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Student suspended after telling sneezing fellow student “Bless-you”?

DYER COUNTY, Tenn., September 2, 2014– Kendra Turner,  a senior at Dyer County High School, was suspended after supposedly violating a class rule of  saying “bless you” to another student after they sneezed late last month.

Turner told reporters at WMCTV that the teacher told her “…we’re not going to have godly speaking in her class, and that’s when I said we have a constitutional right.”

After defending her actions, Turner was then sent to see an Administrator and required to finish the remainder of class out in-school suspension. School officials are claiming that Turner’s use of “bless you” and further commentary was aggressive and disruptive.

Turner’s youth pastor, Becky Winegardner, who disagrees with the school’s actions of in-class suspension told reporters at WMCTV that “There were several students talking about this particular faculty member there that was very demeaning to them in regard to their faith,” “This was something that had come up previously in the last few weeks just since the beginning of school and I shared with all of those students what their rights were.”

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Sen. Rand Paul’s wife talks about running for president in 2016

KENTUCKY, August 25, 2014– Senator Rand Paul (R- Ky.) is almost certainly running for president, but what are Mrs. Paul’s thoughts regarding becoming the first lady? In an interview with WKYU FM, Kelly Paul shares what has been on her mind regarding Rand 2016.

Is it fair to say you don’t want your husband to run for President?

I wouldn’t say that. I would say though that we just have a lot more talking to do about the subject. I mean it’s something that you don’t go into lightly, being in the public eye is hard on a family and a marriage. I’m really proud of Rand, I think he’s doing an amazing job, so I’d love for him to be able to expand that but we still have a few hurdles to cross before we actually pull the trigger on it.

And that is the main hurdle, what it would do to you family dynamics, your family’s privacy?

I would say so, that’s probably the main decision any family has to make, really. It’s not a typical job where you just go to work and do your job, there are huge demands on your time and, obviously, there are going to be a lot of people attacking you…and that’s part of it, that’s part of politics, but it’s on such a high scale when you’re running for President, so we’re thinking about it but not 100% there yet obviously.

Which way is the Senator leaning?

You know, I think it just depends on the day. He’s really trying to do his job and make a difference right now and, when he’s invited places, because people are interested in him as a candidate, he’s going because that obviously sets the stage if he does decide to do it but we’re still pretty far out. We don’t talk about it that much to tell you the truth.


Listen to the full interview HERE.

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LOTFI: Missouri Governor speaks out- Adds fuel to fire in Ferguson unrest

MISSOURI, August 20, 2014– As we watch the unrest unfold in Ferguson, Missouri, which has been ongoing for almost 10 days now, regarding the death of a teenage boy, we might think we are watching a scene from the Middle East. We see journalists in combat gear, tear gas filling the air, and many people have come to conclusions before knowing the facts of the case, or letting it be decided before a court of law.

Tuesday night, in a statement to the press, Missouri Governor Jay Nixon  expressed his sympathy for the family of Brown. In the same statement he also “a vigorous prosecution must now be pursued.” Many would see this as taking sides and pleading his case to the public who may be charged with deciding a case in a court of law without knowing the facts. While this may be politically savvy for Nixon, it is wrong and gives the impression that the young officer Darren Wilson is guilty before having the chance to defend his actions undermining our legal system.

“The democratically elected St. Louis County prosecutor and the attorney general of the United States each have a job to do,” Mr. Nixon said. “Their obligation to achieve justice in the shooting death of Michael Brown must be carried out thoroughly, promptly and correctly, and I call upon them to meet those expectations,” said Nixon.

Many may agree with Nixon’s statements on the surface. However, in his speech, Nixon completely undermines the rule of law. Details remain blurred at best. However, Nixon instigates that the “Brown family must receive justice”. By delivering this statement, Nixon has named himself judge, jury and executioner, and has all but ensured a fair trial will not ensue.

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Listen to Ron Paul defend Rick Perry regarding indictment

AUSTIN, August 19, 2014– During an MSNBC interview, former Congressman Dr. Ron Paul called the indictment Governor Rick Perry is currently facing “a joke”. Paul stressed that while he doesn’t agree with Perry regarding civil liberties and foreign policy,  this indictment is “pure politics.”

Perry could be facing a hefty jail sentence after being indicted on two felony counts for alleged abuse of power after refusing to fund a state agency at the center of a scandal. Perry refused to fund the agency after the local district attorney was convicted for drunk driving and subsequently refused to resign.

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Breaking New Video: Tear gas rains down on Ferguson protestors

FERGUSON, Missouri, August 18, 2014– Last night, tear gas rained down on demonstrators in Ferguson, Mo. just as a curfew was to be imposed for the second night and protests turned violent.

Protestors threw rocks and kicked tear gas canisters back at police while chanting “don’t shoot.” The demonstrations stem from the death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Earlier Sunday, an autopsy on Brown’s body was ordered by Attorney General Holder due to the alleged “extraordinary circumstances” surrounding his death.

In the video report, the AP states that protesters had fired back with gunshots.

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Listen to Governor Perry’s response to felony indictment

AUSTIN, August 18, 2014– Friday, we reported on the initial indictment brought against Governor Perry for his alleged abuse of power. He has since spoken out saying he will fight the charges.

One day after being indicted on accusations of abuse of power, Perry stood by his veto and characterized the charges as “outrageous” political theatrics and predicted he would prevail over “those who would erode our state’s constitution and laws purely for political purposes.”

“I wholeheartedly and unequivocally stand behind my veto and will continue to defend this lawful action of my executive authority as governor,” Perry told reporters.

