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TIM’s Joshua Cook Talks Trump and Sanders on RT’s ‘In The Now’

Truth in Media’s Joshua Cook discussed with RT’s Anissa Naouai his thoughts on the rise of Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders in the U.S. “It’s not who they are voting for, it’s who they are voting against,” said Cook.

Cook added, “They are voting against the establishment elite, the ruling class, and they rejected, in Trump’s case, what the Republican Party actually represents. Voters are rejecting America’s foreign policy, the big banks, corporations and unfair trade deals. Trump has tapped into that anger.”

Cook believes there is a major paradigm shift happening in American politics right now. Watch the entire interview above, which starts at the 2:30 mark.

Truth in Media Project Exposes The Root of Police Militarization

Cincinnati, OH- Wednesday, December 10, 2014 Ben Swann and the Truth in Media Project will release their latest crowdfunded investigation. This story will expose the root of police militarization and why even if the Department of Defense 1033 program comes to an end, militarization will not.

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Ben Swann: The Problem of Policing for Profit in Out-of-Touch Municipalities

On Monday, Investigative Journalist Ben Swann joined Jerry Doyle on the Jerry Doyle Show to discuss the current events in Ferguson, Missouri, as the country prepared to hear the verdict of whether or not Officer Darren Wilson would be indicted for shooting and killing Michael Brown.

They began by discussing the Grand Jury, and the fact that this case was different than most. Swann explained that in this case, the prosecuting attorney was not only presenting the evidence that might have led to Wilson being indicted, but he was also presenting the defense.

He’s actually arguing both sides,” said Swann. “He’s arguing defense for the officer, and he’s questioning whether or not there is evidence. That would never happen with you or I, and I think that’s part of the problem with this particular situation.”

Swann said that in this case, the most appropriate thing to do would have been for “the St. Louis County prosecutor to recuse himself, and bring in a separate prosecutor,” which did not happen.

When visiting Ferguson two weeks ago, Swann found that the people were not able to identify with the police officers in their community, due to the fact that the majority of the officers do not live in Ferguson.

While most of the media is focused on the results of the Grand Jury’s verdict, Swann pointed out that they are not talking about the issues that have led up to this point.

There is a single incident, yes, but that single incident does not stand alone,” said Swann. “It’s woven into the fabric of all of the issues surrounding this.”

Swann explained that as people are watching coverage of the events in communities like Ferguson, Missouri, they will see the media highlight the events as those where it is “black vs. white,” when in reality, it is an issue of a “municipality that does not respect its people.”

Police officers are not trained to see people as their employers,” said Swann. “They are trained to see citizens as a way of deriving revenue.”

Swann said that one major issue plaguing Ferguson was not the way people were reacting, as much as it was the police’s response to the people’s reaction.

What blew Ferguson up the last time was not the protests, it was how police responded to the protests,” said Swann, who went on to explain that while there were “legitimate criminal acts” occurring that required a response from police, the police weren’t using tanks, tear gas, and rubber bullets to combat the rioters and looters, they were using them against the protestors.

Another issue Swann found evident, not only in this case, but also in communities across the country, was the issue of “policing for profit.”

“Ferguson is an especially egregious community when it comes to officers who write citations,” said Swann, who explained policing for profit as a “form of fining people with tickets for as many infractions as possible.”

As a result, the city of Ferguson profited $3.2 million from traffic fines in the year 2013.

Due to the growing epidemic of policing for profit, Swann said that the community of Ferguson does not feel like the police force is there “to serve or to protect,” as much are they are there “to derive revenue from people.”

It’s not a black vs. white issue. It’s a citizen vs. municipality issue.”


Video: Ben Swann Addresses New Poll, Only 7 Percent of Americans Have Faith in Congress

The results from a new GALLUP poll found that the least amount of confidence American people have is in their government. While 21% of Americans have faith in big business, 19% have faith in news on the Internet, and 18% have faith in television news, only 7% of Americans have faith in Congress.

Award-winning independent journalist and media analyst, Ben Swann, pointed out that not only is the level of confidence the American people have in their government embarrassingly low, it is also lower than it has ever been, according to GALLUP’s polling system. Swann says that just last year, with confidence around 9%, the American people were asking, “Can it get any lower than this?” and it has.

Numbers show that Americans place more trust in business, than they do in their government. “There’s probably more trust in the ideas of free market – even though we could argue about whether that even exists anymore – than there is in just corporations,” said Swann. He went on to say that people don’t trust the government, because it is standing in the way of progress.

According to the polls, the level of confidence in the government was much higher in the past. In fact, it was at 40%, following the Watergate scandal. However, while some may wonder whether or not the drastic drop in trust will produce a wake-up call among politicians, Swann doesn’t believe it will. “They don’t care. They saw the numbers when they were at 12%, 10%, 9%…and now at 7%; but what actually changes?”

Establishment spends a lot of money, in order to preserve power,” said Swann, giving the example of the most recent primary election in the United States. “Most of the Grassroots challengers were taken on, not by the establishment, but by establishment super packs, that are spending more money in the primary, than they are in the general election.”

Another recent example Swann gave can be found in Mississippi, with Republican Thad Cochran calling for Democrats to support him. Swann explained that while Cochran’s opponent was being challenged on the fact that he told the people that if he were to go to Washington, he wouldn’t give them anything and he would let them take care of themselves, he still came just one percentage point away from beating Thad Cochran in the run-off election.

While it may seem like websites such as Buzzfeed and Huffington Post are finding ways to get the “corporate message” out, by designing it in such a way that it is appealing, and hidden beneath funny videos and cute puppy pictures, Swann says these sites “do not have the influence over the public that some people think they have.”

