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Poll: Who Do You Support For The Libertarian Nomination?

Poll: Majority Of Americans Support Marijuana Legalization

By Guy Bentley – The majority of Americans support the legalization of marijuana, according to a poll published Sunday.

The percentage of Americans who support marijuana legalization rose four points to 52 percent from when YouGov last asked the same question back in March 2015.

More than half of adults under the age of 65 support legalization but there is still strong opposition from those aged 65 and over. Democrats were overwhelmingly in favor of a more relaxed position on cannabis, with 66 percent supporting an end to prohibition.

This contrasted starkly with Republicans, with just over a third of GOP supporters supporting legalization. Around half of independent voters sided with legalization.

 Marijuana Poll

While support for full legalization commanded the backing of a little over half the country, a massive majority agreed that government efforts to enforce marijuana laws were costing more than they’re worth.

66 percent of those polled said the attempt to enforce the country’s marijuana laws cost more than it’s worth, with just 14 percent disagreeing.

The US records much support for marijuana legalization than comparable countries in western Europe such as Germany or the United Kingdom. Brits oppose loosening marijuana laws by 49 percent to 32 percent and Germany opposes legalization by 45 to 39 percent.

Brits oppose loosening marijuana laws by 49 percent to 32 percent and Germany opposes legalization by 45 to 39 percent. (RELATED: Did Marijuana Just Get Its Presidential Candidate?)

Cost of Enforcement of  Cannabis Laws
Four states have legalized marijuana for recreational use including Alaska, Colorado, Washington and Oregon and the District of Columbia.
On Jan. 7, New York became the latest state to open medical marijuana dispensaries, 18 months after Governor Andrew Cuomo signed a bill legalizing the substance for medical use.

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First Official Poll Shows Rand Paul Lost Debate By Landslide

CALIFORNIA, September 18, 2015 — The first official post-debate poll from Wednesday’s GOP primary showdown at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library hosted by CNN spells bad news for Kentucky Senator Rand Paul (R-Ky.).

The One America News national post-debate poll conducted by Gravis Marketing, a non-partisan research firm, showed that Paul performed worse than any other candidate in every category.

The poll sampled a random survey of 1,337 registered Republican voters across the United States. According to Gravis Marketing, the poll was conducted “regarding the performance and opinions of the Republicans that took place in the second Republican Primary debate. The poll has a margin of error of ± 3%. The total may not round to 100% because of rounding. The polls were conducted using IVR technology and weighted by gender.”

While 33 percent of those polled felt that former HP CEO Carly Fiorina won the debate, only 2 percent felt that Paul won. Meanwhile, 21 percent said front-runner Donald Trump won the night.

When asked who lost the debate, respondents overwhelmingly assigned Paul as the losing candidate with 32 percent believing he lost the night. With 17 percent, only Trump came relatively close when asked who lost.

The worst numbers for Paul were post-debate favorability ratings. After the debate, 58 percent of those polled had a less favorable opinion of Paul. Only 15 percent had a more favorable opinion. Trump and Paul were the only two candidates to have voters view them more negatively than positively or unchanged after the debate. However, only 36 percent of those polled viewed Trump less favorable, while 33 percent viewed him more favorably.

Of course, the One America News/Gravis Marketing results reflect just one poll, and pundits delivered praise for Paul as being “the only adult on the stage.”

On Fox News’ Sean Hannity, Paul spoke of his own performance with confidence: “I think I did very well at bringing my message out to the people who believe in a libertarian-conservative message. I think they’ll hear my message, I think our numbers will solidify.”

Who do you think won the debate? Vote in our online poll here.

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Bush Poll Numbers Plummet to Single Digits in Iowa, N.H.

Two new NBC News/Marist Republican presidential preference polls spell bad news for former Florida Governor Jeb Bush — in just two months, support for his 2016 presidential campaign has plummeted from 12 to 6 percent in Iowa, and from 14 to 8 percent in New Hampshire.

According to a summary of July and September Marist College polls of potential Republican voters in the two earliest contests of the 2016 presidential primary season, Bush and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker are rapidly losing support. Walker has plunged from 19 to 5 percent in Iowa and from 12 to 4 percent in New Hampshire.

