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Iowa Democratic Party Asserts Private Right Not to Disclose Vote Counts

By Shawn M. Griffiths – The Des Moines Register is calling for an audit of the Democratic caucus results after several reports of precincts being decided by coin flips and missing caucus-goers. The newspaper wants the Iowa Democratic Party to swiftly act to ensure that the results are accurate.

“What happened Monday night at the Democratic caucuses was a debacle, period. Democracy, particularly at the local party level, can be slow, messy and obscure. But the refusal to undergo scrutiny or allow for an appeal reeks of autocracy,” the Register’s editorial board writes.

[pull_quote_center]“Too many accounts have arisen of inconsistent counts, untrained and overwhelmed volunteers, confused voters, cramped precinct locations, a lack of voter registration forms and other problems. Too many of us, including members of the Register editorial board who were observing caucuses, saw opportunities for error amid Monday night’s chaos.”[/pull_quote_center]

However, such an audit is unlikely to come. The Sanders campaign has done its own investigation, rechecking the results precinct by precinct. According to the campaign, it has found some irregularities, but the Iowa Democratic Party won’t allow the campaign to compare the math sheets and other paper work filed by precinct chairs.

“The answer is that we had all three camps in the tabulation room last night to address any grievances brought forward, and we went over any discrepancies. These are the final results,” Dr. Andy McGuire, chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party, said in an interview for the Register.

The party has never released head counts, and it won’t this time as Democratic leaders claim a private right to keep that information from the public. McGuire said that the winner of the Iowa caucus is determined by state-delegate equivalent, rather than the final head count for each candidate.

In other words, garnering the most votes in the Iowa caucus may not guarantee a candidate a win. There are no paper ballots and precinct results can apparently come down to coin tosses, in accordance with party rules, to determine the allocation of local delegates.



This article was republished with permission from IVN.

IVN Prediction: Sanders, Trump Will Win Iowa – But Party Insiders Will Take the Delegates

Looking ahead to the Iowa Caucuses on Tuesday, February 1, IVN predicts that Republican candidate Donald Trump and Democratic candidate Bernie Sanders will win their respective caucuses. However, IVN further predicts that the parties will find a way to take these wins away from them.

Every election year, IVN makes at least one prediction about the outcome of a major race. In 2012, IVN called Florida for Barack Obama before any other news outlet. In 2014, IVN projected that U.S. Rep. Scott Peters (D-Calif.) was going to keep his seat in a hotly contested race against Republican Carl DeMaio.

This year, though the media reports a tight race going into the Republican and Democratic caucuses, IVN predicts that Trump and Sanders will take the popular vote and win their respective contests.

Both Trump and Sanders have strong support, not only from members of the Republican and Democratic parties, but from voters who are fed up with the status quo and feel disenchanted or disenfranchised by the current political system or cannot find a home in any political party.

The Republican leadership has frequently rebuked the candidacy of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders is often at odds with the Democratic National Committee, which briefly denied him access to the party’s voter database in December and scheduled a limited number of debates on the weekend, an inconvenient time for a presidential primary debate.

This is why IVN further predicts that the parties will manipulate the private party rules that determine the allocation of delegates, including changing convention rules or going against the will of caucus voters, to make sure Sanders and Trump don’t get to eat the fruits of their victories.

It wouldn’t be the first time the parties have stepped in to alter the outcome in the nomination process.

In the 2012 Iowa Republican Presidential Caucus, Ron Paul officially came in third. However, Paul — who had a very similar appeal with voters as Trump and Sanders — had a different strategy than just winning votes. Paul’s grassroots-driven campaign encouraged supporters to remain at their polling location after the vote in order to become county delegates — the first step toward becoming a delegate at the national level.

[quote_right]IVN predicts that the parties will manipulate the private party rules that determine the allocation of delegates … to make sure Sanders and Trump don’t get to eat the fruits of their victories.[/quote_right]
Unlike his primary opponents, Ron Paul played the delegate game, aimed at caucus states, and he played it well. However, reports suggest that various state Republican parties and the Republican National Committee blocked several Ron Paul delegates, either by unseating them or replacing them at the Republican National Convention.

Party leaders argued that Paul hadn’t secured a majority of the popular vote in any of the primary states, and therefore didn’t deserve the nomination. The party leadership also changed the rules during the 2012 convention to allow the RNC to change convention rules between conventions without the say of party delegates.

