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Exclusive Interview: Returning to the Gold Standard, Will the U.S. Return to Sound Money?

The mission of the organization, Fix the Dollar, is to return the control of our money to the people, fix the dollar and restore sound money.

Unlike many other liberty-minded organizations, Fix the Dollar doesn’t want to “End the Fed,” instead it wants to “Mend the Fed” as the first step. They want the U.S. to get back to the classical gold standard to restore the American Dream.

“By restoring the classical gold standard, and if possible changing a few laws so as to permit competing currencies, America can create a climate of equitable prosperity that will generate tens of millions of good new jobs, end wage stagnation, restore a climate of opportunity wherein everyone – blue or white collar, of every age, race, and creed – can climb the ladder to affluence, balance the federal budget via economic growth, provide the resources to improve the natural environment and fix our decaying national infrastructure,” wrote Steve Lonegan on the group’s website.

This week BenSwann.com’s Joshua Cook interviewed Steve Lonegan, Director of Monetary Policy. Listen below.

Lonegan told Cook, “The founding fathers of this country hated paper money. It was the South Carolina delegation to the Constitutional Convention of 1787 that led the effort. Pierce Butler, the first U.S. Senator from South Carolina led the effort to ensure that Congress would be prohibited from printing paper money. They understood how dangerous it was.”

“The United States Constitution Article 1 Section 8, clearly states, this was put in at the Constitutional convention, the motion to insert this was  by Pierce Butler, is that only Congress has the right to coin money and determine its value,” said Lonegan.

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