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Ron Paul: Why Is The U.S. Spoiling For Perpetual War?

Why is the U.S. government seeking perpetual war and searching for confrontation around the globe?

Ron Paul posed this question in his latest episode of the Liberty Report, along with his co-host Daniel McAdams. From Russia to Syria to outer space, our government is extending its reach toward more trouble, Paul noted. However, the American people are not so much concerned about retaliation as they are concerned about the loss of liberties from their own government, he said.

According to McAdams, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was in Estonia this week to announce that we are going to send up to 40,000 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) troops and weapons to Russia’s border in response to Russian aggression. McAdams cited a quote from Carter he found hypocritical: “What’s odd about it is the level of rhetoric,” Carter told CBS News. “That’s what’s so out of tune with the times and the way responsible world leaders.”

There are brush fires everywhere that the U.S. is pouring gasoline on,” McAdams said.

With no victory in sight, our government is now telling us that this is going to continue, Paul said. “Our people had an election and voted for somebody who came across as less aggressive for war. . . .” but it’s continued.

Paul admitted that it is a challenge to determine all the motivations from all those who perpetuate war. One thing they don’t understand, he said, is “the unintended consequences and underestimation of the enemy.”

I don’t think they know and understand the history,” Paul said of our hawkish government leaders. “It’s almost like they’re back in 1918.”

McAdams agreed. “The rest of the world is perplexed too,” he said. “The first thing the U.S. does is to look for a military solution.”

Paul said there are still people in Congress who believe war is good for the economy when, in fact, war costs something much more important than dollars—it costs lives.

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