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Interview: National Host Mike Church Received a Flood of Threats for Promoting Peace


National talk show host Mike Church sits down with me to discuss his career giving his Sirius/XM audience with a real time transition from being a War Hawk to a non-interventionist. He recounts the personal impact of regret for his hawkish beginnings to the flood of threats received when he began promoting peace. We also discuss the value of family, his Catholicism and moving his show from satellite to internet radio.

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The Flow: Patrick Byrne Discusses Bitcoin Blockchain Technology, Personal Influences

Kurt Wallace sat down with Patrick Byrne, CEO of Overstock.com, PhD in philosophy and pioneer in cryptotechnologies, to discuss Overtsock’s offering of the first cryptosecurities using bitcoin’s blockchain technology. He explains how the blockchain works and its advantages over today’s DTC, or depository trust company which centrally manages security entitlement transfers for brokerage houses.

He gives us insight on his Austrian economic libertarian beliefs and shares his philosophy on life crediting Warren Buffett, who mentored him from age 13. Patrick also explains why having had cancer has made his life better.


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Truth In Media Podcast Announcement

Readers have asked for it, and now it’s here. The Truth In Media Project is excited to announce the launch of Truth In Media podcasts, featuring robust political commentary as well as comprehensive coverage of news and issues largely avoided by the mainstream media.

Seasoned podcast veteran Kurt Wallace will be hosting The Flow, which will feature in-depth interviews with public figures and bring dialogue to a level largely left untouched by most interviewers. Wallace explains:

“The Flow, hosted by veteran podcaster Kurt Wallace, will feature personal conversations with well known individuals that we may all know, but… do we really know them? The Flow is all about being in that zone where we shed the pre-conceived ideas about the persona of the guests and bring their underlying nature to the surface. We’ll discover why we see things the way we do. What happens in our lives that shape our philosophy – the struggles and triumphs that bring us to what really matters in our individual worlds. What is that certain element underneath the surface of the cool things our guests do that make them special? What is it that drives us and makes us happy? A lot of time is spent on what we can do to make us free but what is it that makes us free on the inside? We’ll do this by sharing with you an introspective personal conversation where we really get to know the person and not just the persona.”

The Flow premieres August 4th, 2015, with Overstock.com CEO Patrick Byrne as Wallace’s first guest.

Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook will also be hosting his own podcast called Beer and Politics. Cook has already interviewed a number of politicians, journalists, experts and individuals including Curtis Ellis, Dr. Nafeez Ahmed, Senator Bob Graham, Congressman Mark Sanford, Dr. Tom DiLorenzo, and Brad Hoff. Beer and Politics will feature discussions of a variety of issues over drinks with political figures, activists and experts:

“I wanted to create a show where regular people can get together, have a cold brew- cigar and spirits- and talk about the really important issues of the day. Beer and Politics is about breaking through the illusion of the left right paradigm. On the show we’re going to have great guests, politicians, and even brew masters,” says Cook.

Joshua Cook’s Beer and Politics premieres on July 11th, 2015.

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Ron Paul Liberty Report Coming To TruthInMedia.com

Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project will soon be offering Ron Paul’s Liberty Report video series at TruthInMedia.com. In addition to videos, the Truth In Media Project plans to collaborate with Dr. Paul on a variety of topics and issues.

Ron Paul’s Liberty Report is the latest addition to new content you will be able to find along with a growing team of collaborators and contributors to the Truth In Media Project, which is also scheduled to include content and insights from political commentator Julie Borowski, The Ron Paul Institute, writer and podcast host Kurt Wallace, Child Protective Services whistleblower and author Carlos Morales, and syndicated radio host Jason Stapleton.

The Truth In Media Team will continue to provide updates to our readers regarding upcoming contributors and additions to the Project.

Note: Earlier versions of this story said that Ron Paul was joining a growing list of contributors. That led some people to believe that Ron Paul himself would be joining Truth in Media. Rather, Truth in Media will make available the Ron Paul Liberty Report on our site.

Truth In Media Project: Major Announcement

Ben Swann’s Truth In Media Project is set to unveil several exciting changes and additions. On May 4th, BenSwann.com will become TruthInMedia.com, offering new interactive features. In addition to the new website, we are excited to announce the arrival of several contributors to the Truth In Media Project.

The Truth In Media Project will be providing columns, commentary and videos from Julie Borowski. Borowski is a political commentator who has gained a large following for adding humor to libertarian viewpoints.

The Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity will be offering analysis and insight to the Truth In Media Project through columns and videos.

Writer and podcast host Kurt Wallace will be providing in-depth interviews and discussion of issues regarding politics, business, economics and more. Wallace has been involved in new media since 2007.

Jason Stapleton’s syndicated radio show, The Jason Stapleton Program, will be broadcast on TruthInMedia.com. Stapleton is a former Marine and an entrepreneur, investor, and professional trader, offering unique insights on a plethora of topics including economics, politics and military strategy.

Carlos Morales, author of Legally Kidnapped: The Case against Child Protective Services, will be a contributor to TruthInMedia.com. Morales is a former CPS investigator who exposed corruption that he witnessed within the agency.

TruthInMedia.com will also be providing an interactive community, with member forums and groups, all free of charge. This new community will allow readers and supporters to create their own profiles and interact on message boards and in groups.

The Truth In Media Project will continue to examine issues including medical kidnapping, human trafficking, the drug war, police militarization, and political activism around the world.

Truth In Media Addition


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