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Father Found Not Guilty Of Assaulting State Worker, Seeks Charges For Accuser After Spending 7 Months In Jail

Gwinnett County, GA- John Blue, a Georgia father who was accused of hitting a state welfare worker’s vehicle with his van and abducting his children, was recently found not guilty and he now wants charges filed against the worker who made the accusation.

Last June, a worker from Georgia’s Division of Family and Children Services came to Blue’s home to speak with his girlfriend and take Blue’s two sons into protective custody. Prosecutors later claimed that the worker had been wearing an ID badge, but Blue said that the state worker had not identified herself.

The worker accused Blue of ramming her car with his van before leaving with his children. Blue had insisted since his arrest that he had never hit the worker’s car and claimed she was actually the one who used her vehicle to hit Blue’s van. Blue also said his girlfriend and sons told police that he did not hit the worker’s car and claimed that those statements went ignored.

A statewide alert called Levi’s Call was issued after Blue left the scene. He later surrendered to police and his children were found with their grandparents in South Carolina.

Blue was accused of “illegally abducting” his children and was originally charged with aggravated assault, reckless conduct, and two charges related to fleeing with his children. A judge later dropped the charges regarding Blue interfering with the state’s attempt to take custody of the children. Last week, a jury found Blue not guilty of the assault charges after less than 45 minutes of deliberation.

Blue has been released from prison, but said that he lost his business- an interior design store- as well as his home after having to spend seven months in jail. “I lost all my tools and equipment and my whole livelihood because of a lie told by DFCS,” Blue told local news station WSB-TV.

Blue is currently living in his van while attending various job interviews and said that he wants the worker who accused him to face charges. “I sat in jail for seven months because someone lied on me,” Blue said. “If I was charged with aggravated assault and didn’t do anything, let her stand before the same people.”

Duluth police and Georgia’s DFCS were unavailable to make a comment about the case on Monday.