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Do You Have Questions or Comments About The Kickstarter Project?

Hi Everyone, We want to hear from YOU.  Use this post to convey your questions and ideas regarding Ben's  'Liberty Is Rising Truth In Media'...

Announcement: Truth In Media Project Launched, Inform, Engage, Activate

Friends, I want to begin by saying thank you for signing up for this email list and for your incredible support of my work with...

Ten Dollars, YOU and The Power to Change the World

Friends, Please take the time to view our new film entitled, "Ten Dollars, YOU and the Power to Change the World". Just so...

Announcement: Launching The Liberty Is Rising Tour

Friends, I have always said that I learn more from you than any other resource. Hands down. Whether it's a comment on a link, a...

Ben Swann Naming Names In IRS Scandal on Hannity

Ben Swann Naming Names In IRS Scandal on Hannity

Ben Swann on The Peter Schiff Show

Friends, Yesterday, I had the pleasure of being on "The Peter Schiff Show". I had a great time talking to Peter and his crew...

Truth In Media Project Kickstarter Trailer

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Ben thanks viewers for their support in the Shorty Awards and explains #libertyisrising