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Breaking: Sony WILL Release “The Interview” on Christmas Day After All

UPDATE: Sony has announced as of Tuesday night that at least 200 theaters will be part of the Christmas Day release of “The Interview”.

After all the discussions, debates, soundbites and all around noise surrounding “The Interview”, Tuesday, Sony Pictures Inc. announced that it will in fact, release “The Interview” on Christmas Day. This should raise the question… “Was the public and especially the media being played?” For more on that, watch the video at the bottom of this story, but as of today, “The Interview” is moving forward.

After announcing they would not distribute the film following the reluctance of many theaters to run the picture in the aftermath of a terrorist threat from hacking organization Guardians of Peace, Sony has now decided to allow the film to play in selected theaters.

This according to the Alamo Drafthouse, headquartered in Texas which tweeted “Victory” on Tuesday.

Other small theaters, including the Plaza, Atlanta have announced that they will be screening the Seth Rogan/James Franco comedy as well.

Just a few days ago, Ben Swann interviewed Tyrel Ventura and Tabetha Wallace about this issue and at the time predicted that media was being played. Ventura and Wallace predicted that Sony would release “The Interview” despite its insistence that it would not.

One American detained in North Korea is freed, but two more remain

Jeffrey Fowle, who was arrested and has been detained in North Korea since May for leaving a Bible behind in his hotel room, has been released from the country, but two more Americans are still behind bars in North Korea.

Fowle is reportedly already out of the country, and according to CNN, the news of his release was only made public after the plane he was on landed in Guam.  State Department spokeswoman Marie Harf said, according to NBC News, Fowle has been seen by a doctor already and appears to be in good health.

The North Korean government arrested Fowle on suspicion of trying to proselytize more Christian followers through the act of leaving his Bible behind.  While there are many state-run churches within North Korea, the government does not allow independent religious activities to take place for fear of undermining their authority.  Independent religious activities are considered any actions pertaining to a religious organization which is not under the control of the North Korean government.

While the White House welcomed the news of Fowle’s release and thanked the Swedish government for their part in securing transport for Fowle out of North Korea, officials are still working on arranging the release of Americans Matthew Miller and Kenneth Bae from the country.

“While this is a positive decision by the DPRK,”said the State Department, according to the Guardian, “we remain focused on the continued detention of Kenneth Bae and Matthew Miller and again call on the DPRK to immediately release them.”

Bae was arrested by the North Korean government under charges of “hostile acts to bring down the government.”  The government claims he was part of a Christian based plot to overthrow the North Korean government.  Bae, as well as the other prisoners, was allowed an interview with CNN, and Bae reported he was being held in a labor camp where he worked six days a week for eight hours.

The charges Miller is facing are not clear as he told the CNN interview he would find those out when he went to trial.  As of now, the North Korean government is accusing him of tearing up his tourist visa, but whether this is true or not and what charges might arise from this, are unclear.

The State Department and government are still trying to make a deal for the secure release of the Bae and Miller.


President refuses to apologize for prisoner trade

As some lawmakers consider impeachment for President Obama over the trade of five Guantanamo Bay detainees for Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl, the president has refused to apologize for his actions.

Controversy has surrounded the president’s decision to go ahead with the prisoner trade for various reasons.  One reason is the president sidestepped discussing the trade with Congress in an effort to reduce the prisoner population in Guantanamo Bay to force its closer, while others say the president gave too much in terms of hostage “value” for Sgt. Bergdahl.

The five Taliban soldiers traded for Sgt. Bergdahl have been reported to be high ranking individuals in the Taliban.  Rob Williams of the Senate Intelligence Committee said four of the people released are expected to resume attacks with the Taliban.

Johnathan Turley, a law professor from George Washington University, told CNN anchor Carol Costello Monday he did not think there was much debate whether or not President Obama had broken the law with the trade.  When asked if the White House had broken any laws, Turley responded, “They did… this is a long series of violations of federal law that the president’s been accused of.”

“We saw an opportunity and we seized it,” said President Obama to the BBC.  “As commander-in-chief I am responsible for those kids…and I make no apologies for that.”

The White House previously claimed they were moved to act towards negotiating the release of Sgt. Bergdahl after viewing a Taliban video showing the sergeant in “poor health and faltering over his words.”  This same video was shown in a private screening to skeptical lawmakers, but the showing failed to change their views of the event.

Amidst the controversy surrounding the president’s decision, Sgt. Bergdahl’s hometown has cancelled any upcoming celebrations to welcome the sergeant back home.

Organizers of the homecoming event in Hailey, Idaho told Al-Jazeera America they did not have the resources to manage the influx of supporters and protestors of Sgt. Bergdahl who would meet in the small town.

The local Police Chief talked with the Idaho Statesman about the groups meeting in Hailey for the cancelled event.  “I received one call today from a (veterans group in California) that wanted to bring up 2,000 protestors.”

Hailey has also received angry phone calls and hate mail over the celebrations.  The president of the Hailey Chamber of Commerce, Jane Drussel has said, “It’s like a modern-day lynching… The joy has all of a sudden become not so joyful.”