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Ron Paul: Are Neocons Rethinking Animosity Toward Al Qaeda?

Neoconservatives are rethinking animosity toward al Qaeda, which they say is the enemy of our enemy. Did they forget the connection between al Qaeda and 9/11?

Ron Paul discussed this in his latest Liberty Report, saying that the neocons are unwilling to consider that American policy in Iraq and Syria wrong. Rather, they continually push for changing tactics—but the tactics are a total failure. This could be why neocons are looking to reach out to al Qaeda, he said.

According to Liberty Report co-host Daniel McAdams, the neocon perspective is that it’s all Obama’s fault for not invading Syria in 2013 on trumped up charges of President Bashar al Assad using chemical weapons on his own people. Now, backed in a corner, the neocons believe we have to look at other allies, and that we need to change our ideas about al Qaeda.

At 3:19, McAdams traces our government’s strategy against Iraq and Syria to a 1996 document presented by U.S. officials to the Israeli government. The document, he said, was essentially a list for Israeli dominance in the Middle East. The document is called “A Clean Break.”

Number-one on that list was we’ve got to get rid of Assad in Syria because it challenges policies not just there but toward Lebanon,” McAdams said. “So the roadmap to get there was first going through Iraq and overthrowing Hussein—which they did—then moving on to Syria. It sounds conspiratorial, but if you follow the way events actually happened, they have happened that way. And then you have the myth of the Arab Spring, which was a spontaneous uprising, they say. But it was really nothing of the sort.

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Ron Paul: Why Is The U.S. Spoiling For Perpetual War?

Why is the U.S. government seeking perpetual war and searching for confrontation around the globe?

Ron Paul posed this question in his latest episode of the Liberty Report, along with his co-host Daniel McAdams. From Russia to Syria to outer space, our government is extending its reach toward more trouble, Paul noted. However, the American people are not so much concerned about retaliation as they are concerned about the loss of liberties from their own government, he said.

According to McAdams, U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter was in Estonia this week to announce that we are going to send up to 40,000 NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) troops and weapons to Russia’s border in response to Russian aggression. McAdams cited a quote from Carter he found hypocritical: “What’s odd about it is the level of rhetoric,” Carter told CBS News. “That’s what’s so out of tune with the times and the way responsible world leaders.”

There are brush fires everywhere that the U.S. is pouring gasoline on,” McAdams said.

With no victory in sight, our government is now telling us that this is going to continue, Paul said. “Our people had an election and voted for somebody who came across as less aggressive for war. . . .” but it’s continued.

Paul admitted that it is a challenge to determine all the motivations from all those who perpetuate war. One thing they don’t understand, he said, is “the unintended consequences and underestimation of the enemy.”

I don’t think they know and understand the history,” Paul said of our hawkish government leaders. “It’s almost like they’re back in 1918.”

McAdams agreed. “The rest of the world is perplexed too,” he said. “The first thing the U.S. does is to look for a military solution.”

Paul said there are still people in Congress who believe war is good for the economy when, in fact, war costs something much more important than dollars—it costs lives.

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Ron Paul: How Can U.S. Government Killing People Be Justified As ‘Doing What Is Necessary’?

A vicious dictator, Joseph Stalin, is quoted as having said, “One man being killed is a tragedy. Killing millions is nothing but a statistic.”

In his latest Liberty Report, three-time presidential candidate and former Texas Rep. Ron Paul discussed the relevance of this quote to the way government and media treats these tragedies and statistics.

We are now very concerned about tragic death,” Paul said, referencing the recent deaths of Michael Brown and Eric Garner, who were killed at the hands of a militarized police force. There are a lot of emotions surrounding these tragedies, and those emotions are sometimes used by people to make certain points. At the same time, other deaths are being ignored.

When Lady Nancy Astor confronted Stalin, asking him how long he would continue killing people, he is know to have said, “As long as it’s necessary.”

That is the psychological framework from which he operated, Paul noted. “Is that the direction we’re going in?