Marist College’s poll summary noted, “Trump has improved his standing among potential Republican voters in both crucial GOP contests. In Iowa, Trump, 29%, leads the crowded GOP field, and retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson, 22%, assumes second place. Dr. Carson is the favorite ‘second choice’ among potential GOP voters. Trump, 28%, also takes the top spot in New Hampshire where he outpaces Ohio Governor John Kasich, 12%, and Dr. Carson, 11%, by double digits among the state’s potential Republican electorate. Carson is also the preferred ‘second choice’ in New Hampshire.

NH-Potential-Republican-Electorate_PrimaryAccording to the most recent NBC News/Marist Iowa poll, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul is now tied for fourth place in the state with former Hewlett-Packard CEO Carly Fiorina and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker.

The September NBC News/Marist polls in both states were conducted over a period of time from August 26 to September 2.

[RELATED: Latest Poll: Sanders Gains Strongest Lead Yet On Clinton In New Hampshire]

Marist College Institute for Public Opinion director Dr. Lee M. Miringoff said, speaking on the results of the organization’s polling on both sides of the aisle, “There’s been a massive shakeup in both parties, in both states. It’s been a summer of surprises with Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders sitting in the front car of the rollercoaster.

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Latest Poll: Sanders Gains Strongest Lead Yet On Clinton In New Hampshire

NEW HAMPSHIRE, September 6, 2015– Democratic Socialist and United States Senator Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) has jumped to his strongest lead yet over Hillary Clinton in the key early state of New Hampshire for the 2016 Democratic nominee.

In an NBC/Marist poll published on September 5, 2015, Sanders jumped to a 9 point lead over Clinton, which is well outside of the poll’s 5.2 percent margin of error. While Sanders received 41 percent, Clinton took 32 percent and Biden, who has been exploring a run, took 16 percent. No other candidate registered more than 1 percent support.

Sanders first topped Clinton in New Hampshire during the first week of August.

When pollsters first began polling the 2016 race in New Hampshire, Clinton enjoyed support from about 64 percent of those polled. Since then, she has lost approximately half of her support.

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Poll: Hillary Clinton Falls Behind Republicans In Three Swing States

According to a recent poll, Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has fallen behind Republican candidates such as Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush and Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker in the key swing states of Iowa, Colorado and Virginia.

The results of a Quinnipiac University Poll released on Wednesday, noted that Clinton received negative favorability ratings in each of the three swing states polled, with “35 – 56 percent in Colorado, 33 – 56 percent in Iowa, and 41 – 50 percent in Virginia.”

The poll surveyed 1,231 voters in Colorado, 1,236 voters in Iowa, and 1,209 voters in Virginia, from July 9-20 via interviews on landlines and cell phones.

The poll also found that in several matchups in Iowa and Colorado, fellow Democratic contender and Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders “runs as well as, or better than Clinton against Rubio, Bush and Walker,” and that Vice President Joe Biden, who has not announced whether he is running for President in 2016, “does better than Clinton on honesty and on caring about voter needs.”

The National Journal reported that Clinton “lost all three against the president during the 2008 primary season,” and that since February “she’s lost steam in each state against three top potential Republican opponents.”

Peter Brown, assistant director of the Quinnipiac University Poll, noted that Clinton has “lost ground in the horserace and on key questions about her honesty and leadership.”

“On being a strong leader, a key metric in presidential campaigns, [Clinton] has dropped four to 10 points depending on the state and she is barely above 50 percent in each of the three states,” said Brown, who added that against Republican contenders such as Bush, Rubio and Walker, Clinton “trails in six matchups and is on the down side of too-close-to call in three.”

Brown added that the recent poll is being compared to a Quinnipiac University from April 9, when Clinton was “clearly ahead in five of the matchups and too-close-to-call in the other four.”

According to the poll, Rubio and Walker have a lead of eight percentage points over Clinton in Iowa, Walker has a lead of nine percentage points in Colorado, and Bush and Walker have a lead of three percentage points in Virginia.

