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Oregon mother says she threw her six-year-old from bridge

Jillian McCabe, mother of a six-year-old autistic boy, called the police in Oregon Monday night, saying she threw her son, London, from the Yaquina Bay Bridge near the Oregon coast.

After McCabe called the police, telling them about her crime, officers were dispatched to the area in search of McCabe and the body of London.  According to FOX News, the police found McCabe near the bridge and arrested her immediately on charges of aggravated murder, murder, and manslaughter.

The body of London was found floating in the bay near the Embarcadero Resort later Monday night.

“We’re all devastated, said London’s uncle, Andrew McCabe, according to NBC News.  “London was a good kid.  He loved hats.  And his dad… She took him for a walk and did what she did.”

Family members told reporters McCabe had recently suffered a mental breakdown after having to care for a non-verbal and autistic London while also having to face the death of her father and a health crisis which has left her husband clinging to life.

Her husband Matt, according to Sky News, was recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis and had a mass on his brain stem.  McCabe had been seeking help on social media websites to support her and her family since Matt was the breadwinner of the family until his diagnosis.

Family members also said McCabe told them she had thought about harming herself from all the stress, but they never thought she would harm London.

Tanya McCabe, London’s great-aunt, said, “Jillian really struggled with her mental health and I know she was just out of her mind when this happened.”  She went on to describe how the family had sought to get psychiatric help for McCabe, but they were sadly inefficient.

McCabe is currently being held on $750,000 bail.