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Video: Houston Police Officer Shouts “Pretend Like We’re Going to Shoot You” In Traffic Stop

An investigation into the activities of the Houston Police Department is reportedly underway following the release of a video that revealed an officer ordering a woman to put her hands up “like we’re going to shoot you” during a traffic stop involving three additional individuals.

In the video, a police officer officer using a loudspeaker can be heard shouting “Hands up! Put your hands up! Over your head! Pretend like we’re going to shoot you!” at a woman during the encounter.

Bystander Denee Harris, who recorded the video, questioned why a police officer would give such an order.

An officer can be seen in the video seizing a crutch from one of the vehicle occupants and tossing it onto the ground. Later on, an officer is shown driving the vehicle away from the scene.

Details of the initial stop have not yet been clarified.

Harris recorded just over six minutes of video which can be seen below.