If you add up deaths from American bombs and sanctions, there are a lot of people who have been killed, Paul said. When Madeleine Albright was confronted on 60 Minutes in 1996 with the statistic that 500,000 Iraqi children had died, and asked if the price was worth it, Albright replied that “We think the price is worth it.”

By that standard, the U.S. government killing people seems to be just “doing what is necessary,” Paul said.

And how long will our war in the Middle East go on? U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter has said to prepare for a “long war“.

We have come to a point where, legally speaking, we can say anyone opposed to the government is a terrorist, Paul said—even if we are going in and invading another country. Paul said that if they shoot back, then they are a terrorist.

When the media reports on a small event, they use it to take away power from the individual and give it to the state, according to Liberty Report co-host Daniel McAdams. The tragedy of a million dead shows the failure of power, he explained. Paul agreed, noting that government and media succeed in changing our attitudes of these events, and that we make heroes out of the people who are killing people endlessly.

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Ron Paul: Prepare For A Bear Market In Bonds

Hello everybody. Thank you for tuning in to the Liberty Report. This is a special update on the economy and why we should prepare for a bear market in bonds.

The problems we face today come from an attitude that there is such a thing as a free lunch. Thought the majority of the people may endorse it, rarely do those who seek a free lunch bother to ask who ends up paying for it. It is not just the poor who are looking for a free lunch—the rich do so as well. It’s called welfarism.

Endorsing the use of aggression to achieve this redistribution of wealth is acceptable for those who believe they’ll benefit from it. Generally, that’s the majority of the people. Some know that the principle of welfarism is a scam in that one group, the recipients of the free lunch, will benefit at the expense of another—the producers of wealth.

Others believe it to be moral and the only way society can care for the poor, and therefore they endorse government force to redistribute all wealth in a free and equitable manner. They ignore the challenging question as to who will produce the wealth to be passed out.

Economists like Paul Krugman belong to this group. If we give Krugman and the philosophic allies the benefit of doubt the main selfish motive that drives their efforts is an intellectual need in gratification that their views must never be abandoned, or it will be seen as an admission of mistaken economic and social theories.

It is this intellectual stubbornness to prove they are right regardless that has driven our economy and much of the rest of the world’s as well since the 1930s Great Depression. The current fragility of the world economy is a consequence of that policy. Understanding the cause and effect of central economic planning, especially with the emphasis on central banking and fiat money, is required. If sound economic growth is to be restored, certain principles must be understood and followed.

One of the most important economic items to contend with is the need for a market rate of interest. This must replace the silly notion that the Federal Open Market Committee or even the chairman of the Federal Reserve alone is so all wise that they can know what the rate of interest should be to regulate the economy. This one policy of manipulating interest rates to a lower-than-market level has caused great harm to the economy. And the full effects of pretending our money managers have the wisdom to know what the proper rate should be, especially since the 2008 [recession] has not yet been felt.

The consequences will not be minor. Surprises will be many, since we are in uncertain waters and the world has never faced the gross misallocation of capital that exists today. The process is self-limiting. It will come to an end, and it’s not going to be far into the future.

Interest rates, which are the cost of borrowing money, when set by economic authoritarians are literally price fixing. Fixing prices fouls up the machinery of a smooth-running economy. Interest rates have a pervasive influence on all economic transactions. Fictitious interest rates assure that accurate economic calculation is impossible. While it may seem to work for significant periods of time, the results are fragile, requiring corrections to restore true economic growth.

Capital in a free market comes from savings and not from a central bank creating credit out of thin air. This in itself is inflation, regardless of what government optimistic reports of the CPI claim. The central bank’s ability to plan the economy in this manner is a fiction and only leads to problems that overwhelm the markets, eventually wiping out the middle class.

The credit and new money, when created by a central bank, is delivered to the market in a political fashion for which the one percent receive special benefits. It allows the pyramiding of debt to fractional reserve banking, which compounds the long-term problems.

It may be fun while it lasts, but it always ends with a crash. . . .