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DESPERATE: Cochran literally begs Democrats to vote for him over Tea Party’s McDaniel in runoff

MISSISSIPPI, June 21, 2014– Only a few short weeks ago, U.S. Senator Thad Cochran (R- Miss.) was forced into a runoff by Tea Party endorsed Mississippi State Senator Chris McDaniel (R). Three days from now, Mississippi voters will again return to the polls in order to choose their next U.S. Senator. Feeling the heat, the Cochran campaign has resorted to begging Democrats to “crossover” in order to save Cochran’s seat.

“Thad Cochran and his team should be ashamed of themselves. They have abandoned conservatives by having letters sent out like this all over the state,” said McDaniel while referencing the letters.

P Cochran-McDaniel
Jerome Wyatt, Jones County Mississippi District 5 Supervisor, works with Cochran campaign in order to convince Democrats to crossover and vote against McDaniel in Tuesday’s Republican primary runoff.

By rallying Democrats, the Cochran campaign hopes to pull them to the voter booths and have them pull the trigger for Cochran in order to keep a more conservative candidate out of office.

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Iranian president blames Obama for ISIS terrorists: We warned Obama administration for over a year

IRAN, June 21, 2014– As Iraq stands on the verge of civil war, Iranian President Hassan Rouhani issued a powerful condemnation at a news conference last weekend.

“The fact that terrorist groups in this region are supported by Western countries is as clear as light,” Rouhani said. “There’s no room for doubt about this.”

His remarks follow a surge of extremist violence in Iraq carried out by the terrorist network known as the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS). In recent weeks, the group has ravaged the nation in a string of devastating attacks on military personnel and civilians alike.

When 500,000 Iraqis fled Mosul after ISIS seized the city on June 9, one thing became clear: the terrorists have their eyes set on Baghdad. The fallout has compelled the region’s major players to begin developing a counterinsurgency strategy.

Rouhani knows the clock is ticking, and he is not shying away from casting blame on those nations he deems responsible for the crisis.

“Powerful Western countries are supporting terror politically, with propaganda, with finances and weapons,” he declared to the audience.

Who is Rouhani targeting? His response to a question posed by New York Times Tehran bureau chief Thomas Erdbrink may hold the answer.

When asked whether Iran would cooperate with the United States in combating ISIS in Iraq, Rouhani responded that the only forces fighting the spread of terrorism are the Iraqi people and government. If the US were to involve itself against ISIS, he said Iran might consider it.

The prospect of a joint US-Iranian presence is unprecedented and, given the two nations’ tumultuous history, it would be a rare show of common ground. Both have incentives for a stable Iraqi state, with Rouhani seeking to expand Iran’s sphere of Shiite influence and President Obama attempting to live up to his 2011 claim of “leaving behind a sovereign, stable and self-reliant Iraq.” Both presidents have each dispatched hundreds of soldiers to the country.

Rouhani proceeded to elaborate on America’s specific role in the growing regional instability.

“For over a year, this administration has warned the US not to support these terrorists,” he said. He further expressed his concern that America and the West have “acted in favor of terrorists and their allies,” specifically through the supply of weaponry.

The White House authorized the transfer of arms to Syrian rebels in June 2013, and since then, Congress has approved the distribution of weapons to anti-Assad Sunni fighters in the war-ridden country. It may soon see an even greater influx of American weaponry, however, as ISIS militants transfer seized US military equipment to al Qaeda rebels waging the civil war.

After more than a year of tension surrounding foreign intervention in neighboring Syria, the chaos in Iraq represents a pivotal moment for the future of US-Iranian diplomatic relations. Furthermore, with the July 20 nuclear negotiations deadline rapidly approaching, the stakes have never been higher.

*The video subscript translation of Rouhani’s statements has been independently verified by a native Persian speaker for the purposes of this report.

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Twelve brutally honest lessons I would tell my high school self a decade ago

NASHVILLE, June 14, 2014– Every now and then I like to share my thoughts. I know, it’s not news, and you didn’t ask. This isn’t one of those “bait and click” articles. To try and keep it genuine, I’m using real names and real life experiences. In my opinion, painting inspiration for teenagers in a cliche five word catch-phrased meme doesn’t actually drive a point home. So, if you’ll excuse me, I think having a platform is a gift, and it should be used as such.

I’m probably not telling anyone that is aged millennial or older anything you don’t already know, but this isn’t for you.

This is for the freaks and geeks making out underneath the football bleachers while the Friday night lights illuminate their smiles. This is for all you dreamers- you future leaders. It’s for the 14-year-old still living in all of us. Are you guys even on Facebook anymore? I guess we’ll find out.

If I could travel back tens years ago and find myself in the halls of Greenbrier High School to deliver twelve lessons, these would be those lessons:

