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Georgia Republicans push for Obamacare by killing bill meant to stop it

ATLANTA, March 18, 2014- Establishment Republicans joined democrats Monday in an effort to destroy a bill that would have placed a massive thorn in the President’s healthcare law from within the state of Georgia.

“That eleventh hour betrayal effectively killed the bill, but it could still be brought back to life by amendment of companion legislation,” said HB707 chief sponsor Representative Jason Spencer. “I will identify the Republican Benedict Arnolds, the King George the Third and his myrmidons who ship wrecked my path breaking, patriotic bill (HB707) to prevent the federal Leviathan from commandeering the machinery of state government or resources to enforce ill-conceived federal health insurance mandates. A patriot saves his country from his government. HB707 would have been the first occasion in a century to draw a constitutional line against state complicity in endless federal encroachments.”

The House voted 115:59 to approve Spencer’s bill two weeks ago.

Republican senators Staton, Chance, B. Miller, F. Millar, J. Murphy and Renee Unterman all voted along with Democrats to table the bill in the Senate, which effectively killed it at that moment.

Georgia, having a Republican super-majority, illustrates a prime example of Republican legislators using campaign rhetoric against Obamacare to win reelection, but refusing to actually legally stop the federal healthcare mandate when given the chance.

Click the hyperlink to learn more about what HB707 would have done to cause Obamacare pain in Georgia.

UPDATE: Legislators attached the previously dead bill as an amendment to an unrelated piece of legislation as a last effort to pass it through to the Governor. The maneuver succeeded and the legislation will now move to the governor for signature. However, the legislation is now grossly watered down.

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