to advance we got this message:

Obamacare Website 2So, we tried again, and we got the same message. This time waiting for more than 10 minutes to get through the website. How is it that the federal government didn’t prepare the website for the high traffic it claims to be receiving? When videos go viral on Youtube with millions of people using the site at once how often do you hear of it crashing? How about Google, which receives millions of hits a day? How often are those sites down? The difference? Government vs. the free-market.

As Obamacare celebrates its first birthday during a government shutdown, signs are already looking worrisome with regards to the efficiency of the new “market”.

Prestigious Cleveland Clinic Cuts $300M, Layoffs Loom Citing Obamacare

According to ObamaCareFacts.com the President’s healthcare plan creates jobs. The website even goes as far as to say, “Corporate sponsored entities have been reporting that ObamaCare “kills jobs”, yet no study has shown this.”  However, we continue to hear multiple reports of companies and schools laying off employees, cutting their hours and benefits.

Image Credit Fox News
Image Credit Fox News

Indiana schools are being forced to reduce their workforce.  Wendy’s and other fast food restaurants are reducing their workforce as well. “I never thought it would impact me directly,” said Sullivan, a college professor. “I was stunned when I got the email…I love teaching at St. Pete College but that is a significant cut.” The Florida college is being forced to reduce her pay in half. UPS recently dropped thousands from their benefits package, which made headlines around the country. All have one thing in common. They cite Obamacare as the catalyst.

In 2009 when Obama was pushing his healthcare plan he cited Cleveland Clinic as the vision and blueprint for what America’s new healthcare system would look like. (VIDEO)

The Cleveland Clinic just recently announced that they will trim more than $300,000,000.00 from their operating budget and offer early retirement to many employees. Those who do not accept the package will be laid off.

A Cleveland Clinic spokesperson told Fox News:

To prepare for healthcare reform, Cleveland Clinic is transforming the way care is delivered to patients. Over the past several years, we have had an ongoing focus on driving efficiencies, lowering costs, reducing duplication in services and enhancing quality to make healthcare affordable to patients.Although we have made progress, we need to further reduce costs to the organization by $330 million in 2014.  We are carefully evaluating all aspects of our system to accomplish this. Some of the initiatives include offering early retirement to 3,000 eligible employees, reducing operational costs, stricter review of filling vacant positions, and lastly workforce reductions.

Cleveland Clinic is expecting less in reimbursement and patients to pay more for their healthcare.

Hospitals around the country are following suit. Vanderbilt University Medical Center, the largest employer in the state of Tennessee, is laying off 1,000 individuals and slashing hours.  Metro Health of Ohio laid off 450 people. With shrinking staffs and an influx of patients, lines to see your doctor are likely to continue to grow.

Today the House of Representatives passed a continuing resolution to defund Obamacare. However, it is likely too little, too late as the democratic controlled Senate and president Obama are not likely to defund their landmark legislation.