  • 1.) The ugly girls you pick on in 10th grade English will be competing to become Miss Tennessee after you graduate college. Yeah, they’re beauty queens now. Oh, and the junior prom queen you swooned over in the hallways after English class is actually pregnant. She won’t finish the semester. One of those nerds you make fun of just signed a $250k/yr. contract with Google at age 26. By the way, the kid with Trisomy-21 syndrome that you and your friends pick on will pass away before you all graduate. You will always remember the time he made you smile on the bus. On the day you find out he passed away, you will beg for God’s forgiveness in tears. In fact, more than 20 people you went to high school with have died since then. The point? Choose your words and friends carefully.
  • 2.) You’ll get in trouble for vandalism today. Dad will sit you on the porch for ‘a talk’, and you’ll write a letter promising him that you will behave more appropriately. He’ll go on to tell you, “Son, I gave up everything to come to this country so that whenever I had kids their futures would only be limited by their dreams. One day, you could become the president.” You won’t believe him, but ten years later you’ll be invited to give a major speech on the steps of the South Carolina State House in front of hundreds of people. In fact, you’ll travel the country giving similar speeches all before you’re 25th birthday. Dad will then show you the letter you wrote to him ten years ago. He still has it? Of course. Mom and dad are definitely right- always…
  • 3.) …Well, almost always. You’re parents are not perfect, and that’s okay. Even heroes need a day off. And even though they are today’s villain for not letting you go to Kaitlyn George’s Halloween party (she happens to be your girl-next-door crush), you will grow to speak of them as heroes. Even if it takes a decade.
  • 4.) Oh, look… You got in trouble again. So much for that letter to dad. This time you upset mom and dad so much that they will not talk to you for a week. Seriously… They will ignore you for the entire week. In fact, every time mom happens to cross your path in the hallway, she will begin to cry in disappointment. Making your parents cry is one of the most heart-wrenching experiences you will ever face. When your actions have reduced your heroes to tears, you finally learn what it feels like to be a villain, and it will break your heart.
  • 5.) Kaitlyn George who? She was so two years ago. Now you’re with your first love- Claudia. After you two break-up, ending a four year relationship, you both will have grown into a totally different people. It will break your heart (God, will it ever heal!?!). You will spend two weeks on the couch. Mom will call you a pitiful slob. Then, six years later, yet again, you are a totally different person. You look back and cherish the lessons you learned from your relationship with Claudia and laugh about being paralyzed on the couch. PS… Your heart will go on. Just ask Rose Dawson.
  • 6.) Despite what anyone tells you, you are not too young to start. Start what?  Start a business– writing, singing, speaking, creating, believing, campaigning, learning, investing… Just start. If you don’t, someone else will.
  • 7.) Quit talking about about yourself. Talk about the other guy. Lift him up. While you’re at it, humble yourself. You arrogant punk.
  • 8.) You will make life altering mistakes. It’s okay. You’ll soon find out that everyone else will too.
  • 9.) Do not hide from those mistakes. If you do, people will use them against you. Instead, embrace them by marketing them to your advantage.
  • 10.) Nana will try to teach you to play the piano. Do it. Not just to learn the piano, but for the time and memories with one of your greatest fans. In ten years, you’ll regret that you didn’t. Not just for the time and memories but also because chicks dig piano players.
  • 11.) You don’t ‘have to’ go to college. Although beneficial, opting out is no deal-breaker. You’ll spend $100,000 to study at Belmont University. However, while doing something completely unrelated to your chosen major, you will end up making more money than you could in your field of study before you graduate. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to practice your craft, become an educated individual and take big, although calculated, risks. Vision, drive and dedication are the keys to success. Not a piece of paper.
  • 12.) You’ll abandon religion because you think you’re too smart for God. You’re not too smart for God. God is too smart for you. When you are ready, he will prove this to you inside of a Walmart at 2:00 AM. Why Walmart? Because this is God’s country. Also known as, the South.
  • Bonus.) Just as I never listened to lessons from mom and dad, you probably won’t listen to any of this.  That’s completely fine. Trial and error will show you the way. Just keep in mind, I’m not old enough to be your mom or dad, but I am old enough to tell you this… In ten years, when you find yourself laughing for any given reason, you’ll notice you sound just like your mom or dad, and then it will hit you like a ton of bricks: “My God, they were right.” Just giving you a heads up.

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Dave Brat a Libertarian? His 23-year-old campaign manager is, and the media isn’t happy

VIRGINIA, June 12, 2014– Was former House Leader Eric Cantor beat by a Libertarian? If you don’t know who David Brat is by now, then you are either dead, or simply pay no mind to politics. After defeating House Leader Eric Cantor (R-Va.), Washington’s second most powerful Republican, the media wanted to know— Just who helped pull off this stunning defeat?

As it turns out, 23-year-old, Haverford graduate Zachary Werrell was the chief architect of the Brat campaign. Oh, and he’s definitely a Libertarian. Werrell just graduated Haverford last year, and this is only his second paid job in the political arena. Werrell also worked closely with Morton Blackwell’s Leadership Institute, a libertarian leaning political training power-house located just outside of Washington DC. With the campaign’s astonishing success, Werrell’s future success has been guaranteed.

However, the media isn’t too thrilled with Brat and Werrell’s victory, so they went on the attack. In a dreadful hit piece, Yahoo News accuses Werrell of making “provocative remarks” on social media.

What were these provocative remarks? One such remark:

“Should sections of States be allowed to secede from a State if they feel they are un/underrepresented in the State Government?” Werrell asked. “I say yes. I derive that opinion from our first foundational document – the Declaration of Independence. What say you?”

Well, the Declaration of Independence is a founding document, and does indeed declare that newly freed Americans maintain the right…

“That whenever any form of government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their safety and happiness.”

Yahoo then goes on to attempt to paint Warrell in a negative light for working on Congressman Ron Paul’s 2008 and 2012 presidential campaigns, being a student and fan of Austrian economics, following authors such as Lew Rockwell and quoting Barry Goldwater…

The hit piece reads:

Werrell served as a volunteer and canvasser for Ron Pauls’ presidential primary campaigns in 2008 and 2012, according to his Facebook bio, which also lists under “favorite quotations” Barry Goldwater’s famous statement: “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Moderation in the pursuit of justice is no virtue.”

In 2012, also while he was a college student, Werrell promoted Austrian economic theory and the “sound money” policies popular in such circles. “Heck, even if this doesn’t persuade you on the merits of sound money (as opposed to a Federal Reserve Fiat Paper Money System), then at least use it as intelligent long run investing advice,” he wrote over a graphic showing the value of “Paper vs. Silver: 1996 – Today.” In his current Twitter profile, Werrell describes himself as an “Austrian Economics geek.”

Yahoo also hits Werrell for his pro-life beliefs and for questioning the existence of the FDA.

