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An Ohio homeowner has been told to remove his unconventional Nativity scene

A man in Sycamore, Ohio, a suburb of Cincinnati, has been told to remove his zombie-themed Nativity scene from his front yard after complaints were filed against him.

Jasen Dixon is the owner of the zombie Nativity scene as well as a haunted house, called 13 Rooms of Doom, in Indiana.  Rather than go out and buy a whole new Nativity scene, Dixon told FOX 19 he wanted to work with what he had available.  The end result is a manger complete with a pale baby Jesus and skeletal Mary, Joseph, and wise men.

After receiving the complaints, Dixon was told by the local town administration office he is facing a $1,000 fine if he does not remove the Nativity scene by Friday.  However, the office has said the content of the Nativity scene is not what the fine is for, rather how much space the scene occupies is in violation of township zoning codes.

Greg Bickford, who works for the Sycamore Township Administration Office, said, according to Talking Points Memo, the office does “regulate displays for content.”

Dixon told Reuters though that many people seem to approve of his homemade nativity scene after seeing people take selfies with the nativity scene.  A Facebook page has also been erected for the nativity scene which has attracted about 200 likes.

On the average we probably get 30 or 40 cars stop and taking pictures, getting out with their camera,” said Dixon according to the Raw Story.  I know if it was a real pretty Nativity scene they wouldn’t be saying anything.”

Dixon has said he is still unsure how he is going to respond to the fine.