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Senior Republican Senators Condemn Ted Cruz For Criticism Of Mitch McConnell

Senior Republicans in the Senate criticized Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) on Sunday for accusing Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) of lying and using tactics similar to those of Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.).

The remarks came from Sens. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) and John Cornyn (R-Texas) during a special session on Sunday when the Senate advanced legislation to restore the federal Export-Import Bank, 67-26, and did not advance legislation to repeal the Affordable Care Act, 49-43. Both amendments needed 60 votes in order to pass, as part of a highway bill that has a deadline of July 31.

As previously reported, Cruz spoke out against McConnell on Friday, noting that after several senators got together and negotiated a deal that would both revive the Export-Import bank and pass trade promotion authority granted by the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) deal, he confronted McConnell, who was “visibly angry” and insisted that there was “no deal.”

The Associated Press noted that in addition to no senators coming to Cruz’s defense, they also blocked Cruz from offering an amendment related to the Iran deal, going as far as to refuse to grant his routine request for a roll-call vote.” 

Hatch, the Senate pro tempore, spoke out against the 2016 Presidential contender on the Senate floor on Sunday, saying, “Squabbling and sanctimony may be tolerated in other venues and perhaps on the campaign trail, but they have no place among colleagues in the United States Senate.”

“The Senate floor has even become a place where senators have singled out colleagues by name to attack them in personal terms, to impugn their character, in blatant disregard for Senate rules,” Hatch continued. “Such misuses of the Senate floor must not be tolerated.”

Alexander likened Cruz’s actions to Americans rendering themselves lawless, and said that Cruz will create a precedent that destroys the orderly consideration of amendments,” and as a result “there will be unlimited amendments; there will be chaos.

Cornyn, the Senate Majority Whip, agreed with Alexander, saying that if senators sided with Cruz and wanted to overturn current procedure, the Senate would not be able to function and maintaining that he believes there was “no misrepresentation made by the majority leader on the Ex-Im Bank.” 

If the majority leader had somehow misrepresented to 54 senators what the facts are with regards to the Ex-Im Bank, I would suspect that you would find other voices joining that of the junior senator, but I hear no one else making such a similar accusation,” Cornyn said.

“Speaking the truth about actions is entirely consistent with civility,” Cruz replied, insisting that although accusing McConnell of lying “may be uncomfortable,” it was “entirely consistent with decorum, and no member of this body has disputed that promise was made and that promise was broken.”

Cruz isn’t the first presidential candidate at odds with McConnell. Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) clashed with McConnell in May, when he stood up against McConnell’s wishes to extend the Patriot Act and forced the expiration of Section 215, which was used by the National Security Agency to justify its bulk collection of Americans’ data.

New legislation could erase Common Core standards

As more and more states begin to reject and propose bills against Common Core standards, new legislation has been released which could cause an end to the controversial education system.

Senator Lamar Alexander (R-Tenn.) is the new chairman of the Senate’s education committee, and he has released two options to replace the education system. One replacement plan would have standardized requirements for math and reading between grades 3-8, while the other option offers states the choice to test annually or every three years to see how they are performing.

The second option, according to the Times-Picayune, would allow each state to choose which standardized test to administer to their students. Whether or not the state chooses to move forward with the Common Core standards would therefore be left up to the state.

Alexander also took time on Tuesday, while speaking on the House floor, to say he believes President Obama’s Education Department has overstepped its authority. He said he thinks the Education Department should not hold each state to a specific set of standards, but should allow each state to set their own standards. “The department has become, in effect, a national school board,” said Alexander.

While many believe a new proposed education bill is likely to succeed now that Republicans have control of Congress, not everyone is totally convinced it is the right choice.

Andrew Rotherham, one of the founders of the education consultancy Bellwether Education Partners, has said, according to the Washington Post, the point of Common Core was to make sure all children across state-lines were getting an equal opportunity to learn and achieve.

“This is basically a way,” says Rotherham on the legislation, “to make sure we don’t have a common definition. Some kids are going to get a really challenging and ambitious set of standards, and other kids are going to fall through the cracks.”

Tom Loveless, a scholar with the Brookings Institution, found students in states which have a more rigorous academic curriculum do not necessarily perform any better on standardize tests than their peers. Loveless argues the changes should not be made at the state level, rather individual school systems within the state need to be changed.

A study published by the Brookings Institution found, “students from wealthier families score significantly higher on [standardized tests] than students from poorer families,” within the same state.

Senator Patty Murray (D-Wash.), a member of the Senate Education Committee, agrees with Alexander in saying changes are needed in the education system, but says annual testing is needed to make sure schools are meeting some sort of standard.

“We know if we don’t have ways to measure students’ progress, and if we don’t hold our states accountable, the victims will invariably be the kids from poor neighborhoods, children of color and students with disabilities,” said Murray. “These are the students who too often fall through the cracks, and that is not fair…This is a civil rights issue, plain and simple.”