If the old adage, “You are the company you keep,” holds true, then Brat may hold many of his campaign manager’s beliefs. Although Brat has made some not-so-libertarian remarks since the victory, many of his public statements show an inner Libertarian. As to not rock the boat too quickly, it is probably safe to assume that Brat is now moderating many of his comments. Also, if anyone knows anything about Ron Paul supporters, it is that they (Werrell) are incredibly loyal to their philosophical principles and are not likely to support candidates that do not pass their litmus test.

If not a full-blown Libertarian, Brat certainly seems to be a strong conservative with a Libertarian lean. That’s good news for lawmakers like Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) and Rep. Thomas Massie (R-Ky.) who will likely rally at his side

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LOTFI: Dear Tea Party, On Cantor’s loss- You didn’t build that

VIRGINIA, June 11, 2014- It’s been 24 hours since the polls closed in Virginia, and the political establishment was rocked in what is being called the most earth-shattering defeat in decades.

National Tea Party groups have been fast to speak out and congratulate Brat on defeating Eric Cantor (R-Va.), the GOP’s second most powerful Republican. As is often the case, when a big win is scored, those with large megaphones are always ready to speak up.

“Congratulations to Dave Brat on his huge upset. The statement from the grassroots could not be any clearer. It doesn’t matter what office you hold or how powerful you are. If you lose touch with activists on the ground, then your seat is in danger,” wrote Freedom Works’ Matthew Kibbe. “The grassroots are taking their seat back at the table and returning accountability to Washington. Votes on Capitol Hill will be heard back in the district,” he added. “We are proud to stand with Dave Brat in his election and look forward to working with him to reform Washington, D.C.”

Tea Party Patriots, one of the largest Tea Party groups in the nation, said in a statement: “Dave Brat won tonight in Virginia because he effectively harnessed the outrage at Washington over policies that have not been repetitive of the people …” She added on Twitter: Eric Cantor “lost his election – is the establishment dead? Way to go #teaparty activists in VA. You the grassroots won. #noamnesty won.”

You are proud to stand with Brat? But wait– You didn’t!

They all champion Brat, as if they had been cheering him all along, and yet not one of them gave him a dime. Club for Growth, Madison Project, Tea Party Network (not to be confused with Tea Party News Network), Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Express— not a single dime. In natural political fashion, never let a tragedy– or victory go to waste. Now, they will all continue to send out newsletters to their massive email lists claiming “See what we did in Virginia! We can take the country back! –Oh, P.S. please donate $10.” In fact, they’ve already started sending them– touting Brat’s victory as a reason to donate more to their respective groups. Why? Again, you all did nothing.

In fact, all of these groups have been collecting millions in donations, and they have not put a single dime into many winnable races.

According to a Washington Post report, the six largest national Tea Party groups have spent more than $37.5 million on the mid-terms so far. However, only $7 million of the spent donations have actually gone directly to candidates. Where did the other $30.5 million go? Well, it goes directly into their family members’ pockets for ‘consulting fees’, giving themselves lucrative benefit packages, paying themselves $272k/year salaries, and even spending $52k in interior decorating fees for one of their fancy Capitol Hill town-homes. How fiscally conservative of them.

Of course, there are fixed and variable costs, and the best talent should be paid what the market demands.

However, three of the largest groups — the Tea Party Patriots, the Tea Party Express and the Madison Project — have spent only 5 percent (some even less) of their money directly on election-related activity during this mid-term election cycle. Two other prominent tea party groups, the Senate Conservatives Fund and FreedomWorks, have devoted about 40 percent. In contrast, the average Super-PAC devotes more than 60% of their funds directly to candidates.

Dear Tea Party Patriots’ Jenny Beth Martin,

If you’re paying yourself $272k/year (plus a $15k/month ‘consulting fee’) and are devoting 5% of total resources to candidates, then what in the hell are you doing to deserve $272k/year + $15k/month? What are you doing with the other 95% of your time and money?

National Tea Party groups are becoming the very monsters they tell you all to fear and hate in their fundraising emails. Their most recent emails and statements should reflect shame and sorrow. They should be apologizing to Brat and countless other candidates they are completely ignoring while convincing millions of people to fund their luxury lifestyles. However, they won’t apologize. Instead, they will simply send more fallicious fundraising emails to capitalize off of Brat’s victory.

These groups did absolutely nothing to help Brat beat Cantor. The local tea party and grassroots activists are 100% responsible for the win.

Donors Beware: Do not be fooled by their emails. Do not let them score millions of your dollars off of Brat’s victory. Give your money directly to a candidate (never to the party) and give to local groups only.

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Lindsey Graham secures victory in South Carolina

SOUTH CAROLINA, June 10, 2014– The Palmetto state has spoken, and they have chosen Lindsey Graham. Today’s South Carolina GOP primary was an upset for many Tea Party grassroots activists and leaders hoping to force Graham into a runoff.  With >70% of precincts reporting, the race has been called for Senator Lindsey Graham.

L. Graham (i) 58.6%-125,128 (WINNER)

L. Bright 13.6%-28,954

R. Cash 7.6%-16,289

D. Bowers 7.5%-15,973

N. Mace 6.3%-13,534

B. Connor 5.3%-11,364

B. Dunn 1.0%-2,222

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Who is Dave Brat? Economics Professor, Tenth Amendment Supporter, Tea Party’s Brat Defeats Eric Cantor

VIRGINIA, June 10, 2014– An earthquake just struck establishment Republicans in Washington DC, and no one saw it coming. The GOP’s second most powerful lawmaker, Eric Cantor (R-Va.) was just defeated by David Brat.