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Ron Paul: We’d Be ‘Better Off’ Without National Endowment for Democracy

It’s been around a while, but a lot of people don’t know a whole lot about the National Endowment for Democracy. The organization is in the news because one of its founders, Allen Weinstein, just passed away.

I sort of wish the National Endowment for Democracy would pass away,” Ron Paul said in his latest Liberty Report. “I believe we would all be better off.”

The National Endowment for Democracy has been around since the early 1980s. It was established under then-President Ronald Reagan as the Cold War was going on to operate as the overt arm of the Central Intelligence Agency.

That should have made us very suspicious of what was going on,” Paul said. The three-time presidential candidate and former Texas Representative Paul explained that the organization has provided hundreds of millions of dollars to organizations like the labor group AFL-CIO and the U.S. Chamber of Commerce since it was founded. The way the funding is spent is hard to trace, he said.

It’s interesting,” Daniel McAdams, co-host of the Liberty Report, said in the episode. “If you remember back . . . in the late 60s, early 70s when Radio Free Europe was exposed as a CIA front, and it was a huge explosion. And then, one by one, more CIA front organizations were exposed worldwide. So when Reagan came in—and unfortunately the neocons glommed onto him—they pushed this idea, ‘Hey, let’s hide in plain sight.’

The CIA’s fingerprints were all over it from the beginning. In fact, Weinstein’s famous quote was [paraphrasing], ‘Well, we at the NED do overtly what the CIA used to do covertly.’

Paul said the NED was motivated to keep the organization largely unaccountable. “It was more mischief, confusion,” he noted. “It was harder to trace. There are a lot of organizations involved that they fund. And they continue to do it.

Of course, the irony of all this is most Americans and the people in Congress who don’t pay attention and say, ‘We’ve got to compete a little bit’ in this propaganda, even if they hear, ‘Well, they get involved in radio propaganda’ and these different things.

Paul then raised concern about the efforts of this organization to spread democracy.

In the true sense of the word, democracy is the worst reason for us to exist, let alone be an aggressor to promote ‘democracy,’” Paul said. “They want you to think that these countries would be better off if they had democratic election of leaders. But what if they haven’t had democratic elected leaders for 6,000 years. Are they all of a sudden going to adapt?

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Ron Paul: House Refuses To Curb Obama’s War In The Middle East

Around the same time a bill to slow down President Barack Obama’s war in the Middle East came to a vote in the House yesterday, a committee heard concerns from U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter and others that our efforts to recruit and train Iraqi forces aren’t going so well.

The vote was on H.Con.Res 55, which leveraged section 5(c) of the War Powers Resolution that provides a check on a president who deploys military without a declaration of war in an attempt to quiet the war drums the United States has been beating in the fight against ISIS and President Bashar al-Assad in Syria. It failed 139-288.

In his latest Liberty Report, three-time presidential candidate and former Texas Rep. Ron Paul said this bill might have passed “if we had more constitutionalists and anti-war people” thinking about following the constitution and waiting for a declaration of war.

In Carter’s comments to the House Armed Services Committee, it’s now clear that our military is having trouble recruiting Iraqis to fight the Islamic State. They’ve recruiting just 7,000 Iraqis—far from the goal of recruiting and training 24,000 Iraqi troops. Moreover, Carter said sending U.S. combat troops over there instead would not produce an enduring result.

I think they only have two options,” Paul said. “If they won’t fight—and there are quite a few reasons for that—and they want to win the war, the neocons have a simple solution and you hear it every day—send American troops. . . . But, there is another option. And since they’re at an impasse, the would have to consider our argument. If it’s not going well, why don’t we leave?

To those who consider this surrender, Paul shared a personal story of when he left active duty in 1965 and the messages coming from the military demanding that we need more troops. “Another policy can’t be tactical,” Paul said. “It has to be strategic.”

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Ron Paul: Guest Lew Rockwell Discusses The Future Of Liberty

From the future of liberty to the federal budget and foreign policy, Lew Rockwell provided his perspective as a special guest on today’s Liberty Report.

