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VIDEO: Anti-Gun GOP Mayor Mocks Gun Rights Groups with Lewd Dance in View of Children

Incumbent Republican Mayor Danny Jones of Charleston, WV won his primary race against his opponent Josh Scott last Saturday and is set to face off against indie candidate Bill Carpenter and Democratic opponent Paul Monroe in May’s general election. However, Mayor Jones, known for his anti-gun positions, was caught on camera making lewd comments and gestures about gun rights supporters in front of children as he awaited the results of Saturday’s primary, a gaffe that could impact his chances in the May election.

In the above-embedded video, Mayor Jones is seen mocking gun rights supporters by accusing them of sexually fetishizing guns. Said Jones, “God knows what gun rights groups [do]. These people look at guns like sex objects. They oil them up and rub them.” The anti-gun Republican also emphasized his point with a sexually-charged dance that The Inquisitr characterized as twerking, which involved the Mayor gyrating his hips and rubbing his hands all over his body. In the video, a parent of a child witnessing the event can be heard saying, “Come on, man.” Mayor Jones appears to respond to this by apologizing and asking the onlooking child how old she is and what school she attends.

According to Yahoo News, Mayor Danny Jones is a member of Bloomberg’s group Mayors Against Illegal Guns and recently expressed his opposition to state-level West Virginia House Bill 317, which would overturn city-level gun bans in the state. Inquisitr notes that Keith Morgan, president of the pro-gun group West Virginia Citizens Defense League, said of Mayor Jones’ comments, “The mayor of West Virginia’s capital city said that. Kind of embarrassing for the state, really.”