A few bullet-points on Brat:

  • Brat is an economics professor and has been teaching at Randolph-Macon College since 1996. The Constitution’s chief architect James Madison served on the board at Randolph-Macon College.
  • Channeling his inner James Madison, Brat says he is a huge proponent of the Tenth Amendment and returning power back to the states in order to fight Washington DC.  Madison and Thomas Jefferson both championed nullification of unconstitutional federal usurpation of power and historically referred to the Tenth Amendment as the “foundation of the Constitution.”
  • Brat first ran for Virginia House of Delegates in 2011 and lost.
  • Brat is married with two children.
  • Brat earned his bachelor’s in business from Hope College. He also attended Princeton Seminary and has a Ph.D. in Economics.

ABC US News | ABC Celebrity News
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ELECTION DAY: Desperate for a win, Lindsey Graham begging Democrats to vote for him?

SOUTH CAROLINA, June 10, 2014– As they head to the polls, thick, humid air fills the lungs of Palmetto State GOP primary voters today. The question on everyone’s mind is whether or not incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham (R) will be able to avoid a run-off. According to State Senator Lee Bright (R-Spartanburg), Graham’s most serious challenger, Graham has been quietly courting Democrats to vote for him in today’s primary.

Senator Lee Bright asked BenSwann.com, “If his advertisements say he is a conservative, then why does he know he can call on liberals when he could be in trouble?”

Last night, a press release sent out by the Spartanburg lawmaker claims Graham has been courting Democrats while no one is looking.

It reads, in part:

Team Graham is running a quiet campaign to woo Democrats. Publicly, Graham’s Campaign is saturating South Carolina TV stations touting his supposed “conservative credentials” – yet he is simultaneously using web ads and social media to target Democrats to remind them they can vote for him in the Republican primary.

One of Graham’s ads (pictured below) quietly reminds voters that they can cast their vote for him even if they are not Republicans.

Lindsey Graham pushes Democrats to vote for him through quiet ad campaign.
Lindsey Graham pushes Democrats to vote for him through quiet ad campaign.

Many predicted Graham would try such a tactic, and they tried to stop him in court. However, through illegal maneuvers, the state executive committee had the lawsuit dropped.

All running to the right of him, Graham has drawn multiple challengers. Businesswoman Nancy Mace, businessman Richard Cash, veteran and lawyer Bill Connor and State Senator Lee Bright have drawn the most serious attention. However, their efforts may not be enough to unseat one of Washington’s most powerful senators.

The latest poll performed by Clemson University shows Graham at 49%. Meanwhile, Bright, Cash, Connor and Mace garner a collective 15%, of which Bright takes 9%. According to the same poll, in 2013, only 31% of Republicans planned to re-elect Graham. As of the beginning of this month, that number jumped to 46%.

If Graham is not successful in capturing 50% of the vote today, he will be forced into a runoff with the contender who captures the second highest percentage. As of now, that challenger seems to be Bright.

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BREAKING: New Hampshire Passes Bill Outlawing NSA Data Collection, Awaits Governor’s Signature

CONCORD, June 4, 2014 – Today, the New Hampshire House and Senate gave final approval to a bill that bans government officials from obtaining “information contained in a portable electronic device” without a warrant “signed by a judge and based on probable cause.” It now goes to the Governor Maggie Hassan’s desk for a signature.

“The bill passed. It’s not perfect, but it’s as good as we could get considering the political climate,” said State Rep. John Hikel (R-Hillsborough-6). When asked if he believes Hassan will sign the bill, he responded, “Who knows, but if we are in the majority next year– we can change a lot.”

Hikel is the senior representative for his district and says that a target has been placed on his back for supporting such legislation.

House Bill 1533 (HB1533) was introduced by Rep. Neal Kurk and passed both the House and Senate by unanimous voice votes.

The bill sets up a direct legal conflict with federal surveillance programs as well. It reads, in part:

“Government entity” means a federal, state, county, or local government agency, including but not limited to a law enforcement agency or any other investigative entity, agency, department, division, bureau, board, or commission, or an individual acting or purporting to act for, or on behalf of, a federal, state, county, or local government agency. “Government entity” shall not apply to a federal government agency to the extent that federal statute preempts state statute.

Tenth Amendment Center communications director Mike Maharrey sees the inclusion of federal agencies in this clause as an important part of the bill. “Including federal agencies in this prohibition on obtaining electronic information without a warrant does two important things,” he said. “It will force the federal courts to take a position on the constitutionality of mass federal surveillance programs, since federal statute cannot preempt if it’s not constitutional in the first place,” he said. ‘It also brings to the forefront that each state does indeed have a role to play in rejecting unconstitutional spying programs, whether they’re state or federal.”

Maharrey said that while it would be “highly improbable” for HB1533 to actually stop federal spying programs in the state, there are other parts of the bill that would have an immediate impact on the practice of the surveillance.

NSA collects, stores and analyzes data on countless millions of people without a warrant, and without even the mere suspicion of criminal activity. The NSA tracks the physical location of people through their cellphones. In late 2013, the Washington Post reported that NSA is “gathering nearly 5 billion records a day on the whereabouts of cellphones around the world.” This includes location data on “tens of millions” of Americans each year – without a warrant.

Through fusion centers, state and local law enforcement act as information recipients from various federal departments under Information Sharing Environment (ISE).  ISE partners include the Office of Director of National Intelligence, which is an umbrella covering 17 federal agencies and organizations, including the NSA. State and local law enforcement share data up the chain with the feds.

The NSA expressly shares warrantless data with state and local law enforcement through a super-secret DEA unit known as the Special Operations Division (SOD). That information is being used for criminal prosecutions.  A Reuters report last fall showed that most of this shared data has absolutely nothing to do with national security issues. Most of it involves routine criminal investigations.

In the state of New Hampshire, passage of HB1533 into law would prohibit this from happening.

