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EXCLUSIVE Interview: “Southern Charm” Star To Challenge Two-Party Status Quo in South Carolina

Businessman, reality television star and former South Carolina State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel announced his run as an independent for the United States Senate seat currently held by liberal “Republican” Lindsey Graham.

Ravenel made his Senate candidacy official prior to attending a Fourth of July rally in Greenville, S.C.

In a candid and exclusive interview with Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook, Thomas Ravenel discussed his solutions on limiting government’s control and expanding individual freedom.

Ravenel discussed his views on tax policy, drugs, foreign policy, privacy issues, growing the economy, healthcare, education, common core, and social issues.

Listen to the interview below:



In a press release yesterday Ravenel stated, “It’s time for voters across our state and this country to declare their independence from a failed two-party system – one that no longer represents their interests or the interests of Americans to come,” the star of Bravo’s ‘Southern Charm’ said.  “Election after election of choosing the lesser of two evils has our economy and our freedoms on a downward slide – but there’s still time to change the road we’re on.  To do that, though, we need a real debate and a real choice – candidates who are offering real ideas to turn things around.”

“Government doesn’t belong in your boardroom, your bedroom or your email inbox,” he said.  “But its presence in every aspect of our lives continues to grow.  Democrats keep dictating choices in our marketplaces and Republicans keep telling us who we can and cannot love.  And both parties want to keep spending like there’s no tomorrow while they spy on us to make sure we don’t step out of line.  All of this leads to less prosperity and liberty – and more dependency and fear,” said Ravenel.


thomas ravenel - FanRavenel talked to a number of “Southern Charm” fans downtown Greenville, SC about his run for U.S. Senate.



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