Swann pointed out that corporate media in the United States, especially National Broadcast media, doesn’t have any confidence in the public anymore. He explained that last year, while the United States government was covertly funding rebels in Syria, and pushing for the public to support a war, 89% of the American people rejected it.

Right now the U.S. is talking about sending troops back into Iraq, and the American people want no part of it,” said Swann.  “It’s not because corporate media is out there combatting it, it’s because there are serious independent journalists who are out there, and serious independent news sites out there that people are gathering information from…while also watching a cat video every now and then.”

Was RT Anchor Resigning On-Air A Stunt Coordinated With The Guy Who Created “Ron Paul Racist Newsletter” Scandal?

The story broken by Max Blumenthal and Rania Khalekof Truth Dig claims that the on-air resignation of RT_America Anchor Liz Wahl was actually coordinated with a Neo-Con Think-Tank and driven in part by Daily Beast writer James Kirchick. More on him in a minute.

According to the report by TruthDig, much of evidence that Wahl’s resignation was not a spontaneous moment in which she could no longer deal with RT’s “propaganda” can be traced back to Tweets which were sent out about a half hour before Wahl’s final newscast. Though the tweets themselves didn’t come from Wahl, but rather from a neo-conservative think-tank Foreign Policy Initiative, which was started by Bill Kristol.

The first tweet from FPI went out 19 minutes before Wahl’s resignation:

Then, 10 minutes before her resignation:

  2 min before:

Finally, at 5:26 pm, the exact moment when Liz Wahl resigned:


Clearly, someone at FPI was already aware that Liz Wahl was going to resign her anchor position at RT America live on air.

But the plot thickens. It was just over an hour after Wahl was off air that she conducted an exclusive interview with none other than 31 year-old James Kirchick. The two then tweeted out a picture together which they titled a “Freedom Selfie”.


The Truth Dig story explains Kirchick has written for neo-conservative publications such as Commentary but that isn’t half the story. James Kirchick is known for more than just being a neo-conservative.

In 2007, Kirchick was working for The New Republic magazine when he did an expose on the infamous “Ron Paul Newsletters”. In his hit piece on Congressman Ron Paul, Kirchick divulged to readers that the Texas Congressman had for 20 years written a racist, homophobic newsletter.

I became aware of Kirchick in January of 2012 when viewers asked me to take a look at the Ron Paul newsletter story.  I soon found that the claims made by Kirchick were greatly exaggerated. That out of a minimum of 200 newsletters, spanning some 20 years, there were only 9 that included words or phrases that might be considered racist. More importantly, those 9 editions did not include a by-line.


When my story first aired explaining this situation, Kirchick responded on Twitter exclaiming that I was attempting to downplay his revelations regarding the newsletters. That led to a follow up on my part. In this second “Reality Check” which aired one night later, I disclosed information Kirchick had buried in his reporting.

Furthermore, that information had not only been buried by Kirchick, but had been ignored entirely by other media who had covered the newsletter scandal. This information, however is extremely important to the story. Turns out, that among the so called “racist” newsletters, there was ONE by-line.

As I explained in January of 2012 “The author of those articles James Kirchick mentions that none of the racist newsletters have a by-line, except for one. The only problem, back in 2007 (Kirchick) did not mention the name of that writer or which edition he or she wrote.”

Turns out one edition has a by-line with the name James B. Powell.  Powell’s name appears on a 1993 Special Edition of the Ron Paul Strategy Guide. It was also written during the exact same time period in which these “racist” newsletters began to pop up.  You see, the Ron Paul Newsletter had been printed for 14 years, since 1976, before one single “racist” word popped up in 1990.  As I explained in my report, all of the editions with “racist” or “homophobic” language not only began to appear at the same time, but were first published in a span of 4 out of 5 months.  To understand the connection to James Powell, watch the follow up “Reality Check” below.

You can watch that report here:

Combine James Kirchick, who already has a record of writing hit pieces on behalf of neo-cons, with Liz Wahl’s resignation and the end result should made anyone with critical thinking skills pause. As for Kirchick’s track record when it comes to standing up against propaganda? That part of the story is almost laughable, as TruthDig points out “Kirchick worked for part of 2011 out of Prague for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, a media network funded by Congress (formerly backed by the CIA) that functions like the American answer to RT in Russian-aligned Eastern European countries.”

As for Liz Wahl, if she truly believed that she was being forced to report propaganda, then she has every right to resign her position with RT as she did. On the other hand, to have worked with people like Kirchick in order to capitalize on that resignation, I will leave to the reader to decide the folly or wisdom in that.

RT Anchor Quits Live On Air: “I’m Proud To Be An American, I Believe In The Truth”


American news anchor Liz Wahl criticized Russia’s Putin just before quitting her job at the state-owned TV network Russia Today (RT) Wednesday, saying she is “proud to be an American” and could no longer “be a part of a network that whitewashes the actions of Putin.”

RT responded calling Wahl’s move “nothing more than a self-promotional stunt.”

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Obama Admin. Violates Their Own “Lawless” Rules On Drone Strikes, Kills Wedding Party In Yemen

President Barack Obama violated his own rules for the use of drone strikes in a December 2013 strike on a wedding procession in Yemen, a new report from Human Rights Watch says.

The US military initially claimed that the procession was actually members of Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula, then admitted it was a wedding procession, but claimed that most of the people killed in the attack were members of the terrorist organization.

But Human Rights Watch says, “The procession also may have included members of AQAP, although it is not clear who they were or what was their fate.” The group went on to say that there is no evidence that members of the caravan posed an imminent threat, and that killing them was a violation of international human rights laws.

Ben Swann was a guest with RT’s Meghan Lopez.  Ben talks about about US drone policy and whether the attack was a violation of Obama’s own stated rules.