Rockwell joined his former colleague and Liberty Report co-host Daniel McAdams in sharing praise for the man they have worked for since his days in elected office—three-time presidential candidate and former Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

According to Paul, he and Rockwell met in the mid-70s while Rockwell worked for a magazine called Private Practice. Rockwell was also a book editor, serving as editor for Ludwig von Mises. Together, Rockwell and Paul share a common goal to increase awareness of Mises’ work and an interest in Austrian economics.

During the interview, Paul asked Rockwell for his thoughts on the freedom movement in the 1970s compared to how it is today. “If you look at the evening news and you look at the disaster of monetary policy, economic policy, foreign policy and Washington D.C. you get one impression,” he said. “What is your impression on the progress—if we are making any progress—compared to 40 years ago with what’s going on today?

I think there’s been huge progress,” Rockwell replied. “You’re absolutely right. The commanding heights of the media and the government and so forth are bad guys, are liars, are cheats, are people who . . . don’t even watch them. Don’t turn on FOX. Don’t turn on any of these networks. Get your news from the Internet, from Daniel at the Ron Paul Institute and other places like that.

You would absolutely get the impression that we’re sunk, the bad guys have won everything, they control everything. But actually, underneath that, especially among young people—and Ron, you’ve been the most powerful reason for this. You guys have made a huge difference, huge progress. I remember so strongly back to the last time you ran for president, the PEW Research people did a poll of young people who supported you, and they wanted to know what was the key issue. . . . It turned out that the key issue for young people was war and peace. They were against the wars. They wanted peace. And that’s why they loved you.”

Paul also inquired Rockwell’s opinion on today’s congressional hearing by the budget committee on how the Republicans are going to support a balanced budget.

First of all, we should mention that there is off-budget spending,” Rockwell noted. “There’s the official budget, but there’s all kinds of spending that goes on off budget. We can do that in our own lives, right? If the family budget is under strain, you just do the spending off budget. That’s the government. The Republicans, of course, have never been for a balanced budget. This is just a propaganda trick. Democrats of course have their propaganda tricks too. But anytime the Republicans have had control of the government, under Reagan, under Bush and so forth, of course they don’t balance the budget. They believe in deficits.”

. . . It’s one of the terrible things about having a Federal Reserve, a central bank, that today Congress is trying to decide who should they kill next, who they’re going to bomb next, what war should they start next. There’s never a consideration about how we’re going to pay. That’s not even an issue because, of course, the Fed will print up the money.”

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Ron Paul: Though Congress Blocks Nazi Training In Ukraine, U.S. Policy Remains Unchanged

Despite a vote in Congress to prevent U.S. taxpayer dollars from funding Nazi training in Ukraine, the American foreign policy of interventionism remains unchanged, according to Ron Paul.

In his latest Liberty Report, the three-time presidential candidate and former U.S. representative from Texas juxtaposed the North Atlantic Trade Organization’s move—supported by the U.S.—to curtail Russian aggression by sending weaponry and 5,000 troops to eastern Europe, with the House of Representatives’ recent vote to prohibit funding for the Azov Battalion, an openly Nazi volunteer brigade in Ukraine.

It’s hard to figure out exactly why we would need to be doing this,” Paul said. “Who do you think is behind this? What benefit do you think the American people are going to gain from us sending a lot of equipment to eastern Europe?

Daniel McAdams, co-host of the Liberty Report, reminded the audience of a longstanding agreement between NATO and the Russians that the organization would not permanently position western troops or weaponry in the Balkans. “This would certainly, if not violate the agreement, come up against it,” McAdams said. “But the whole idea that putting 5,000 Americans as some sort of a tripwire against an 800,000-person strong Russian army, it makes absolutely no sense from a military perspective.

Paul pointed out that the blame for this action is that we have to curtail Russian aggression. But what has the Russian government had to say about the matter? Paul read the following statement made by Russian President Vladimir Putin: “I think that only an insane person and only in a dream can imagine that Russia would suddenly attack NATO. I think some countries are simply taking advantage of people’s fears with regard to Russia.”

