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“Mysterious” Post Office Spy Camera Vanished One Hour After FOX31 Reporter Asked About It

After a US Postal Service customer alerted FOX31 Denver investigative reporter Chris Halsne of the fact that a hidden surveillance camera appeared to be monitoring and capturing images of customer’s faces and license plates after they dropped off mail at a Golden, CO post office branch, he launched an investigation. However, as he began asking authorities questions as to why the camera had been placed there, it mysteriously vanished. Said Chris Halsne in the above-embedded video footage, “Within an hour of FOX31 Denver asking the law enforcement branch of the US Postal Service why the camera was snapping away month after month, the surveillance device was ripped from the ground and disappeared.”

Witnesses claim that the camera had been in place as early as Thanksgiving of 2014. When officials with the US Postal Service indicated that they were unaware of the camera and that it had not been placed as a part of the facility’s security program, Halsne contacted the US Postal Inspection Service, the US Postal Service’s law enforcement division. US Postal Inspection Service officials declined to meet Halsne for an on-air interview, but admitted that the agency does use surveillance cameras. Postal Inspector Pamela Durkee responded to Halsne’s inquiry by sending an email, which said, “[We] do not engage in routine or random surveillance. Cameras are deployed for law enforcement or security purposes, which may include the security of our facilities, the safety of our customers and employees, or for criminal investigations. Employees of the Postal Inspection Service are sworn to uphold the United States Constitution, including protecting the privacy of the American public.”

However, Halsne noted that the camera was not positioned such that it could monitor the doors to the facility or areas in which postal workers might be victimized by a security threat. Instead, the camera was positioned such that it could only monitor customers’ license plates and faces as they left the facility. Halsne also followed up on the theory that the camera was there to assist with a criminal investigation, but could not find any city, county, or federal criminal search warrants on file that would justify such a camera placement.

BenSwann.com previously reported on the US Postal Service’s “mail covers” program, a separate surveillance initiative in which it photographs the covers of parcels and stores the images in a database. An audit conducted last year noted that the program lacked controls to prevent law enforcement agencies from obtaining the data for unjustified reasons.

FOX31‘s Chris Halsne also filed Freedom of Information Act requests with the US Postal Service, the Office of the Inspector General, and the US Postal Inspection Service in an effort to ascertain some specifics on this newly-identified surveillance program’s costs, contractors, and what happens with the data captured by the Golden Post Office’s mysterious camera. However, none of the aforementioned agencies provided him with a policy on data retention, a list of contractors, or an explanation as to when federal authorities are allowed to use the photographs. He also attempted to contact Hop-On Incorporated, a surveillance camera manufacturer who claims to sell spy cameras to the US Postal Service, but did not receive a reply.

Exclusive: U.S. Postal Service Explains Data Breach to Employees with Simplified Handout

On Monday, employees of the United States Postal Service (USPS) were notified that there had been a breach in the system, and that their personal data had been compromised.

A document given to USPS employees on Monday morning, during a “stand-up” briefing, assured them that this type of intrusion was “not unique,” and was similar to previous intrusions into “U.S. companies and other Federal government agencies,” which USPS employees have likely “read multiple news stories on.

The Postal Service recently learned of a cyber intrusion into some of our information systems,” stated the document. “This basically means that someone who didn’t have permission was able to get into some of our computer networks.

USA Today reported that “classified briefings” from October 22 and November 7 showed that the U.S. Postal Service “told members of Congress that it had been hacked,” as early as October 22.

The document given to USPS employees assured them that the Postal Service “began investigating the intrusion” as soon as it was discovered, and that the agency is working with the FBI, the Department of Justice, the Postal Inspection Service, and the U.S. Computer Emergency Readiness Team, along with “outside experts who specialize in investigations and data systems” to find the cause of the breach, and to prevent another intrusion from occurring.

The investigation indicates that files containing employee information were compromised,” stated the document. “These files include information such as names, dates of birth, social security numbers, addresses, beginning and end dates of employment, and emergency contact information for all active employees.

According to the Washington Post, “Chinese government hackers are suspected of breaching the computer networks of the United States Postal Service,” which compromised the data of more than 800,000 employees.

However, Reuters reported, “Cybersecurity experts said it was too soon to know who was behind the attack but agreed the Postal Service was a rich target.

The employee handout explained that all employees impacted by the intrusion would receive individualized letters, which will provide them with “specific information about their particular situation.”

In a statement to the public, the U.S. Postal Service’s Manager for Media Relations, David Partenheimer, stated that there was “no evidence of malicious use of the compromised data,” and that no customer credit card data had been infringed upon:

Postal Service transactional revenue systems in Post Offices as well as on usps.com where customers pay for services with credit and debit cards have not been affected by this incident. There is no evidence that any customer credit card information from retail or online purchases such as Click-N-Ship, the Postal Store, PostalOne!, change of address or other services was compromised.

RT reported that an investigation done by the Associated Press revealed that “federal agents and contractors alike are all too guilty of letting systems become infected by clicking bogus links, accidentally installing malware or otherwise opening up networks to hackers by way of their own inept operational security.

Multiple U.S. Postal employees declined Benswann.com’s request for a comment on the issue, stating that they were told to refer all questions they received from the media to USPS customer relations.

Regarding the handout’s advice on how employees should answer questions from customers, it stated that they should assure customers that “the operations of the Postal Service are not impacted,” and that “Post Offices are functioning normally and mail and packages are being delivered as usual.”

Read the full document given to USPS employees: Screen Shot 2014-11-10 at 6.35.48 PM

US Postal Service Preparing For Mass Gun/Ammuniton Buy


WASHINGTON, February 5, 2014– On January 31, 2014 the United States Postal Service (USPS) posted a solicitation to purchase “assorted small arms ammunition” on the federal government’s federal business opportunities website (FBO.gov). The solicitation is structured to begin a bidding process for the purchase of guns and ammunition.

The USPS has been posting $1-5 billion quarterly losses for years. In fiscal year (FY) 2012 alone the USPS lost  a record $15.9 Billion. At it’s current rate of spending, the USPS is projected to hit $45 Billion in debt within the next three years.

Regardless of this debt, and the national debt at $17.3 Trillion, the US Government has been purchasing firearms and ammunition off of the market at an alarming rate.

Multiple federal agencies have recently bought billions of dollars worth of firearms and ammunition. These agencies include the Department of Homeland Security,  the Department of Education,  the IRS, the Social Security Administration,  and more.

The intended purpose for these firearms and ammunition is currently unknown. Conspiracies have flooded the internet, and multiple members of Congress have questioned the purchases without receiving straight answers.

Congressman Huelskamp (R- Kans) has questioned DHS officials multiple times concerning the ammunition purchases and has yet to receive a serious answer (Video Above).

It is likely that the Obama administration is attempting to put a squeeze on the supply of firearms and ammunition in the market in an attempt to manipulate prices. Some believe the administration’s actions are of more insidious intentions.

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