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Report: Obama Made Yet Another Broken Promise To Push Obamacare

Obama speaks about the sequester in Washington

Last November, Obama proudly said, “[Obamacare] means that all the providers around here, instead of having to take in folks in the emergency room, they suddenly have customers who have insurance. That means those of you who already have health insurance, your premiums will not be subsidizing folks who don’t have health insurance. People will get preventive care, which means that people are likely to be healthier.”

The president’s logic was that poor Americans would not be forced to use the emergency room for most medical needs, since they would be provided with health insurance via Medicaid under Obamacare. This system would save money, he claimed.

Now, however, it seems that this may not be true.

The Oregon Health Insurance Experiment conducted by the nonpartisan National Bureau of Economic Research, found that expanding Medicaid actually increases emergency room visits. The study began in 2008.

The study compared 25,000 low income individuals — half had Medicaid and half did not. Those with Medicaid, according to the study, visited the emergency room 40% more than those without insurance. Making these findings even more worrisome is the fact that most of the emergency room visits were for “primary care treatable” health problems.

National data also supports the study’s findings — according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, even though Medicaid patients currently only make up 16% of the US population, they make up one-third of all emergency room visits.

These findings contradict what President Obama has been trumpeting for years.

In 2010, he declared, “What happens is, you don’t have health insurance, you go to the emergency room. You weren’t getting a checkup; something that might have been curable with some antibiotics isn’t caught. By the time you get to the hospital, it’s much more expensive … we’re a lot better off if we are making sure that everybody is getting preventive care.”

He has continued to make similar statements until recently.

Other Democrats have made the same argument to push Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid said in 2013 that repealing Obamacare would “force millions of American families to once again rely on expensive emergency room care—or go without care at all.”

Is this yet another broken promise fed to us by the president in order to push his healthcare bill? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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The “Free Clinic” is the solution to our problem, Government Mandated Healthcare is the Problem


The Affordable Health Care Act, commonly known as Obamacare, has turned out to be an abysmal failure. From millions of Americans losing their health insurance plans, to Healthcare.gov’s technical issues, and the fact that the Obama administration gave lobbyists a half-a-million dollar grant to help with their PR battle, goes to show how incompetent government actually is.

While Democrats continue to mirror a European-styled socialism and try to establish income redistribution as America’s main cornerstone, the establishment Republicans are not offering real solutions either. Both political Parties are hell bent on expanding government at the taxpayer’s expense.

But despite the failures of both Parties many Americans are finding real solutions to help the poor get access to healthcare.

Bruce Smith from the AP writes, “Hilton Head Island as a free clinic using retired physicians and volunteers to care for the working poor has become a model for dozens of similar clinics nationwide. At a time when the nation debates how to pay for care, there are now 96 Volunteers in Medicine Clinics in 29 states.”

These networks of free clinics grew from a model developed in 1994 on this resort by Dr. Jack McConnell in 1994. Smith writes that “the Hilton Head clinic has grown to handle more than 33,000 patient visits a year and offers services that include, among others, dental and eye care and mental health treatment and family practice.”

free clinic docs

Amy Hamlin, the executive director of the national Volunteers in Medicine based in Burlington, Vt., states, “It’s really remarkable what they are able to do without any government funding and using volunteers.”

Each clinic is independent and the national network offers help to those who want to start new ones. Clinics are supported by cash donations, donated medical supplies, and a volunteer network.

This model is working and offers a successful template for other communities to copy. According to Lisa Drakeman, the chairman of the clinic’s board of directors, the Hilton Head clinic operates on an annual budget of just over $2 million. Can government do that?

The simple truth is that “the State is not the answer.” Voluntaryism comes to mind here. The idea that all human interactions should be based on voluntary cooperation and those which are not, such as government, must be abolished.

States should nullify Obamacare and find ways to completely opt out of Medicaid and allow successful clinics like these to thrive.

In a political world where both Parties, by their actions, implement policies that regulate, tax, and spend, it’s refreshing to see Americans creating value without government coercion or meddling.


Historic Victory: N.H. Liberty Activists Stop Medicaid Expansion

The Chairman of the N.H. Republican Liberty Caucus, Aaron Day, won a huge victory last week by stopping a Medicaid expansion bill in New Hampshire.

Chairman Day told Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook in an exclusive interview last week that he planned to launch a campaign to put pressure on Republican state senators who were planning to vote for  Medicaid expansion. His plan was to primary these senators who voted to expand Medicaid with a slate of liberty candidates and $1 Million dollars raised throughout the state.