Fast forward to the present. Donald Trump is leading in Iowa and several states. While many did not treat him seriously in the beginning of his campaign, it is beginning to sink in that Trump could very well win the nomination if he is able to mobilize his support on the ground.

It is indeed possible that the race for the Republican nomination could last until the Republican National Convention, and there have been reports that elected officials and party leaders within the Republican Party have met to discuss forcing a brokered convention, which happens when no single candidate has secured a majority of party delegates headed into the convention.

Since the party has already shown that they can unseat and replace delegates at will — regardless of how voters cast their ballot — an argument can be made that an unsatisfied Republican establishment may insist that such tactics be used to prevent Trump from winning the party’s presidential nomination.

In short, the argument from the parties will be flipped this year from their respect for the popular vote in 2012. Delegate rules will matter and the popular vote will be underplayed, away from the public discussion in the media.

Just like the Republican Party, for Bernie Sanders and the Democrats, it will all come down to the delegate count at the Democratic National Convention. However, unlike the Republican Party, the Democratic Party has superdelegates, chosen from elected officials and party leaders in each state, who can commit to any candidate they want, regardless of how primary and caucus voters vote.

According to a report on IVN, more than half of the party’s 712 superdelegates have already decided who they plan to support at the national convention — 359 of whom said they plan to vote for Clinton.

“With more than half of the superdelegates already intending to vote for her, Clinton is beginning the contest with a 15 percent head start in the effort to win the 2,382 delegates needed to have majority support at the July convention — and not a single primary vote has been cast yet,” writes IVN independent author Andrew Gripp.

In total, 30 percent of the conventions delegates can commit to a candidate with or without the support of their state’s voters, meaning Democratic leaders have significant control over who ends up winning the nomination. By using convention rules and these superdelegates, the Democratic Party could easily ensure Bernie Sanders does not get the nomination.

For any dissenting voice or candidate who challenges the will of the Republican and Democratic parties, the deck is already heavily stacked against them. In the end, the parties may decide that it doesn’t matter what primary and caucus voters think because the system currently places the interests of two private organizations ahead of the will of voters.

And as the courts have decided over and over again, the party nomination proceedings are private. So the will of the public, nor the courts, can stop the party from changing the rules to protect their preferred candidates.



This article was republished with permission from IVN.

Bernie Sanders Beating Clinton in N.H., Tied In Iowa

The 2016 Democratic presidential race seems to be tightening in the final weeks leading up to the Feb. 1 Iowa caucuses and the Feb. 9 New Hampshire primary. According to recent polls, Senator from Vermont Bernie Sanders, widely seen as an underdog in the race, appears to be surging in early-state support and threatening to upset frontrunner and former Sec. of State Hillary Clinton.

A Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll taken Jan. 2 through Jan. 7 found Clinton clinging to a 48 percent to 45 percent lead over Sanders in Iowa, which lies within the survey’s margin of error. The New Hampshire version of the survey found Sanders leading with 50 percent support to Clinton’s 46 percent, also within the margin of error.

The Hill notes that a Monmouth University poll released Tuesday found Sanders beating Clinton 53 percent to 39 percent in New Hampshire. Last November, Clinton led Sanders in Monmouth University’s New Hampshire polling by 3 points, demonstrating that Sanders has gained significant ground in the Granite State.

A RealClearPolitics average of New Hampshire polls dated Jan. 2 through Jan. 10 finds Sanders leading by 6.2 percent, one of his strongest leads so far in the race. RealClearPolitics also found that Sanders has battled back from what was at one time a significant lead by Clinton in Iowa, as the company’s polling average over the same period of time found Clinton is now only up by a negligible 0.2 percent.

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Polling experts say that telephone polls are not as accurate as they once were back before the rise of mobile technology, particularly due to the theory that such methodologies might underestimate millennial support. However, given Sanders’ strong level of support among millennials, for his candidacy to be registering a dead heat against Clinton in traditional early-state polling suggests the possibility that his insurgent campaign has transformed what was an uphill battle against an establishment favorite into a competitive head-to-head race, at least in the early states.

Clinton still maintains a strong lead in national polling. A RealClearPolitics average of national polls dated Dec. 17 through Jan. 8 found Clinton leading by 12.8 percent. However, a Jan. 4 through Jan. 8 nationwide poll taken by Investor’s Business Daily and TechnoMetrica Institute of Policy and Politics found Clinton leading by only 4 points.