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LOTFI: Apple’s newest executive advocating rape and murder of women- a radical homophobic racist

NASHVILLE, May 29, 2014– The music industry’s heart and soul is found here in Music City. When Apple decided to acquire a new executive, focusing on music, chatter began to filter through the industry.

Apple’s newest executive has been recorded multiple times advocating the murder of white people, domestic abuse, rape and objectification of women, illegal drug use, violence towards the gay community, and unwarranted, illegal gun violence.

In 1992, he was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Additionally, in the previous year, Apple’s newest executive was arrested for beating a defenseless woman to within an inch of her life. Journalist Alan Light describes the assault:

“He began slamming her head and the right side of her body repeatedly against a brick wall near the stairway” as his bodyguard held off the crowd with a gun. After he tried to throw her down the stairs and failed, he began kicking her in the ribs and hands. She escaped and ran into the women’s rest room. He followed her and “grabbed her from behind by the hair again and proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.”

Last year, Paula Deen was fired by the Food Network and all of her sponsors for admitting she had used the word “nigger” in the past. Last month, when it was revealed that new Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich had donated to a pro-traditional-marriage campaign in California more than six years ago, he was removed from his new position after only 11 days. In addition, billionaire Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was fined $2.5 million and is being forced to sell the team after it was revealed that he made racist statements, which were secretly recorded, last month.

Meanwhile, Apple’s newest executive has used the words “nigger” and “faggot” more than any human could possibly count.

Where is the public outcry? Where is the #FireDre hashtag campaign? Why are gay and black activists not demanding Apple cut ties with their new executive?

Oh, right. The new executive is Dr. Dre.

How is it unacceptable for a woman in her late sixties to actually admit that she had used the word nigger many years past, and actively seek to be forgiven? Meanwhile, it is completely acceptable for a black man calling himself “Dr. Dre” to become an executive at Apple while calling people niggers and faggots, beating women, assaulting cops, using illegal drugs, and encouraging unwarranted gun violence? Oh, it was just music? Making millions by degrading minorities somehow make Dre’s actions acceptable? Got ya. American culture dictates that we can be as racist, homophobic and misogynistic as we like, as long as a paintbrush is used as a scapegoat and it is sold as “art”. Makes sense.

Timothy Trudeau, founder of Syntax Records and music industry juggernaut, raises a pressing question. What does this say about our culture?

“Millions of people around the world have heard this and are probably wondering how someone can be in leadership at the world’s most valuable brand and also be allowed to think and talk in such a way. What is our culture going to do about this? How will we provide justice to this situation—which seems to be far worse than the ones we’ve acted upon recently. Will it be different? Will it be more harsh, or less? Or, are we willing to let this one slide? If so, why?” -Trudeau, Syntax Records

Trudeau illustrates how ambiguity and selective targeting have resulted in a complete meltdown of cultural accountability.

If the masses demand Paula Deen, Donald Sterling and Brendan Eich be fired from their respective positions and be publicly crucified, then why not demand Apple, the largest brand in the world, explain why they felt it was appropriate to allow a man that almost killed a defenseless woman, regularly uses racial and homophobic slurs, encourages the murder of white people, assaults cops, uses illegal drugs and encourages the rape of women to be an executive at their company. I expect Apple will immediately rectify this situation (sarcasm).

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Obama administration releases disturbing photo of Obama depicted as a king

WASHINGTON– Last year, United States Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.) criticized Obama for acting “like a king or monarch” as the administration threatened to unconstitutionally bypass Congress on gun control. It seems as though the administration felt the title should stick.

The picture depicts “King Obama” sitting upon the “Iron Throne” at Kings Landing in the ancient kingdom of Westeros from the HBO hit series Game of Thrones. The photo looks as if it was lifted straight from The Onion. However, it is not. The image is a result of Obama’s speech at last week’s White House Correspondents’ Dinner where he joked about enacting more executive orders. The administration took it upon themselves to create the photo of King Obama, and the official White House Twitter account sent out the tweet before last week’s episode aired.

Obama sits with the King’s crown in his hands and former King Joeffrey’s crossbow sitting on the coffee table. The tweet reads “The Westeros Wing.”

Is it a joke? If you call making fun of your truth as a diversionary tactic a joke, then sure- we’re all laughing. Regardless, Obama’s countless dead, innocent drone victims are not laughing. Furthermore, those who take their oath to uphold the Constitution of the United States are not laughing either.

The image is disturbing for multiple reasons.

First, those familiar with the series know all too well the nature of kings found within Game of Thrones. As Tywin Lannister, a central antagonist, says, the kings have all been ignorant, insane and ruthless murderers. Then again, what more would you expect from a president that boasts about “being really good at killing people.”

Second, why the president of a constitutional republic would find such an image appropriate is beyond understanding. Could you imagine if George Bush’s administration posted such a picture?

Finally, a crossbow sitting on the coffee table of the West Wing? Why didn’t the “most transparent administration in history” just photoshop a drone in? In the name of transparency, of course. Perhaps they will find this image more suitable for next week’s episode.

P game-of-drones

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LOTFI: Obama administration moves to virtually kill the internet?

WASHINGTON, April 30, 2014– Reports have been circulating that the Obama administration is trying to destroy the internet by killing off net-neutrality. In order to see if the claims check out, you need to meet Tom Wheeler. Just who is Tom Wheeler? If you credit Kathleen Sebelius with the death of the American healthcare system, you could soon credit Wheeler with the death of the internet, or at the very least, as we know it to be now. The Obama administration’s supposed plan is an innate result of crony corporatism and could well be their next big lie.

In November, 2013, President Obama appointed Wheeler to head-up the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). First, never mind that Wheeler raised more than $700,000 for Obama’s two elections.

Second, never mind that 2007 presidential candidate Obama made a solemn promise to protect internet neutrality while visiting Google headquarters in California.

