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Rubio Accuses Cruz of Siding with ‘Isolationists’ on Foreign Policy

On Sunday’s episode of NBC’s Meet the Press, 2016 GOP presidential candidate and U.S. Senator Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) accused opposing candidate and Republican Senator Ted Cruz (R-Texas) of siding with isolationists on foreign policy.

Sen. Rubio told NBC’s Chuck Todd, “I mean, [Sen. Cruz] talks tough on some of these issues. For example, he was going to carpet bomb ISIS. But the only budget he’s ever voted for in his time in the Senate is a budget that cut defense spending by more than Barack Obama proposes we cut it.

He voted against the Defense Authorization Act every year that it came up. And that is the bill and I assume that if he voted against it, he would veto it as president. That’s the bill that funds our troops. Even the Iron Dome for Israel. So I guess my point is each time he’s had to choose between strong national defense and some of the isolationist tendencies in American politics, he seems to side with the isolationist. And this is an important issue to have a debate over. It’s not personal,” added Rubio.

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Rubio also claimed that Cruz’s vote in favor of the USA Freedom Act is evidence of his loyalty to isolationist positions.

We had a program that allowed us to collect the phone records, basically the phone bill. Not the content of your conversations or your emails or anything like that. Just your phone bill of every American. And it was stored… And they retained them for a significant period of time. Under this new law, we are trusting the phone companies to hold those records,” said Rubio, who argued that Cruz’s vote for the USA Freedom Act means that the U.S. has lost the capability “in some cases” to identify “who [terrorists have] been calling and who they’ve been talking to.

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