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Ben Swann: Truth In Media Is ‘Unashamedly Questioning The Status Quo’

In an interview with The Jason Stapleton Program, Ben Swann shared details about his upbringing and education, discussed professional journalism career and explained how the Truth In Media is going to explode in the coming years.

When BenSwann.com relaunched as TruthInMedia.com on May 4, the change was emblematic of Swann’s desire for his independent new media project to be bigger than just his work. His site had writers from the start, and the number of writers has grown over time. Today, readers will find content from people with passions across a broad spectrum, from Ron Paul through his Liberty Report to Peter Schiff through his podcast and many other talented and liberty-minded individuals.

We’re trying to bringing on people who have voices in specific areas who really want to focus on liberty and individual freedom,” Swann told Stapleton during the interview. “One thing that is important for people to understand is that what’s very different about our site and our news brand compared to others is that we really exert no editorial control over what writers or contributors put up. We don’t ask to see what you are going to put up in advance.

“. . . We are looking for people who have integrity and who believe in questioning things. So what we’re trying to do is to continue to partner with people who can continue to present questions. And I think one thing that will start to set us apart from other brands in new media is that we’re not about click bait and we’re not about conspiracies. We are about legitimate questions because there’s so much out there right in front of our faces that needs to be questioned.

Swann described Truth In Media as “unashamedly questioning the status quo” and a “site that is honest and will correct itself when it’s wrong.” Stapleton shared his own perspective on the project, which he has been involved with since its launch last month.

It’s really a credit to what you guys at Truth In Media that not only is the content so good, but that the focus is on creating an alternative news media source that can be trusted,” Stapleton said. “I’ve just been really impressed with everything that I’ve seen come out of Truth In Media and everything you produced. Your piece on ISIS, I have such a close tie with that because I spent so much time working with the State Department and other private companies and other three-letter acronym government agencies in those parts of the world. I know what’s going on over there. And to see someone so clearly articulate what every major news media outlet should be talking about was incredible. That’s what got my attention and got me to perk up and start paying attention to what you were doing. And I love it.

I suggest every single person go and become a subscriber and visit the site daily. It’s something that I go to every single day when I’m running through my news items and checking what we’re going to be talking about on the show.

Watch the full interview above and check out more of The Jason Stapleton Program on Truth In Media.

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