The poll found that in Colorado, 62 percent of voters say Clinton is “not honest and trustworthy,” 52 percent say she has “strong leadership qualities” and 57 percent say that she “does not care about their needs and problems.” Similar results were found on all three categories in both Iowa and Virginia.

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For the first time in 20 years, gun rights are favored over gun control

According to a recent Pew Research poll, Americans are now saying protecting the rights of citizen’s to own a firearm is more important than the need to control guns.

The research says about 52 percent of those polled are saying they favor protecting the right to own firearms, while 46 percent say they prefer gun control.  This is a substantial shift in public opinion from the early 90’s when the public was in favor of gun control, polling at 57 percent, while those who wanted to protect the right to own a firearm were polled at 34 percent.

While both sides of the political spectrum have been arguing over healthcare and immigration among other hot topics, this poll found support for gun rights has increased in both Republicans and Democrats by 6 points, while it also increased by 7 points among Independents.  According to RT, support for gun ownership was up in all demographics except for liberal Democrats and Hispanics, but support for gun rights went down only one or two points in these groups.

African-Americans were also found to be more likely to believe owning a firearm does more to protect a person rather than threaten another.  The support from African-Americans has almost doubled since early 2012 when 29 percent of those polled supported gun rights while the new poll found 54 percent of African-Americans back gun ownership.

An October Gallup poll found similar results, showing only 26 percent of people think handguns should be banned from being sold to the public while 73 percent of people think no such law should be considered.

Research also found homicides related to firearms has fallen from 1993 according to NPR.  At the time, seven homicides per 100,000 people were attributed to gun violence, while in recent years, 3.6 homicides have been attributed to firearms.

Chuck Todd weighs in on the WSJ/NBC poll: ‘Your Presidency Is Over’


The U.S. controlled media can no longer spin President Obama’s record. NBC News White House correspondent Chuck Todd gave his thoughts on the Morning Joe show regarding the blistering poll on Obama’s performance.

“This poll is a disaster for the president,” Todd said. “You look at the presidency here: lowest job rating, tied for the lowest; lowest on foreign policy. His administration is seen as less competent than the Bush administration, post-Katrina.”

“Then on the issue of do you believe you can still lead, and a majority believe not,” Todd continued. “Essentially the public is saying, ‘Your presidency is over’ by saying a number like that. 54% saying he no longer has the ability to lead and solve problems. That’s one of those things, you’re sitting at the White House going, ‘Oh, Wow.’”

Todd continued, “Foreign policy really has, I think, entrapped them.”

Watch the clip below, via MSNBC:


Minimum Wage Survey Results

The results of the minimum wage survey are in and the results are overwhelming. The majority of BenSwann.com readers think there should be no minimum wage.  64.78% say the minimum wage should be set to $0/hr with ‘stay the same as it currently is’ coming in second with 13.94%. The majority of those who commented “other” on the question stated that they believe the government should not have a role in setting the minimum wage.


min wage survey


When survey takers were asked to comment on the minimum wage the same trend was found.

One survey taker said:

“I employ 73 people in an Assisted Living Community. I don’t pay anyone the minimum wage they all make more than that. If we by law had to pay $10.00 + an hour it would only hurt the concumers of our service because we would have to charge more each month from our residents. We would just raise the cost of our products and services. That is what all companies will do, as well as let go off employees. That is the only way! Minimum wage jobs are not supposed to be a living wage, they are stepping stone jobs while going to school or learning new skills to move up a career ladder. It is assinine to think that we would be providing for kids while working at McDonald’s or Walmart for minimum wage. What happened to the American dream? Go get an education and a skill set people. I am the Administrator but I got 3 degrees and worked plenty of low pay jobs to ultimately get here. That is what I look for in people to they have aspirations and a goal? The Federal Government and all its entitled hand-outs and programs are crippling people of this country. Increasing minimum wages will only hurt the poorest in this country period!”


Another commented:

“Minimum wage does nothing but remove the bottom rung of the ladder to make it more difficult for poor people to climb out of poverty. Prices will rise to compensate for w/e min wage is enacted and we will all pay more for everything. Thus the transfer of wealth from the middle class to the elite increases with it.”