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Sanders Surges Past Clinton In Iowa For First Time

IOWA, September 11, 2015– The latest polling out of Iowa spells bad news for Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton as U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) continues to surge and now leads in the crucial early state for the first time.

Released on Thursday, a Quinnipiac Poll shows Sanders taking 41 percent compared with Clinton’s 40 percent — and another 12 percent said they would support Vice President Joe Biden, who has yet to declare his 2016 intentions. Meanwhile, former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley picked up 3 percent, while no other candidate registered above that mark, and 3 percent were undecided. Sanders’ slight edge is within the polls margin of error.

This compares to the results of a July 2 survey by the independent Quinnipiac Poll that had shown Clinton at 52 percent, with 33 percent for Sanders and 7 percent for Biden.

The poll was conducted from Aug. 27-Sept. 8, surveying 832 likely Democratic caucus participants in Iowa by landlines and cellphones, with a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percentage points.

The release of the poll comes on the heels of another poll showing Sanders strengthening his lead over Clinton in New Hampshire.

In an NBC/Marist poll published on September 5, 2015, Sanders jumped to a 9 point lead over Clinton, which was well outside of the poll’s 5.2 percent margin of error. While Sanders received 41 percent, Clinton took 32 percent and Biden took 16 percent. No other candidate registered more than 1 percent support.

Sanders first topped Clinton in New Hampshire during the first week of August.

According to the Real Clear Politics average, nationally, Clinton wins 46 percent, Sanders captures 23 percent, Biden takes 20 percent, and O’Malley and Webb both secure approximately 2 percent.

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Bush Poll Numbers Plummet to Single Digits in Iowa, N.H.

Two new NBC News/Marist Republican presidential preference polls spell bad news for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush — in just two months, support for his 2016 presidential campaign has plummeted from 12 to 6 percent in Iowa, and from 14 to 8 percent in New Hampshire.

According to a summary of July and September Marist College polls of potential Republican voters in the two earliest contests of the 2016 presidential primary season, Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are rapidly losing support. Walker has plunged from 19 to 5 percent in Iowa and from 12 to 4 percent in New Hampshire.

Marist College’s poll summary noted, “Trump has improved his standing among potential Republican voters in both crucial GOP contests. In Iowa, Trump, 29%, leads the crowded GOP field, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, 22%, assumes second place. Dr. Carson is the favorite ‘second choice’ among potential GOP voters. Trump, 28%, also takes the top spot in New Hampshire where he outpaces Ohio Governor John Kasich, 12%, and Dr. Carson, 11%, by double digits among the state’s potential Republican electorate. Carson is also the preferred ‘second choice’ in New Hampshire.

NH-Potential-Republican-Electorate_PrimaryAccording to the most recent NBC News/Marist Iowa poll, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is now tied for fourth place in the state with former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The September NBC News/Marist polls in both states were conducted over a period of time from August 26 to September 2.

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Marist College Institute for Public Opinion director Dr. Lee M. Miringoff said, speaking on the results of the organization’s polling on both sides of the aisle, “There’s been a massive shakeup in both parties, in both states. It’s been a summer of surprises with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders sitting in the front car of the rollercoaster.

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Ben Carson Now Tied With Donald Trump For Iowa Top Spot

IOWA, August 31, 2015– Retired neurosurgeon Dr. Ben Carson has been riding a post-debate wave of support that has lifted him to the top spot in the latest Iowa GOP primary poll.

According to Monmouth University’s poll released on Monday:

[quote_box_center]When Iowa Republicans are asked who they would support in their local caucus, Ben Carson (23%) and Donald Trump (23%) tie for the top spot. The next tier of candidates includes Carly Fiorina (10%) and Ted Cruz (9%), followed by Scott Walker (7%), Jeb Bush (5%), John Kasich (4%), Marco Rubio (4%), and Rand Paul (3%). The last two Iowa caucus victors, Mike Huckabee and Rick Santorum, each garner 2% of the vote.[/quote_box_center]

“These results mark a significant shake-up in the leaderboard from Monmouth’s Iowa poll taken before the first debate,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute in West Long Branch, NJ. “Carson and, to a lesser extent, Fiorina have surged, while Walker has faded into the background.”

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VIDEO: Donald Trump Has Univision Reporter Removed From Press Conference

During a news conference in Iowa on Tuesday, billionaire mogul and GOP candidate Donald Trump had a confrontation with Jorge Ramos, an anchor for Univision.

Ramos stood up and began to ask Trump about his plans to deport 11 million undocumented immigrants, and to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border.

