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Ron Paul: Are Neocons Rethinking Animosity Toward Al Qaeda?

Neoconservatives are rethinking animosity toward al Qaeda, which they say is the enemy of our enemy. Did they forget the connection between al Qaeda and 9/11?

Ron Paul discussed this in his latest Liberty Report, saying that the neocons are unwilling to consider that American policy in Iraq and Syria wrong. Rather, they continually push for changing tactics—but the tactics are a total failure. This could be why neocons are looking to reach out to al Qaeda, he said.

According to Liberty Report co-host Daniel McAdams, the neocon perspective is that it’s all Obama’s fault for not invading Syria in 2013 on trumped up charges of President Bashar al Assad using chemical weapons on his own people. Now, backed in a corner, the neocons believe we have to look at other allies, and that we need to change our ideas about al Qaeda.

At 3:19, McAdams traces our government’s strategy against Iraq and Syria to a 1996 document presented by U.S. officials to the Israeli government. The document, he said, was essentially a list for Israeli dominance in the Middle East. The document is called “A Clean Break.”

Number-one on that list was we’ve got to get rid of Assad in Syria because it challenges policies not just there but toward Lebanon,” McAdams said. “So the roadmap to get there was first going through Iraq and overthrowing Hussein—which they did—then moving on to Syria. It sounds conspiratorial, but if you follow the way events actually happened, they have happened that way. And then you have the myth of the Arab Spring, which was a spontaneous uprising, they say. But it was really nothing of the sort.

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