According to Chairman Day, the Medicaid expansion would ultimately trigger an income tax in New Hampshire which is one of the few states that do not have an income tax.

primary“At the end of the day we won because of the grassroots efforts. One of activists took a flyer with a picture of a senator that said “RINO” (Republican in name only) and delivered it to his house. At the state house last Thursday there were 25 people with signs that said, “Medicaid expansion equals income tax.” It was remarkable,” said Day.

Chairman Day did run into trouble with the GOP establishment though.

“The president of the senate was so pissed off about our press conference that he called U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte who called the state committeeman who called the RNC to try to shut me down. They were not happy about this,” said Day.

Chairman Day like so many grassroots activist who advocate for a limited government believes that there is a battle for the soul of the Republican Party.

Apparently politics has gone beyond logic-chopping debates about fiscal policy to out right trench warfare. Those in power are resorting to tactics that would make Saul Alinsky blush.

Chairman Day said, “I had someone in my back yard in the bushes spying on my house with a camera taking pictures. This has gone out of control. They have gone to extreme intimidation tactics.”

In a bizarre turn of events Jennifer Horn, Chairman of the New Hampshire GOP made a public statement backing the Republican senate plan for Medicaid expansion.

“Our Party platform explicitly states that we will resist any effort to implement Obamacare. Chairman Horn is dead wrong. We plan to hold a special meeting with delegates to have her retract her statements or resign. That has to happen,” said Chairman Day.

Chairman Day states that his organization does not get any support from the state Party. He wants to out raise them and wants to build an organization that will have more impact.

“We have to do the functions that they are not doing,” said Chairman Day. “The reality is that the state Party here is a hindrance. They violate the platform. They have a “go along to get along” establishment mentality.  They want Republicans to get elected, but they choose Party over principle. My view is that principles matter and if you don’t stand for something you’ll fall for anything as the saying goes.”

Chairman Day and his grassroots supporters believes that stopping the Medicaid expansion and a state income tax was a huge victory.

“The lesson here is that a small group of people at a local level can turn things around,” said Chairman Day.

Chairman Day said that he will fight even harder to limit government in 2014.

Exclusive: New Hampshire Liberty Activists Fight to Stop Medicaid Expansion

Both New Hampshire House and Senate committees voted this week to expand Medicaid. Many states have opted out of Medicaid expansion because it is too expensive to implement. Some Governors have implemented Medicaid expansion by executive order despite the political heat.

New Hampshire has both the Republican and Democrat parties advancing a plan to expand Medicaid to 58,000 people. However, while both Democrats and Republicans plan how to implement the costly Obamacare program, Aaron Day, Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus is trying to stop it.

Aaron Day told Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook, “the Republican led senate came up with a completely unacceptable plan to pass Medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. That’s why we launched www.StopNHincometax.com. We are threatening to primary 11 of the 13 Republicans state senators who are advancing this bill. We can block this Medicaid expansion. The only way Medicaid expansion will happen in the state of New Hampshire is if the Republicans in the senate allow it to.”

“They’ve [Republican senators] came up with this bogus plan,” Chairman Day said. “They are positioning it by saying, ‘well we’re going to take the federal money for the first three years. We’re not going to throw it directly into Medicaid, we will put it into a trust fund that will pay managed care companies directly.’”

Chairman Day continued, “So they are calling this a private market solution, and in the end of three years it will automatically sunset unless the federal government maintains the 100% reimbursement that pays for the Medicaid expansion. Well you and I know this will never happen. It’s going to be at the end of 2016 and we’re going to be in the middle of an election. Which politician is going to vote to cut a healthcare entitlement that has just been granted to 58,000 people?”

Chairman Day believes that Gov. Hassan will accept the senate plan “because once you have the entitlement in, it’s never going away.”

“Obamacare actually went live now, and we are now witnessing the disaster of Obamacare. It’s no longer the promise of what it might be, it’s the nightmare of what it is” said Chairman Day. “We need to remind the senate Republicans that if you are signing up for Medicaid expansion you are buying into Obamacare. My strategy is to do a liberty tour across the state and going directly at to make them aware of the fact that there is money and people behind primarying them if they take this vote.”

Cook asked Chairman Day, “if Medicaid expansion is implemented in New Hampshire, how will the state pay for the program after the three years of federal funding runs out?”

“My single point that I’m making in this is that Obamacare and Medicaid expansion equals a state income tax,” said Day. “We do not have the income tax at all. It’s the defining feature of our state. It’s one of the big advantages that we have. There is no doubt about it. We are absolutely going to have a state income tax, and it won’t be a small one if we pass Medicaid expansion in this state” said Chairman Day.