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Survey: Millennials Support Colleges, Dislike Media, Religion

A new survey indicates that a large number of Millennials have a growing support for financial institutions, corporations, labor unions, and universities but do not view religious institutions or the media in a favorable light.

According to the survey released by the Pew Research Center, Millennials— generally regarded as the generation born between 1982 and 2004— have a much more favorable perspective of colleges compared to past generations. The survey found that seventy-three percent of Millennials believe college has a positive impact on the United States, while 65% of Generation X and 59% of Baby Boomers believe college to be beneficial.

This data matches a survey conducted in 2010 which found that 39% of 18 to 24 year olds were enrolled in college as of 2008.

Millennials also showed an increase in support for banks and financial institutions. The latest numbers show that 45% of Millennials believe banks have a positive impact on the country compared with 35% five years ago. Still, the overall numbers from all groups surveyed show that 47% view banks in a negative light compared to 40% who support banks.

55% of those surveyed spoke positively about religious institutions. When it comes to the older generations, religion fares better with 62% of Generation X and 67% of Baby Boomers supporting religion. Pew reports that this marks the first time that Millennial perceptions of religion drop below that of older generations. A November 2015 report from the Pew Research Center also found that Millennials were less likely to believe in God than any other age group.

When it comes to what Millennials oppose, media institutions are at the top of the list. Only 27% of Millennials responded favorably to national news media. This represents a 40% drop from five years ago. Generation X responded favorably at 26% and only 23% of Boomers support media institutions.

While these numbers indicate a growing mistrust of larger media organizations among Millennials, it is interesting to note that many of these media outlets are owned by the same corporations that 38% of Millennials surveyed said they view favorably. Also, some of the same corporations that a growing number of Millennials favor are owned or in business with the banks and financial institutions 45% of Millennials seem to support.

Overall, this survey paints a picture of Millennials who favor college and universities and strongly distrust religious institutions. They also seem to view banks, corporations, and media in a negative light but there may be a growing acceptance of banks and corporations. Another interesting facet of the Millennial generation comes from a recent poll which found that Millennials seem to support politicians who want to grow the size of the federal government, including Donald Trump and Senator Bernie Sanders.

The survey was completed by the Pew Research Center between Aug. 27 – Oct. 4, 2015.

This article was updated January 11, 2016 at 1:55 p.m.

LOTFI: Parents, Quit Blaming Millennials For Your Sins

NASHVILLE, August 26, 2015– Generational war is nothing new. Each generation paradoxically believes itself to be smarter than the one before and wiser than the one that follows.

That being said, I see many parents and grandparents constantly damning the directions taken and views espoused by America’s millennial generation. For all our faults, we millennials are not entirely to blame. Those who raised us are to blame.

The previous two generations are responsible for the highest divorce rates known to human civilization since marriage became institutionalized, and the highest debt our nation has ever been enslaved to. Yet, you have the audacity to look at the millennial generation and damn us for being dazed and confused? It’s a little concept called parenting. You were supposed to show us the way, but somewhere along the journey we were left in a hot car at a Wal-Mart parking lot for a few hours to bake.

We are the byproduct of your sometimes sinful and irresponsible lifestyles. You readily take to the opinion columns to scorn millennials for their financial ignorance and lack of moral fortitude. However, the very culture and economic environment millennials must wallow and suffocate in, which was created by politicians you elected and worshiped as false idols, is the antithesis of what you demand of us today. Your condemnation of millennials is hypocrisy and you should be ashamed. We are not your scapegoat.

It is up to millennials to pull themselves up from their bootstraps and repair what our parents and grandparents broke. It is up to millennials to pay back an $18 Trillion debt that you are responsible for. It is up to us to repair a culture devoid of values created by our parents and grandparents. Because we no longer are, due to your carelessness, it is up to millennials to make America great again. Because our lives depends on it, it is up to millennials to be the next “greatest generation”. And we will.

For all your faults, you loved us with all your heart, and we know your intentions were well placed. At the dawn of the digital age, the world evolved and a global market emerged. Raising a new generation of children during this extreme transition was bound to create some problems. That being said, I have faith in my generation. You should as well. While the innate egotistical narcissism dripping from the collective millennial generation simply will not allow us to fail, regardless, don’t give up on us. Although imperfect, we still need your love and guidance. After all, you created the next “greatest generation”. You just don’t know it yet.

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“Liberal” Millennials Are Actually Libertarian?

According to a recently Reason-Rupe survey, the majority of millennials, 53 percent, said they’d support a candidate who described him or herself as socially liberal and economically conservative. Sixteen percent were unsure, and 31 percent said they’d oppose such a candidate.

“Liberal, to many Millennials (33 percent), just means belief in ‘social tolerance, openness, and personal freedom.’ And far from preferring a leviathan state, many Millennials said they were liberal because people should have freedom to do what they want in their personal lives without government interference,” wrote Cathy Reisenwitz on Townhall.com.

A classically Libertarian-leaning candidate would receive more support from liberal Millennials than from conservative ones. According to the survey results, nearly half of conservative Millennials oppose a “fiscally conservative, socially liberal” candidate.


“The personal freedoms we Millennials want in no way violate small-government principles. In fact, they are full expressions of that idea that that government which governs least, governs best. Ending the War on Drugs, fixing our broken immigration system, no longer allowing the state to discriminate against gays in marriage, reining in domestic spying and protecting whistleblowers are all, fundamentally, small-government positions which would all result in a net decrease in the state,” wrote Reisenwitz.

According to Reisenwitz, the GOP should embrace the Millennials perspective to stay current and relevant.

“Nominating truly small-government politicians, who want the government out of the bedroom and the boardroom, isn’t just the only principled path forward for the GOP. It’s also the best way to attract my generation to the party,” she continued.

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