One business owner said a raise in the minimum wage would force them to close their business.

“As a small business owner, and increase in minimum wage will force me to close my doors.”

Some pointed to the Federal Reserve as the reason the minimum wage is an issue.

“Minimum wage has only become an issue because of the devaluation of the dollar by the Federal Reserve.Minimum wage has only become an issue because of the devaluation of the dollar by the Federal Reserve.”

Some did comment stating they would be happy to pay more for products if there was a minimum wage increase.

“I’d rather pay high prices for goods and services than have my taxes increased to support welfare for those that have jobs.”

“I believe minimum wage should of kept up with inflation. How else are regular citizens suppose to afford the things they need in life?”


What are your thoughts on the minimum wage?



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Poll: If Republicans Want To Keep KY They’ll Have To Vote McConnell Out, Bevin In


A recent Ramussen poll shows that Kentucky US Senator Mitch McConnell (R) is in serious trouble.

According to the poll, McConnell (42%) runs dead even with his democratic challenger Alison Lundergan Grimes (42%).

However, Matt Bevin, McConnell’s tea party challenger, leads Grimes by 4% in the same poll.

McConnell is running scared. His campaign has recently released a series of attack ads calling Bevin a big government, bailout proponent. McConnel also tried to pass off claims that Bevin didn’t pay his taxes. Multiple fact checking organizations have proved McConnell’s claims about Bevin to be false.

If Republicans want to keep the Kentucky federal Senate delegation red their only choice may be to vote tea party.

The survey of 500 Likely Voters in Kentucky was conducted on January 29-30, 2014 by Rasmussen Reports. The margin of sampling error is +/- 4.5 percentage points with a 95% level of confidence.

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New Poll: Lindsey Graham May Be Finished For

lindsey graham

SOUTH CAROLINA, February 6, 2014– U.S. Senator Lindsey Graham (R) will not be sitting happy by time the results of the most recent round of polls reach his desk. According to a poll conducted by Wenzel Strategies, Graham is in big trouble.

The poll included 623 “likely Republican primary voters” who were questioned via telephone between Febuary 3-4. The poll has a margin of error of +/- 3.9%

The poll asked voters two questions. First, if the election were held today, who would you vote for?

  • Lindsey Graham: 45.9%
  • Lee Bright 17.4%
  • Nancy Mace: 5.1%
  • Richard Cash: 4.9%
  • Bill Connor: 4.2%
  • Not sure: 22.5%

Second, should Lindsey Graham be reelected or is it time for someone new?

  • Deserves reelection: 38%
  • Time for someone new: 49%
  • Not sure: 13%

South Carolina’s unique runoff election system means that if Graham cannot garner at least 50% of the vote in the primary then he is forced into a runoff with the second highest candidate. So far, that candidate is State Senator Lee Bright (R).

The results of the poll put Graham below 50% even when considering the possible margin of error.

In the case of South Carolina, the more candidates in the primary the better. Again, the goal for Graham’s opponents is to force him into a runoff.

According to this poll, if Graham is forced into this runoff he will most likely lose to Senator Lee Bright. Only 38% of those polled felt that Graham deserved reelection.

Graham has been criticized by many republicans for his extremely liberal voting record.

According to activist and reporter Joshua Cook, multiple county Republican parties within the state have formally, and officially censured Graham, citing that he no long represents the party’s values.

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Ed Snowden Destroys President Obama In One Surprising Poll

PresbombBy Michael Lotfi,

Every year TIME magazine’s editors choose their “Person of the Year”. Last year it was President Obama who took the title. The choice is most always purely political. As so, it should be taken with a grain of salt. However, each year  TIME releases a poll, which asks its audience to choose between many different candidates. Candidates are pitted against one another, and this year President Obama faces NSA whistle-blower Edward Snowden.

The President’s second term has been little less than a plague of misfortune. Surrounded by scandal, secrecy, a total lack of transparency and failed policy, President Obama’s approval ratings have dropped off a cliff.

