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Tenn. Thanksgiving DUI checkpoint will leave you speechless (VIDEO)

MURFREESBORO, Tenn., December 1, 2014– Over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, the Murfreesboro Police Department and Tennessee Highway Patrol set up a DUI checkpoint within the city limits. Camera in hand, three young men face the police head on and capture some astonishing footage. The Murfreesboro Police Department is no stranger to national media. Worldwide headlines were made last Fourth of July weekend when the same police department was filmed antagonizing a driver for “knowing his rights” at a DUI checkpoint. However, this most recent video, shot and published by the same individuals, is exponentially more shocking than the Fourth of July incident.


Happy Thanksgiving.

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Fully restrained inmate pepper-sprayed by sheriff & left to suffer


NASHVILLE, January 30, 2014–  A video below shows a completely restrained inmate getting pepper spayed in the face by Rutherford County Deputy Sheriff Vanderveer. Vanderveer claims that the inmate was being combative in a report. However, the video evidence does not warrant those claims.

Although the events leading up to the sheriff’s assault on the inmate are  not immediately clear, the inmate in no way seems combative during the duration of the video.

According to the video provided by the Rutherford County Tennessee Beacon, The inmate was sprayed in the face and left in the room to choke on the fumes without the ability to use his hands or feet for at least fifteen minutes.

Vanderveer received a warning from the Rutherford County Sheriff’s office where the event took place.

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