McAdams compared the movement of NATO and American troops to Russia’s border to a bad dream, noting that if Russia moves some troops within its own country, it could be considered Russian aggression.

Though the New York Times and other media outlets reported that this action hasn’t been approved by the U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter or President Obama, Paul wondered how far this could go without the two at least knowing about it. Congress hasn’t had an agreement either on these plans either, Paul said.

Running parallel to this story is the fact that U.S.-led training of in Kiev might be helping the wrong people. Paul cited a report from Robert Perry on how many of the volunteer brigades receiving American support are openly Nazi. Now the House has passed an amendment that prohibits this sort of training for one Nazi group in particular—the Azov Battalion.

Is this any assurance? Even if there is an amendment, does that change anything?

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Ron Paul: After 800 Years, Is The Magna Carta Still Alive?

Today marks the 800th anniversary of what many consider the most important power-limiting document in history—the Magna Carta.

It is a significant document,” Ron Paul said in his latest Liberty Report. “Some would like to downplay it. I was most fascinated with reviewing its history on exactly why the barons went and confronted the king and said ‘We’ve had it with you, ‘Mr.’ King. And no more.’ Two things: the king himself declared a war—he was fighting and losing a war with France, it was costing a lot of money—and he was taxing the barons. And they finally put their foot down. So this is great. The document that was written has a lot of great stuff in it.

Paul discussed how this event and its corresponding document planted seeds for the future, influencing our own founders and the development of our constitution. Despite its many great impacts, events of the past 100 years don’t seem to reflect the principles solidified with the Magna Carta. Paul cited the institution of the income tax as a confiscation of wealth, as well as the inflationary system of the Federal Reserve, plus change in foreign policy that has come to allow the president to essentially declare war.

“I would say it’s gotten a lot worse, especially since 9/11 [and] in the last 15 years,” Paul said. He noted the National Defense Authorization Act allowing perpetual detention without due process of law and the confiscation of assets through asset forfeiture as two examples of terrible decisions being made on behalf of our country.

The most important thing that people remember, and I remember it during the debate, and that was habeas corpus,” Paul explained. “You can’t hold people—and we were holding people with the NDAA—without a hearing [or] a trial by jury.” Under the Magna Carta, parliament was a superior branch of government—not the king, Paul said.

As he admired the action taken to write down the ideas into what became the Magna Carta and actually confront the king about them, Paul wondered if such an event could happen again today.

The big challenge is, can we raise up a generation of individuals that will look at the history of liberty and say that we can make progress?

Daniel McAdams, co-host of the Liberty Report, talked about these individuals as the elected representatives of the public and how they aren’t doing their job.

They’ll say, well, this was just a noble standing up for their own,” McAdams said. “It wasn’t a democratic move. All of these revisionist views of the Magna Carta are so irrelevant because at its core it’s something that you’ve always talked about. It is these legislators—by virtue of them being in the aristocracy, of course—but these legislators standing up to the executive branch and limiting his power. This is something that is absolutely lacking currently in our government.

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Ron Paul: Should We Expect Blowback From U.S. Drone Strikes?

U.S. officials have assured the American people that the 34 killed at a funeral in Afghanistan last week were all terrorists. At the same time, CIA Director John Brennan admitted that our foreign policy can spur terrorism. Should we expect more blowback from U.S. drone strikes?

Our solution was that our officials that we control in Afghanistan along with our government decided that all 34 at the funeral were terrorists and therefore this was an acceptable practice,” three-time presidential candidate and former Texas Rep. Ron Paul said in the latest episode of his Liberty Report.

Paul cited comments from Air Force Lt. Gen. John Hesterman that the war against the Islamic State (ISIS) is very effective. Lieutenant Hesterman said U.S. pilots are killing more than 1,000 terrorists per month and that the airstrikes are so effective that they don’t kill civilians, and government troops don’t get killed.

