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Report: At Least 1,000 Police Officers Fired for ‘Sexual Misconduct’

About 1,000 police officers in the United States were fired from 2009 to 2014 for “sexual misconduct,” which includes charges of rape, sodomy, possession of child pornography, and propositioning citizens or having on-duty intercourse.

A yearlong investigation conducted by the Associated Press, which looked at the decertification records in 41 states, revealed that “flaws in law enforcement policies and a protective culture of policing can allow sexual predators in police ranks to go unnoticed or unpunished until it’s too late.”

The AP noted that no federal officers were included in the investigation and some states, such as California and New York, “had no records because they have no statewide system for revoking the licenses of officers who commit misconduct.”

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In several of the states that provided records, “some reported no officers removed for sexual misdeeds even though cases were discovered in news stories or court records.”

Chief Bernadette DiPino of the Sarasota Police Department in Florida has been investigating the issue for the International Association of Chiefs of Police, and she told the AP that she believes it is “happening probably in every law enforcement agency across the country.”

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“It’s so underreported, and people are scared that if they call and complain about a police officer, they think every other police officer is going to be then out to get them,” DiPino said.

The investigation found that 550 of the officers who were fired lost their licenses for sexual assault offenses “including rape, pat-downs that amounted to groping, and shakedowns in which citizens were extorted into performing favors to avoid arrest.” The review revealed that 440 of the officers were decertified for misconduct such as possession of child pornography, “voyeurism in the guise of police work and consensual but prohibited on-duty intercourse.”

The AP described the case of former officer Sergio Alvarez, who spent six years working a night shift and was sued by six women who claimed that he sexually assaulted them between 2011 and 2012.

Alvarez was convicted of sexually assaulting the women while on the job, four of whom he abducted and raped. The women have been paid a total of $4.1 million in settlements, with $2.8 million coming from the city. Alvarez is now serving 205 years to life in prison.

Tom McDonald, a former captain for the Los Angeles Police Department who took over in West Sacramento after Alvarez’s arrest, told the AP that while it is hard to see the victims, it is even harder to think that he might be contributing to the problem.

“It hurts the heart to see victims,” McDonald said. “But it makes it even worse when you are, in one way, shape or form, a contributing factor to them being hurt.”

The report noted that “about one-third of the decertified officers were accused in incidents involving juveniles,” and the victims were “overwhelmingly women” who were often “the poor, the addicted, the young,” with many officers using the victims’ criminal record or search for help as a means for exploitation.

The AP stated that the issue was part of a problem stemming from policies and procedures which includes poor supervision and training, neglected “warning signs,” and a “good old boy culture in which inappropriate behavior was ignored or even condoned.”

Julie Borowski Brilliantly Dismantles FCKH8’s Viral Video

Julie Borowski recently released a new video spoofing FCKH8.com’s viral video. In FCKH8’s video, young girls use the F-word to sell t-shirts by pointing out the old, worn out and often disproved talking points of the far left feminist movement.

Borowski destroys the talking points.

Pay inequality:  Women do not make 23% less than men for the same exact job. Source

Rape & Violence: 1 in 5 women will not be sexually assaulted. The survey that FCKH8 sourced never asked if the woman was sexually assaulted. Source

Borowski points out that the government is making women less safe by trying to regulate and/or taking their rights to defend themselves.

Borowski ends the video with a simple message:

“So screw your victimization.”

LOTFI: Apple’s newest executive advocating rape and murder of women- a radical homophobic racist

NASHVILLE, May 29, 2014– The music industry’s heart and soul is found here in Music City. When Apple decided to acquire a new executive, focusing on music, chatter began to filter through the industry.

Apple’s newest executive has been recorded multiple times advocating the murder of white people, domestic abuse, rape and objectification of women, illegal drug use, violence towards the gay community, and unwarranted, illegal gun violence.

In 1992, he was arrested for assaulting a police officer. Additionally, in the previous year, Apple’s newest executive was arrested for beating a defenseless woman to within an inch of her life. Journalist Alan Light describes the assault:

“He began slamming her head and the right side of her body repeatedly against a brick wall near the stairway” as his bodyguard held off the crowd with a gun. After he tried to throw her down the stairs and failed, he began kicking her in the ribs and hands. She escaped and ran into the women’s rest room. He followed her and “grabbed her from behind by the hair again and proceeded to punch her in the back of the head.”

Last year, Paula Deen was fired by the Food Network and all of her sponsors for admitting she had used the word “nigger” in the past. Last month, when it was revealed that new Mozilla CEO Brendan Eich had donated to a pro-traditional-marriage campaign in California more than six years ago, he was removed from his new position after only 11 days. In addition, billionaire Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling was fined $2.5 million and is being forced to sell the team after it was revealed that he made racist statements, which were secretly recorded, last month.

