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“It’s for the kids.” Perhaps the greatest line in political propaganda ever marketed to the world will now be featured in Obama’s newest commercials. Joshua Cook with BenSwann.com¬†already reported that the health care law would take an additional $2 billion/yr. of taxpayers’ money to promote the law.

The Oregon advertisement company uses a “hipster” vibe in their production. The below video is one of their commercials promoting the health care law. “We fly with our own wings” is a melody the video repeats. Apparently the tax payer’s wings are now owned by everyone.

“Long Live Oregon” is my favorite. Can’t get this damn song out of my head… Well Played, Cover Oregon.

Premiums have skyrocketed under Obamacare in Oregon. (Forbes)
Premiums have skyrocketed under Obamacare in Oregon. (Forbes)


Someone forgot to mention to Amy Fauver, marketing director for Cover Oregon, that premiums have skyrocketed in the state. She left that part out of the commercials. Then again, the commercials don’t really talk about the law at all, or any of the effects so far seen.

Not everyone is upset with the ads. Time Magazine¬†awarded Oregon the “Number One State For Government Funded Obamacare Ads” Apparently that’s something to be proud of.

Cover Oregon is rounding up high school marching bands from around the state to be featured in their next commercial.

The commercial will feature young children playing an Obamacare anthem. Each band will have to audition for the slot.

It is not immediately known if students will be allowed to opt-out of the commercial if they are in the school’s marching band.

The company will also soon release ads in Spanish.