I don’t know what newspapers he reads or reports he reads, but I understand ISIS is not exactly a perfect situation over there,” Paul said. “. . . I don’t know about you, but I have trouble buying into this.”

Liberty Report co-host Daniel McAdams compared Lieutenant Hesterman’s comments about killing 1,000 terrorists each month to the U.S. measuring its success during the Vietnam War by how many Vietcong were killed. “Meanwhile, we were losing the war,” McAdams said.

In drone strikes like the one that hit the funeral in Afghanistan, McAdams claimed that U.S. officials simply redefine who is a terrorist and who isn’t based on the situation.

You can almost imagine by the terms of our own NDAA that anyone attending a funeral of a Taliban person would be supporting, aiding and abetting,” McAdams said. “So even if it was a kid . . . but what the people there on the ground claim is that at least 20 people were civilians who were killed. And I don’t know, maybe people on the ground would have an incentive to lie, but they certainly would seem to know better.”

Paul questioned whether the killing is a success or inviting more blowback, citing comments from Brennan that terrorists are essentially anyone who resists our American occupation of other countries.

That makes it pretty convenient then,” McAdams replied. “I remember the Obama administration redefining a terrorist was as any male of military fighting age. So that would relieve them of the actual burden of proving that they were all actual terrorists.”

During an interview on Face The Nation, Brennan said, “I think the president has tried to make sure that we’re able to push the envelop when we can protect this country. But we have to recognize that sometimes our engagement and direct involvement will stimulate and spur additional threats to our national security interest.”

Paul said the quote is very telling of the problems with U.S. foreign policy. “Our intervention hurts our national security because we invite retaliation and blowback,” he said.

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Ron Paul: ‘Fear Mongering’ George Soros Pushes For Ukraine War Expansion

Fear mongering” George Soros has plans for continuing our government’s involvement in the war in Ukraine, according to Ron Paul.

Soros, a co-chair of Hillary Clinton’s 2016 Super PAC, has significant financial and political investment around the world, presenting the opportunity to leverage relationships to affect change in various governments and economies. Paul cites a recent article by ZeroHedge as evidence of this power.

In the article, titled “Hacked Emails Expose George Soros As Ukraine Puppet-Master,” ZeroHedge dissects emails exposed by hacker group CyberBerkut that prove his close relationship with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko as well as U.S. Treasury Secretary Jack Lew.

Well, I guess having a few billion dollars lying around, I guess, buys a lot of access,” Liberty Report co-host and Ron Paul Institute executive director Daniel McAdams said of Soros.

The concerns here are Soros’ plans for Ukraine, which include getting our Federal Reserve involved in the country’s debt crisis by promising a $15 billion deal with the National Bank of Ukraine, Paul said. Soros also wants the European Commission to commit $1 billion annually to Kiev.

The problem is debt and who’s going to get stuck with it,” Paul explained. “It’s not too unlike the problem that the Europeans are facing—including the United States because we have banks over there—with Greece. And it’s not like they’re expecting Greece or the Ukraine to ever get rich all of a sudden and start paying their bills.”

Paul remarked further that, “There’s a lot of politicking going on right now and a lot of accusations. I think Soros has a precise plan on what we should do with our weaponry.”

McAdams concurred, noting that Soros has been pushing not only for funding for Ukraine but also for sending weapons to western Ukrainians to fight the East.

That really is coming right up against the Minsk agreement, which was supposed to be a cease-fire agreement,” McAdams said. “So he’s pushing for more weapons and as we very well know, the U.S. has military trainers and they are training the army in the West as well.

Paul also questioned why there are so few reports by our media outlets on how many people the U.S. has in Ukraine and how much money is involved.

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Ron Paul: TSA Failures Raise Questions On $100 Billion Boondoggle

New evidence shows the Transportation Security Administration is failing to protect Americans, supporting Ron Paul’s point that it is impossible for government to keep us safe.

In the latest episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, the three-time presidential candidate and former Texas representative cited data from a Homeland Security Red Team investigation that showed how despite having spent nearly $100 billion since 2011, the TSA is not doing a good job.