“We have to ensure free and open exchange of information. That starts with an open internet. I will take a backseat to no one in my commitment to network neutrality. Because once providers start to privilege some applications or websites over others then the smaller voices get squeezed out and we all lose. The internet is perhaps the most open network in history, and we have to keep it that way.”

That promise is starting to sound a lot like Obama’s, “If you like your healthcare plan, you can keep your healthcare plan.” You know, the promise that won PolitiFact’s Lie of the Year.  Considering the current moves, the administration’s audacity to leave this net-neutrality campaign video posted on their official YouTube account is astonishingly insulting to proponents of net-neutrality.

Finally, never mind that Wheeler is a former cable and internet lobbyist giant. You know, one of those lobbyists that candidate Obama swore to never hire if he was elected. For decades, Wheeler is credited with lobbying for “deregulation” of the industry.

Is it not peculiar Obama would tap a man, the very man that supposedly wanted to deregulate the cable and internet industry, to lead the massive federal bureaucracy that regulates that very industry?

It’s not as strange as one may think. Two types of “small government” lobbyists exist. One truly wants the government out of everything. The other uses the government to deregulate his own business, while simultaneously lobbying for regulation or unfair disadvantages on competitors, which is often done under the guise consumer protectionism, or blatant corporate protectionism [Enter Wheeler].

So, what is net-neutrality or “open internet”?  In layman’s terms, net-neutrality is actually a government regulation pressed on internet service providers (ISPs). The regulation seeks to ensure that all ISPs enable access to all content and applications regardless of the source, and do so without favoring or blocking particular websites and products.

When approached from an economic vantage point, net-neutrality, in its most basic definition, actually inhibits the ISP free-market.

In most cases, those in favor of small government and free-markets would likely champion such deregulation. Meanwhile, those in favor of market regulation point to fears of censorship.

For example, an ISP like Comcast could limit its end-user subscribers’ ability to access BenSwann.com if it wanted to increase traffic (revenue) to a news website the company owned (MSNBC), or it could begin downgrading BenSwann.com’s connection quality if a friendly competitor like TheBlaze.com was willing to pay higher fees to knock out the competition.

The question we must ask is as follows: Does this deregulation actually move towards a more free marketplace? In this case, probably not. These corporatist giants have used the government to secure no bid contracts, geographical subscriber exclusivity and more. The companies are now formed into a government sponsored quasi-monopoly. This is corporatism- not free-market capitalism.

Last January, the United States Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit ruled that the FCC could not regulate net-neutrality. According to the Court plurality, the FCC lacked “regulatory jurisdiction” under the provided framework. Appellant Verizon seems to win the day. Net-neutrality is dead.

However, the Court left a loophole by stating that the FCC could rewrite the rules under a more acceptable framework.

“I intend to accept that invitation by proposing rules that will meet the court’s test for preventing improper blocking of and discrimination among Internet traffic, ensuring genuine transparency in how Internet Service Providers manage traffic, and enhancing competition,” Wheeler said in a statement. “Preserving the Internet as an open platform for innovation and expression while providing certainty and predictability in the marketplace is an important responsibility of this agency.”

But wait, isn’t Wheeler against net-neutrality and in favor of helping his old employers out? That’s what many headlines are reporting, and here is where things get confusing.

If one was to read the Verizon v. FCC case, it seems as though the FCC was trying to protect net-neutrality all along, and the Court ruled in favor of the corporations instead. Obama’s promise upheld. Right? After all, the administration can’t necessarily control what the Court says.

However, the Court gave the FCC the go-ahead to write rules under a new framework. Rather than continue and try to protect net-neutrality, reports now insinuate that the administration will re-write the rules to instead favor the giant ISPs Wheeler lobbied on behalf of for decades.

It is possible that the Verizon v. FCC case was a test case. Many such cases have been brought forth throughout the history of the federal judiciary. The goal of a test case is to figure out just what will be tolerated and in what way. Sometimes we know immediately whether or not a case is a test. However, it sometimes takes decades until such cases are exposed. In most all cases, the federal Court system now creates new tests, frameworks, and alternative ways for which a law or rule could be considered constitutional, or in this instance, within regulatory jurisdiction. This is one way the Court illegally legislates from the bench. The goal of such a test case could have been to get the Court to define ways to incorporate corporate protectionism into the FCC rules. Of course, at this time, this is only speculation. However, it would help to explain what happened next.

According to multiple reports, the FCC is playing a game of Orwellian semantics. While the commission maintains it is protecting net-neutrality, the reports show the new rules could kill net-neutrality by allowing ISPs to create a “fast lane internet”. The possibility of fast lane internet being incorporated into the new FCC rules validates the concerns of net-neutrality proponents.

Although the Court has already ruled that the FCC could not enforce net-neutrality, it seems as though Wheeler’s FCC is now attempting to use the Court’s new framework to write such protection into the actual FCC rules. This could allow ISPs an added layer of protection by throwing the weight of federal regulation on top of the Court’s ruling.

The new rules won’t be fully released until mid-May. For now, all is speculation.

Meanwhile, to fill in the gaps while we wait for new rules to be fully released, one should follow the money.


Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO, is good friends with Obama. He is regularly invited to the White House and has been golfing with Obama. In fact, Roberts even served on Obama’s jobs council. Comcast Vice President David Cohen has raised more than $2.2 million for Obama’s elections since 2007. Since 2008, Comcast has spent more than $91.2 million lobbying the government. Of course, it probably doesn’t hurt that Comcast is the parent company of the hard left-leaning Obama mouthpiece known as NBC Universal which operates the MSNBC cable news station.


In 2008, TWC donated $618k to Obama’s election. In 2012, they donated $422k.  Since 2008, TWC has spent more than $25.5 million lobbying the government.


