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Flashback: Video shows Rand Paul accusing Dick Cheney of going to war to benefit Halliburton


Senator Rand Paul and former Vice President Dick Cheney have been sparring on multiple TV appearances for a few weeks now.

According to the AP, President Barack Obama says he’s sending about 200 more U.S. troops to Iraq to protect Americans and the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. That makes a total of 800 troops on the ground in Iraq.

The Republican war hawks are trying hard to convince President Obama to go to war in Iraq and Syria. But there is one problem. They have to combat libertarian Republicans like Sen. Rand Paul who seeks a peaceful solution in the Middle East.

But apparently Paul has been calling out neocons like Dick Cheney for years.

In a 2009 video, Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) told students at Western Kentucky University that former Vice President Dick Cheney had plunged the U.S. into the Iraq War so as to benefit Halliburton, of which he had been CEO.

In the video Paul said, “There’s a great YouTube of Dick Cheney in 1995 defending [President] Bush Number One [and the decision not to invade Baghdad in the first Gulf war], and he goes on for about five minutes. He’s being interviewed, I think, by the American Enterprise Institute, and and he says it would be a disaster, it would be vastly expensive, it’d be civil war, we would have no exit strategy. He goes on and on for five minutes. Dick Cheney saying it would be a bad idea. And that’s why the first Bush didn’t go into Baghdad. Dick Cheney then goes to work for Halliburton. Makes hundreds of millions of dollars, their CEO. Next thing you know, he’s back in government and it’s a good idea to go into Iraq.”

Watch the video below:

There is no doubt there is history behind the recent spats between Paul and Cheney.

But the battle between Paul and Cheney is really emblematic of the current ideological war within the GOP itself regarding foreign policy.

When asked to comment on Rand Paul’s Presidential aspirations, Cheney simply told the DailyCaller, “Isolationism doesn’t work as a philosophy for defending the nation.”

Cheney added, “Isolationism, I think, is a flawed concept. My disagreement with Rand Paul isn’t personal. It’s on substance. I just think he’s wrong.”

Paul is mulling over a 2016 Presidential bid, but it appears that Paul is not backing down from fighting the wars hawks and neocon wing of the GOP.

It appears that Paul is trying to save the soul of the Republican Party and wants to change America’s war culture to a peaceful culture based on his core beliefs.

Paul explained his view of the “Just War Theory” during an interview with the Christian Broadcasting Network.

“I think you need to remember that [Jesus] was the ‘Prince of Peace’… blessed are the peacemakers not blessed are the war makers,” said Paul.


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