“Excuse me, sit down. You weren’t called,” Trump quickly responded. “Sit down. Sit down.”

[quote_center]Ramos continued to speak, and Trump said, “You haven’t been called on, go back to Univision.”[/quote_center]

“I am a reporter. Don’t touch me. I have a right to ask the question,” said Ramos, as a security officer approached him and began to push him from the room.

While other journalists proceeded to question Trump as to why he wouldn’t take questions from Ramos, an Emmy award-winning Mexican-American journalist, Trump insisted that it was because Ramos asked a question out of turn.


Approximately 15 minutes after he was removed from the room, Ramos returned, and he and Trump began to debate Trump’s plans for immigration as a Presidential hopeful.

“You cannot deny citizenship to children,” Ramos insisted. He went on to question how Trump planned to deport 11 million people.

“Very humanely,” said Trump, who ultimately called his plan for dealing with illegal immigrants “management.”

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Trump sued the entire Univision network for $500 million in June after it dropped coverage of his Miss USA and Miss Universe pageants following comments he made about Mexican immigrants.

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Dem. Strategist: Bernie Could BEAT Hillary In Iowa, New Hampshire [VIDEO]

By Christian Datoc

Maria Cardona — a democratic strategist and self-described Hillary supporter — said on “This Week” Sunday there is a very real possibility Bernie Sanders will win the Democratic primaries in both Iowa and New Hampshire.

Cardona told host Jonathan Karl that, “Bernie is from a neighboring state. We should not be surprised that there is so much enthusiasm for him,” reports the Free Beacon.

Still, Cardona remained nonplussed by the prospect of Sanders’ primary victories. “Ultimately — as a Hillary supporter — I think she will be the nominee, and I think, ” the experience gained in beating the 73-year-old socialist Independent will make her “that much better of a nominee and that much better of a candidate.”


[h/t: Free Beacon]

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Iowa Student Suspended After BB Gun Discovered In Neighborhood

Dubuque, IA- A student attending Dubuque Senior High School was suspended after a BB gun allegedly belonging to the student was found inside of a car that was parked off of the school’s campus in a nearby neighborhood.

A parent of another student saw the BB gun in the car and called the police, who responded immediately and tracked down the student who allegedly owned the gun. There have been five other incidents this month involving Dubuque students in possession of BB guns.

Despite the fact that the gun never entered the school’s property, the student was suspended. Mike Cyze, the director of school and community relations for the Dubuque Community School District, explained the reason for the student’s suspension to news station KWWL:

“This morning’s incident occurred adjacent to campus during arrival time while other students were present. Police responded to the location of the vehicle as well as to Senior High School, at the time not knowing what, if any, threat may have existed. Given this, there was a significant disruption to the learning environment and having the student on campus would have continued that disruption throughout the day. It is the district’s practice to suspend students involved in similar instances while the investigation is conducted by police and administrators and the facts can be determined. Disciplinary action, if any, is determined based on the results of that investigation.”

Cyze’s position as a communications director was created by the school board two years ago to assist in the transmission of information from the school to parents. “We just default to sharing that information with folks. Usually when it happens other students know about it. Word travels and we want to make sure folks know what the actual threat was,” Cyze told news station KCRG.

In a letter to parents, Dubuque Senior High School Principal Dan Johnson clarified that “there was never a threat to students or staff” and the BB gun “was not displayed in a threatening manner.”  The Dubuque Community School District’s Weapons Policy states: “Weapons and other dangerous objects and look-a-likes shall be taken from students and others who bring  them on to the School District properties or onto property within the jurisdiction of the School District (“school property”) or from students who are within the control of the School District.” It has not been clarified that the neighborhood where the BB gun was found falls within the jurisdiction of the school.

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Couple Wants Their $48,000 Back From Police

IOWA CITY, Iowa — A Minnesota couple has filed a petition to get their $48,000 in cash back from the Iowa City Police Department. Earlier this month Tiffani D.S. Barber and Kearnice C. Overton, of St. Paul, Minn. filed an application to the Johnson County District Court asserting that the officers had wrongfully seized their money.

Overton was traveling on Interstate 80 with his four children when he was pulled over with a group of other vehicles that Officer Michael Clark claimed were speeding.

A K-9 unit responded, and the dogs searched the vehicles. The officers alleged that the dog gave a silent indicator which they claim allowed them to physically search Overton’s vehicle. The officers then found $44,000 in a duffel bag and another $4,000 in Overton’s jacket.