In 2008, Verizon donated more than $218k to Obama’s campaign. In 2012, Verizon donated $224k to Obama’s reelection campaign. Since 2008, Verizon has spent more than $97 million lobbying the government.


In total, At&T has given Obama more than $484k for his two elections. The company has spent more than $30 million lobbying the government since 2008.


In 2008, Cox donated $64k to Obama’s campaign. In 2012, the group donated more than $47k. Since 2008, the group has spent more than $28 million lobbying the government.

Together, these five companies represent the top five ISPs in the country. They also represent Obama’s top donors. With Wheeler driving the FCC and Obama’s top campaign donors pulling the puppet strings, it is hard to imagine the administration actually fighting to maintain net-neutrality.

Government sanctioned neutrality is parallel to government sanctioned equality. Backlash and economic dead weight loss are the byproducts of such interference. With the ensuing death of net-neutrality, many are asking a similar question. Will it kill the internet? Doubtful. However, the government sponsored ISP quasi monopoly makes it too soon to tell.

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LOTFI: So you’re a terrorist- Now What?

NASHVILLE, April 22, 2014– Long days spent at the Capitol fighting for state sovereignty are finally done. Legislative season is over. The snooze button was hit four (five) times this morning. The Ruger lays clean and loaded a few feet over. The smell of fresh coffee, biscuits and ham fills the air. A country, Spring wind blows over the balcony. Hank Williams III plays in the background. Is this how a “domestic terrorist” spends his morning? According to United States Senator Harry Reid (D-Nev.), yes.

For a sitting United States Senator to call American citizens “domestic terrorists” sets an incredibly dangerous precedent. Not only did Reid call Americans domestic terrorists, he labeled his own constituents as such. When asked to clarify, Reid defended his claims. “(I meant) just what I said.”

Never-mind that Reid has been pushing US tax dollars to fund Al Qaeda in Syria. Never-mind that Bill Ayers bombed several buildings, which include the U.S Capitol and Pentagon, and now sits with Reid and President Obama writing your children’s school books. Yes, Reid actively dines with true terrorists. Of course, no one dare call him the terrorist he is. No, that would be treason.

Now what?

Whether you agree with the Bundy Ranch protest is of little relevance. Your government believes YOU are the terrorists. This came, unapologetically, straight from their mouths.

Why is this important?

Your government has given itself the power to monitor your every move. The National Security Agency (NSA) has been operating under the guise of protecting Americans from potential terrorist attacks. Yet, the NSA isn’t monitoring for potential attacks. Instead, the NSA is monitoring everyone and everything. The NSA is spying on our foreign allies, your Facebook accounts and your pornography viewing habits. In fact, according to a Reuters report, the shared data almost never has anything at all to do with terrorism threats. So then, we are told the purpose of the NSA is to detect terrorism threats, but the NSA is only monitoring you and I. Are you and I the terrorists? Our government seems to believe we are.

Your government has given itself the power to indefinitely detain you, an American citizen, at any time- for the rest of your life. Trial? No shot.

Your government has given itself the power to execute you, an American citizen, at any moment for “suspected terrorism”. Innocent until proven guilty is no more. Guilty until proven innocent is the new.

Were these militia men armed? Absolutely. We have an innate right to keep and bear arms. Not a “constitutional right”, but an innate right. No such thing as constitutional rights exist. All rights are innate. The Constitution simply bans the federal government from attempting to usurp those God given rights. The militia men never once provoked the BLM. On the other hand, the BLM pointed the big guns. The antagonists indeed.

And here we are now. If you try to peacefully protest what you believe to be unjust while exercising your innate right to self defense– your government calls you a terrorist.

The legislative definitions are ambiguous: Terrorist, Battlefield, Extremist, Suspect. No clear definition exists. This is by design. When Reid throws around the word terrorist, he does so with an innately insidious purpose. The word opens a Pandora’s box of federal action. Reid knows this.

Some would accuse us of having tin foil hats. However, the links do not lie.

When your rights are left to the interpreters of vague legislative language no salvation can be found. Liberty and freedom are words of absolute, and ambiguity must find no refuge here.

So you’re a terrorist– Now what? You can connect the dots.

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Obama begins multi-million dollar Detroit bailout

DETROIT, April 18, 2014– One hundred million dollars in taxpayer money is on its way to Detroit.

Only sixteen short months have passed since Obama took credit for Detroit averting bankruptcy.  “We refused to let Detroit go bankrupt. We bet on American workers and American ingenuity, and three years later, that bet is paying off in a big way,” said Obama in a reelection campaign speech. It was October, 2012. Obama won reelection. Detroit became the largest city in United States history to file for bankruptcy only nine months after Obama’s speech.

U.S. Bankruptcy Judge Steve Rhodes delivered the ruling, which declared Detroit could move forward with its plans for Chapter 9 bankruptcy, only five months after the filing. According to Judge Rhodes, “This situation has proved unworkable.” Detroit is more than $18 billion in debt.

With taxpayers exhibiting visceral reactions at even the slightest hint of a bailout, the Obama administration ensured Americans no more bailouts. In February, Gene Sperling, the director of the White House National Economic Council, announced that the administration would not bailout Detroit. Sperling called the prospects of a bailout “non viable” and said it would be misleading to float the idea of a bailout.

Regardless of the rhetoric, the bailout addicted administration has been stealthily executing a bailout of the city’s endangered pension funds.

According to the Detroit Free Press, Obama plans to send Detroit approximately $100 million to relieve the city’s pension funds. The report points to Obama’s tough mid-term prospects while stating that he and Democrats have been “under pressure from unions” not to let government retirees suffer in Detroit.

On Wednesday, White House spokesman Jay Carney declined to comment about the report.

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