Meanwhile, Apple’s newest executive has used the words “nigger” and “faggot” more than any human could possibly count.

Where is the public outcry? Where is the #FireDre hashtag campaign? Why are gay and black activists not demanding Apple cut ties with their new executive?

Oh, right. The new executive is Dr. Dre.

How is it unacceptable for a woman in her late sixties to actually admit that she had used the word nigger many years past, and actively seek to be forgiven? Meanwhile, it is completely acceptable for a black man calling himself “Dr. Dre” to become an executive at Apple while calling people niggers and faggots, beating women, assaulting cops, using illegal drugs, and encouraging unwarranted gun violence? Oh, it was just music? Making millions by degrading minorities somehow make Dre’s actions acceptable? Got ya. American culture dictates that we can be as racist, homophobic and misogynistic as we like, as long as a paintbrush is used as a scapegoat and it is sold as “art”. Makes sense.

Timothy Trudeau, founder of Syntax Records and music industry juggernaut, raises a pressing question. What does this say about our culture?

“Millions of people around the world have heard this and are probably wondering how someone can be in leadership at the world’s most valuable brand and also be allowed to think and talk in such a way. What is our culture going to do about this? How will we provide justice to this situation—which seems to be far worse than the ones we’ve acted upon recently. Will it be different? Will it be more harsh, or less? Or, are we willing to let this one slide? If so, why?” -Trudeau, Syntax Records

Trudeau illustrates how ambiguity and selective targeting have resulted in a complete meltdown of cultural accountability.

If the masses demand Paula Deen, Donald Sterling and Brendan Eich be fired from their respective positions and be publicly crucified, then why not demand Apple, the largest brand in the world, explain why they felt it was appropriate to allow a man that almost killed a defenseless woman, regularly uses racial and homophobic slurs, encourages the murder of white people, assaults cops, uses illegal drugs and encourages the rape of women to be an executive at their company. I expect Apple will immediately rectify this situation (sarcasm).

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House of Cards: Highly ranked Army general pleads guilty to multiple sex crimes, Senate reacts

WINSTON-SALEM, North Carolina, March 17, 2014– At a Fort Brag military court the United States reached a deal with defense attorneys of U.S. Army brigadier general Jeffrey Sinclair Sunday. The United States agreed to drop charges of sexual assault and two other charges, which would have forced him to register as a sex offender, in exchange for a plea deal.

Sinclair has been charged with forcible sodomy according to allegations by a female U.S. Army captain, which could have landed the Army veteran to life in prison.

The Army captain accused Sinclair of forcing her to engage in oral sex when she tried to break off a former relationship with him. According to the accuser, Sinclair threatened to kill her if she tried to report him.

Sinclair will plead guilty to “mistreatment” of one accuser, a junior Army officer, his lawyer said.

According to the Reuters report:

Sinclair already had pleaded guilty this month to [additional] military crimes of having an adulterous affair, asking junior female officers for nude photos and possessing pornography on his laptop while deployed in Afghanistan. Those offenses carry a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and possible dismissal from the Army.

Sinclair is expected to enter his plea today. Military prosecutors are withholding comment for now.

Last week the Senate unanimously (97:0) passed a bill cracking down on how the U.S. Defense Department manages cases of sexual misconduct. It has moved to the House where it is likely to pass. The bill was sponsored by Senator Claire McCaskill (D-Mo.)

Senator Kristin Gillibrand (D- N.Y.) attempted to push a competing bill by filibuster, which she argued went further than the one that passed. The filibuster failed.

Gillibrand’s bill would have taken the prosecution of sexual assault cases out of the chain of command and transferred it to the Judge Advocates General Corps. She argued that roughly a quarter of all sexual assault cases are perpetrated by someone in the chain of command, making reporting obviously difficult. Of the estimated 26,000 cases of unwanted sexual contact in 2012, only 3,000 were reported and 300 prosecuted.

A report from National Center for Victims of Crime validates Gillibrand’s claims. According to the report, men are more likely to experience some form of unwanted sexual contact than women. Men are also three times as likely not to specify the incident.

Not all were satisfied with the outcome of the Senate vote.“Service members deserve a professional and unbiased justice system equal the system afforded to the civilians they protect. It is a travesty that this very practical, conservative measure, supported by a substantial majority of the Senate and 60% of Americans was blocked by a procedural filibuster,” Nancy Parrish, president of Protect our Defenders, said of Gillibrand’s bill in an interview with TIME.

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