Iowa City Police Sgt. Vicki Lalla could not comment in depth about the case, saying that many factors can go into an officer’s decision to seize the property, including the amount of cash present.

“It’s very unusual for people to be out and about with that much cash on their person or in their car,” she said.

Overton said the cash was going to be used in a real estate transaction. However, the sale was not completed and he was returning when he was stopped by police.

A hearing is set for May 6th.


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Open Letter to the RNC and Iowa GOP Chairman AJ Spiker

A.J. Spiker, Chairman of the Iowa Republican Party is under fire, mostly for being a Ron Paul supporter.  6 County Central Committees have called for this resignation and have received a great deal of media coverage in Iowa.  One Central Committee has now stepped forward to support Spiker and media isn’t talking about.  Here is their open letter:


Contact: Rick Holman Dubuque County GOP Chairman

November 11th, 2013

Open Letter to the RNC and Iowa GOP Chairman AJ Spiker

On behalf of the Dubuque County, Iowa Republican Party Central Committee, we would like to first of all commend our state party chairman, Mr. AJ Spiker for his continued resolve to support and uphold the conservative principles found both in our state party platform and the national party platform. While government at all levels continues to grow, encroaching upon the personal liberties of its citizens through increasing regulations, taxation and an assault on the Bill of Rights, our State Chairman is working to defend our freedom here in Iowa. He hereby has earned our faith, trust and full support in his duties as our State Chairman.

Secondly, we would like to voice our concerns with the RNC that, increasingly, show lack of support for conservative candidates in recent elections, both general and primary. It appears Republican leaders are often no longer willing to support and uphold the principles found in the National party platform. Increasingly, the party leadership seems to be favoring politically “establishment” candidates who will not, and do not, faithfully adhere to or defend our conservative principles. They ignore our party platform – even as republicans work to select Constitutional, conservative candidates through the primary and caucus process. Some examples are the recent Governor’s race in Virginia, the Senate races in Delaware, Colorado, Alaska, and Nevada in 2010. The Senate races in Indiana and Missouri in 2012, and the Presidential races of 2008 and 2012. The recent Virginia example is especially troubling. The RNC failed to aggressively support the campaign of Cuccinelli because he was a so-called Tea Party candidate. Republican establishment all but handed the election to Mr. McAuliffe. Yes, establishment Republican Party leaders helped elect a Democrat bundler as the Governor of the state of Virginia.

Thirdly, where was the RNC during the recent efforts by Congress to defund Obamacare during the process to secure a cloture? The RNC should have been doing everything possible in terms of educating the public to the fact that it was Harry Reid and the Senate Democrats along with President Obama that caused, and should have owned the “Shut Down.” Even by defeating the closure process, republicans and sensible Democrats could have offered amendments to the ACA that would have possibly saved millions of Americans from losing their health insurance. Instead, they allowed the 26 Republican Senators who refused to stand with Ted Cruz, Mike Lee, Charles Grassley and 16 other Senate conservatives to provide the President and his socialist allies everything they wanted. In addition, it’s ridiculous allowing individuals like Karl Rove, John McCain, Mitch McConnell, and Lindsay Graham to more or less speak for the GOP. These people and their “establishment” colleagues do not represent the Republican Party Platform, let alone the Tea Party. Something must be done to counter their message of Government control. They seem to be more willing to spend time, energy, and effort in attacking fellow Republicans than they do fighting against the Democrat agenda. We implore the RNC to support our candidates that will stand by our platform.

Dubuque County Republican Party Central Committee
Chairman: Rick Holman
Co-Chair: Jennifer Smith

Submitted by Central Committee member Karl Stieglitz
Seconded by Central Committee member Jacob Long
Resolution Passed Unanimously 24-0

Did The Ron Paul Campaign Betray Liberty Voters In Iowa With a Backroom Deal?

The Liberty Movement in Iowa is one of the most politically active and well-constructed Liberty movements in the nation.  I was proud to speak at a Liberty Iowa event in April of this year and was deeply impressed by the grassroots work being done by this group.

Ben Swann Liberty Iowa Event

One of the most difficult challenges the Liberty Movement has faced throughout the country is convincing voters that this group rises above the political games and corruption so deeply entrenched in both the Democrat and Republican establishment.

That challenge for Liberty Iowa just got a lot tougher.

