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New Hampshire’s Liberty Candidates Flourish As Establishment Picks Fizzle

Last night’s midterm election results delivered multiple losses to New Hampshire’s GOP establishment candidates. United States Senate candidate Scott Brown failed to unseat Democrat incumbent Jeanne Shaheen; gubernatorial candidate Walt Havensten lost to Governor Maggie Hassan (D-Exeter); Marilinda Garcia lost her bid for New Hampshire’s 2nd  Congressional District to Democrat incumbent Ann McLane Kuster.

Independent of Republicans’ losses in the larger seats, New Hampshire’s election showed a remarkable number of liberty candidates claiming victory in smaller state house and senate seats. Many members of the Free State Project, known in the state as “early movers” who have moved to New Hampshire ahead of a larger initiative to encourage 20,000 liberty-minded people to reside in the state, were particularly impressive in their races.

Despite several anti-Free State Project endeavors from various opponents of the organization, dubbed by some as the “Free State Project Witch Hunt”, at least 15 FSP participants in senate and house races were victorious Tuesday night. Anti-FSP initiative “Free State Project Watch” posted a list of 39 state House and Senate candidates who are also FSP participants. It has been confirmed that at least 15 and as many as 20 candidates, both Democrat and Republican, won seats in the state house.

“The record-breaking total of 20 Free State Project early movers’ winning state house seats further proves the viability of the Project,” FSP founder Jason Sorens, told Benswann.com. “When all libertarian-leaning representatives are counted, the liberty bloc in the New Hampshire State House will amount to about 20% of the entire body. What will state politics look like when thousands more libertarians move here? We’ll find out soon enough!”

In addition to the victories of Free State Project members, LibertyBallot.com founders reported that more than 100 of their recommended liberty candidates had won as well.