In the modern age of such secrecy and corruption, whistle-blowers like Edward Snowden become digital heroes. If you haven’t seen Snowden’s face on a meme or in a headline picture then you clearly aren’t alive to the tech age.


More than 346k people have voted in the  TIME poll pitting the two against one another. Snowden’s victory is a landslide. However, don’t be surprised if the person of the year award magically goes back to President Obama. As I said, it’s purely politics. 

Snowden even sits at the top of the list across the board. With 23% supporting him as the person of the year, and Obama sitting with a weak 0.5%.


NOTE: These poll numbers will fluctuate throughout the days ahead. The current screenshot only represents one moment in polling. You can vote in the Snowden v. Obama poll here, and others here.

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What The Mainstream Media Isn’t Telling You About Obama’s Approval Ratings

When George Bush was president the media took every opportunity they had to nail him on his poor approval ratings. The mainstream may rarely take the time to tell you that President Obama’s Second Term Blues continue. However, what they do not do is compare President Obama to President Bush, and when they do- they lie.

This MSNBC article says that Obama’s current approval rating of 41% is the lowest it has ever been. According to a Gallup, the President has hit 38% approval rating multiple times. In fact, there are multiple polls showing the same.

In fact, MSNBC has even taken it upon themselves to “clean up” the President’s job approval, as seen in this screenshot from the news network. Obama’s actual approval rating from the poll MSNBC quotes was 41% and disapproval at 53%. You can see how the two are extremely polar.

MSNBC Flips Approval Rating To Disapproval Rating

On average, President Obama has had lower approval ratings than Bush. Take last year’s election for example. According to Gallup, on President Obama’s 1,391 (November, 2012) day in office his approval rating sat at 51%. On Bush’s 1,391 day in office (November, 2004) his approval rating sat at 55%. Both incumbents won reelection.

Three years after their first term elections (quarter 12) President Bush sat at 53% approval, while President Obama sat at 41%.

President Bush finished his first term with a 62% approval rating. His two term average was finished with a 49.5% approval rating. President Obama ended his first term with a 49% approval rating. Obviously the numbers aren’t in yet for the second term to average the two terms. However, his second term trends puts him on track to finish far worse off than President Bush did. Also, we know that historically speaking presidents finish with a lower approval rating in their second term than in their first. Obama started his first term with a 67% approval rating, which has now dipped more than 25 points to sit at 41%.

Even if his second term approval rating was to hold steady he’d finish the two terms with an average approval rating of 45%. If this number holds, President Obama would finish with a two term average lower than any post WWII president. In fact, the only president who would come close would be Nixon, and the two tie at 45%.

Anyone have some spare “change”?

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Poll: What Is Obamacare Costing You?

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The Kentucky senator has come under a mountain of scrutiny from “libertarian purists” who bash Paul’s name whenever they get the chance. Yet, it doesn’t seem to be hurting him in the polls.

Paul’s strategy to win has left him alienated from some in the Libertarian base. Many attack him for endorsing Romney over his father in the 2012 race. In retrospect, it’s quite silly to attack the senator for his Romney endorsement. After all, do you really think that the Paul family had not calculated the events to occur just as they did?

Regardless, with almost every new poll that rolls out you can find the senator’s name at the top. As The Hill reports, “If the GOP presidential primary were held today, 17 percent of GOP voters would elect Paul, according to a new Quinnipiac Poll released Wednesday. He leads among Tea Party Republicans as well, with 22 percent.”

These numbers put Senator Paul outside the margin of error, and over Governor Chris Christie who came in with 13% of the vote.

One poll does show a major shift. Ted Cruz took 20% of the vote in a recent Public Policy Poll. Paul comes in behind Cruz with 17% of the vote, which is within the poll’s margin of error.

The two senators have enjoyed an incredibly close relationship. In fact, Paul campaigned for and endorsed Cruz in his Senate race vs. the establishment GOP incumbent.

It is hard to imagine the two friends debating one another when their ideologies align so closely, which is why many have been led to speculate a possible Rand Paul, Ted Cruz GOP ticket for 2016.