The Iowa Republican has released a series of emails and secretly recorded phone conversations over the past couple of days.  Those emails and conversations were provided to the Iowa Republican by Dennis Fusaro – the former Executive Director of the Iowans for Right to Work Committee.  In those emails, an alleged backdoor deal was made between Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson and the Paul campaign.  The deal included an agreement in which Sorenson would leave his position as the Iowa Chairman of Michelle Bachmann’s 2012 campaign just before the Iowa caucus to endorse Dr. Paul.

Since last spring, the Bachmann campaign has claimed that Sen. Sorenson defected to the Paul campaign because he was paid to do so.  The claims haven’t gone away.  The Iowa Supreme Court is looking into evidence that Sorenson committed two ethics violations.  As the Iowa Republican points out, this is the first time in 15 years that an ethics complaint has been forwarded to the state’s Supreme Court.  Bachmann has her own problems in Iowa with investigations by the  Federal Elections Commission on allegations of campaign finance violations.

Back to Sorenson: emails have now been released that indicate a deal was in fact made between Sorenson and the Paul campaign.  The claims also indicate that a number of the highest ranking members of the campaign knew about the deal including Campaign Chairman Jesse Benton and Deputy Campaign Manager Demitri Kasari. Benton is now the 2014 Campaign Manager for Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell.

To be clear, the Paul campaign, Dr. Ron Paul himself and Kent Sorenson have insisted that no payment was ever made.  Here is Kent Sorenson discussing the issue with Fox’s Megyn Kelly.

So what was the alleged deal?  Was there a payoff?  According to a series of emails released by the Iowa Republican, Kent Sorenson requested payment of $8,000 dollars a month for himself which would have to be paid out until the fall of 2012.  There were other alleged demands for payment as well to the tune of $208,000:

“KS needs to match his current salary of $8,000 a month. This has been promised to him, even after MB drops out of the race, for the majority of 2012.  As a result, KS would need to be on payroll into the Fall of 2012.
CD [Chris Dorr] works for and with KS and would leave the MB with him. He would have to have his salary matched ($5,000 monthly) through April of 2012, when he was currently scheduled to quit the MB campaign.
We have established the Iowa Conservatives Fund PAC as an entity that KS will be using to recruit and elected [sic] good candidates to the Iowa General Assembly. (C4 will follow after next legislative session.) It’s KS’s leadership PAC. He would need a donation of $100,000 into this PAC prior to this action.”

Separately, in a secretly recorded conversation, Kent Sorenson admitted that he was given a check by Dimitri Kasari, the Paul Campaign’s 2012 Deputy Campaign Manager.  Actually, that the check was given to his wife by Kasari.  Sorenson does not say how much the check was for and despite the inferences being made, continually says he did not cash the check and that he was holding on to it.  In addition, Sorenson states that he knows that Jesse Benton is aware of the check saying:

“Sorenson: Do you think the whole Ron Paul, like all of them know?  I mean the inside group?
Fusaro: Sure, I’m sure Jesse Benton knows, he’s a scum…
Sorenson: Oh, I know that Jesse knows. I know Jesse knows.
Fusaro: He’s a scumbag.”

To be clear, throughout these conversations and emails, there is no indication that Dr. Paul himself was aware of any check or financial deal made with Sorenson in exchange for his endorsement.
So what is the fallout that can come from all of this?  For Kent Sorenson, Dimitri Kasari and even Jesse Benton, the fallout could be severe.  Consider the fact that a review of Opensecrets.org does not indicate any donations to the political action committee identified in the email.
As I mentioned there is no indication that Dr. Paul himself knew anything about this alleged deal.

But the biggest fallout may be for the men and women in Iowa who have been engaged for years in a very tough fight to restore liberty.  The idea of a backroom deal and under the table agreements for endorsements in exchange for payments and salaries is exactly what those who stood with the Paul campaign were standing against.

Is Kent Sorenson guilty of taking that payment?  Did Jesse Benton and Demitri Kasari offer him money in order to secure an endorsement and first place finish in the Iowa Caucus?  (A caucus that ultimately Dr. Paul won but media didn’t bother to report the true outcome of for months).

If these things did in fact happen, the true fallout will be felt by Liberty Iowa for years to come.  That is the most difficult thing about this story.  The men and women in Iowa who have fought for Liberty will have to carry the weight of a short-sighted decision that undermines everything Liberty Iowa has fought against.

The calls for Kent Sorenson to step down have already begun.  Sources In Iowa tell me that Iowa’s Secretary of State Matt Schultz has now asked that Sorenson step down.