Daniel McAdams, executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity and co-host of the Liberty Report, explained that this red team sent people under cover to attempt to smuggle mock explosive devices through TSA checkpoints. In 95 percent of those attempts, TSA agents failed to identify the mock bombs.

They’re supposed to be making us safe,” Paul said. “This proves our point that it is an impossible task.”

McAdams pointed out that TSA Administrator Melvin Carraway testified before the Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation back in March saying, “TSA is a high performing counterterrorism organization, applying a multi-layered, intelligence-driven, risk-based approach to protect the nation’s transportation systems.”

Now Carraway has been reassigned. Did Carraway know about these failures before he testified? Paul said the key question here is, “Is he a liar? Or is he a believer? Is he just a bureaucrat that makes himself believe this?

Paul has advocated for the elimination of the TSA. But is there a better solution to the problem of transportation security?

If you look to the rules of a free society, there is one,” Paul explained. “And that is, private individuals are responsible. . . . Those who are true authoritarians want us to be obedient to the state, that we respond in a very passive manner. They’ve done a pretty good job. We’re pretty intimidated and we all want to get on airplanes so they achieve all of that. And to promote the power of the state, they have to get us very fearful whether it’s economic fear or foreign policy problems that we have. It reestablishes this whole notion that it’s the government’s responsibility to make us safe and provide the safety net.

McAdams replied, “It’s amazing how some people argue that somehow the airlines that transport you to your destination don’t care if you get blown up or don’t care if you get hijacked. Don’t they have the most incentive to?

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Ron Paul: Is The CIA Providing Security Or Threatening Our Liberty?

Parts of the Patriot Act expired at midnight, but danger to our liberties remains. According to Ron Paul, the embodiment of that danger is the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.

In the latest episode of the Ron Paul Liberty Report, Paul and his co-host, Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity executive director Daniel McAdams, discussed why they believe the operational side of the CIA has no place in our republic and how the dangers of the Patriot Act could be carried on through the USA Freedom Act.

The USA Freedom Act is depicted as reform to government surveillance programs executed by the CIA, National Security Administration and the Federal Bureau of Investigations. However, the reform bill hasn’t pleased privacy advocates who claim the changes to NSA’s data collection program and to the process for challenging gag orders imposed on companies by national security aren’t worth the provisions that preserve parts of the Patriot Act.

If we are to maintain our republic, we will have to do something about NSA and the Patriot Act because it’s absolutely contradictory to the cause of liberty,” Paul said.

That’s the real danger with the idea of reform, McAdams replied. “It’s is a word that is used so deceptively because it sounds good. ‘We’re going to reform this issue.’ So I think people who are otherwise well meaning and definitely on the side of liberty have embraced, to a degree, the USA Freedom Act because they think it will rein in the secret government. But, in reality, it will actually extend and expand what they do.

McAdams and Paul raised concerns about CIA and its known and unknown powers. The analytics side of the agency really belongs in the military, McAdams explained. The operational side acts as “the president’s own Praetorian Guard,” he said. “This is like his own personal army that is accountable to no one.

Paul also discussed the ability of the CIA to orchestrate a coup in this country as it has done in the past. “Just think of the things we don’t know the CIA is involved with,” he said.

To me, the most frightening thing in Washington is there were black budgets,” Paul explained. “We never knew exactly how much money was spent. I imagine there is not one person who brings it all together. And who is really in charge? I’m not even sure if the president is in charge. That’s why I talk about a coup. And, you know, there are certainly a lot of theories about the CIA being involved in even domestic assassinations. And the certainly now are involved in presidential directed assassinations.

. . . The first time I heard about an assassination was Diem, because I was in the service at the time and that was when the war was escalating. And Diem was our hand picked dictator of Vietnam. I don’t know how Kennedy went along with this because I thought, why are they doing him? He was supposed to be our friend. He was a Catholic. And yet we go out and help get rid of him. And it was downhill after that, and of course Johnson made it so much worse.

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