VIDEO: Sen. Lamar Alexander literally runs away from GOP voters wanting to ask a question

Bristol, Tennessee, August 3, 2014– U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander is currently locked inside the battle of his life. He’s running for a third term in the U.S. Senate, but Alexander’s run has far more riding on it than his own career. In fact, many Tennessee insiders know all too well that Alexander has no plans to actually finish the term– should he win it. Alexander will likely retire so that the Governor and others in leadership can hand pick their very own replacement. After all, politically, Alexander would never survive another election. This will be his last. Rather than go out with a bang, Alexander is simply running away. Literally.

Feeling the heat, Alexander has been purposefully been skipping votes in Washington so State Rep. Joe Carr (R- Lascassas), Alexander’s tea party backed challenger, cannot use his votes against him. That should give outsiders some idea of just how liberal Alexander is. He cannot even vote on a single issue without upsetting Conservatives in his home state.

Local media has criticized Alexander for running away from even his own positions. “When tea party sympathizers say U.S. Sen. Lamar Alexander has failed to stand up to liberals and Democrats on the things they care about most, they have a point,” writes Scott Stroud of the Tennessean. “Tea partiers aren’t wrong when they slam Alexander for his reluctance to take a stand.”

Last Friday, Lamar Alexander spoke at King College to the Bristol Chamber of Commerce.

At the event, a college student representing the Real Conservatives National Committee politely asked Alexander if he would answer a question.

Questioner: “Can I ask you a question?”

Alexander: “Yes.”

Alexander then turned his back and ran back to his table where his staffers shielded him from further questions.

Later, Alexander spoke for ten minutes at the event and took no questions.

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LOTFI: Sen. Lamar Alexander must apologize for lying about opposing federal education

NASHVILLE, July 23, 2014– U.S. Senator Lamar Alexander (R) is facing a tough primary challenge from State Rep. Joe Carr (R). Carr’s momentum has built over the months and Lamar is sweating bullets underneath his red flannel shirt. More than 20 state legislators have endorsed Carr over Alexander.  They join more than 60 conservative Tennessee organizations, vice presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin, the National Association for Gun Rights and more. In natural form, Alexander is placing his bets on misleading the Volunteer state on just where his record stands on the issues. Most insulting of all is Alexander’s attempt to prey upon low information voters when it comes to federal education and Common Core.

Alexander’s campaign has been blasting out ads that declare he is against a “national school board”. Lucky for Alexander, no such de jure national school board technically exists. It’s easy to say you’re against something that doesn’t exist in law. Unlucky for Alexander, a de facto national school board does exist. Not only does a de facto national school board exist, but it also has a curriculum. Oh, Alexander has been the superintendent for decades.

What is this de facto national school board? It’s called the U.S. Department of Education and the Senate Education Committee. Its current curriculum? Common Core.

Today, Alexander’s ads insinuate he opposes federal education. This is a blatant lie. No campaign ad will scrub the internet of Alexander’s past. Alexander was the head of the United States Department of Education from 1991-1993. In addition, Alexander leads the Senate’s National Education Committee with Senator Tom Harkin (D- Iowa). Furthermore, Alexander is a staunch proponent of Common Core. While the most conservative members of Tennessee’s legislature have been trying to block Common Core’s national curriculum from within the state, Alexander has been heavily lobbying them to accept it and give up the fight.

Ronald Reagan famously tried to abolish the U.S. Department of Education due to it being blatantly unconstitutional. Alexander’s ad states he worked with Reagan to end the Department of Education. How so? Years after Reagan left office, Alexander was more than happy to take a post leading this unconstitutional creature of the federal government that stripped parents and local governments from the right to educate their children. Now, he works hand-in-hand with Washington elites to force parents and local school districts to surrender their last ounce of control over their children to the federal government.

The Tennessee Tenth Amendment Center has fought against the U.S. Department of Education, the Senate Education Committee and Common Core with multiple state legislators in an attempt to restore parental and local government control when it comes to the education of Tennessee’s youth. Alexander has blocked these efforts every step of the way, and he owes the Volunteer state an apology for purposefully misleading them.

GOP Senator’s Chief Of Staff Placed On Leave For Child Pornography

By Michael Lotfi,

NASHVILLE, TN- December 11th, 2013

US Senator Lamar Alexander (R-TN) has placed his chief of staff Ryan Loskarn on administrative leave after an investigation surrounding use of child pornography surfaced today.

“I am stunned, surprised and disappointed by what I have learned,” said Senator Alexander.

According to Loskarn’s LinkedIn profile, Loskarn graduated from Tulane University, formally worked as the staff director for the US Senate Republican Conference, former chief of staff for Tennessee US Congresswoman Blackburn and former assistant to US Congressman Herger.

Although the investigation does not directly involve Senator Alexander, the revelations are sure to bring negative attention to the struggling senator. Alexander is facing a tough primary by Tea Party challenger State Rep. Joe Carr.

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