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New Data: Libertarian Party Registrations Rising

According to a recent Gallup poll and a report from Ballot Access News, the libertarian movement is not only gaining in popularity but is adding new members to the Libertarian Party. In fact, recent data shows that the it’s becoming the fastest growing party in the United States.

According to Cato‘s David Boaz, the number of people who identify as libertarian is increasing in the US according to the Gallup Poll’s 2015 survey. The results show that “27 percent of respondents can be characterized as libertarians, the highest number they have ever found,” as more people are identifying as libertarian than conservative, liberal or populist.

Graphic from Reason.com.

According to the March 1, 2016 Ballot Access News publication, Democrat Party registrations declined between Oct. 2014 and Feb. 2016. The same occurred among Republicans, Independents, The Green and Constitution Party.  The only party that gained registrations is the Libertarian Party (See chart below on page 3. The chart shows the states in which people register by party).

Ballot Access News’ Richard Winger told Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook, “Even though it’s still small, the Libertarian Party registration has increased percentage wise in the last year and a half more than the number of Independents and you will not find the media mentioning that.”

Carla Howell, political director of the national Libertarian Party, told Cook that she is seeing a spike in Libertarian Party registration.

“I can tell you what we have seen for several years now is consistent growth in the Libertarian Party registration in states where you can register to vote by party and a decline in other parties,” said Howell.

Sean Haugh, a North Carolina Libertarian candidate for the US Senate, told Cook his thoughts on the rise of the Libertarian Party.

Cook asked Haugh, “It seems ballot access was an issue in the past for Libertarians, but is the new issue now getting on the debate stage in general elections?”

“For Libertarians in North Carolina, yes,” said Haugh. “We’ve reached the point where we can easily attain the 2 percent we need to stay on the ballot. The next goal is 15 percent to ensure debate access. Still, other candidates have to agree to debate. The signs I’m seeing indicate my opponents this time may avoid debates under any circumstances. I have long felt that once we get to 15 percent, the next step is 51 percent.”

Haugh added, “It’s very gratifying, having been here all this time and seeing Libertarian ideas become mainstream. I’ve been saying the same things for over 30 years, and now I’m the sane, common sense candidate, no longer some fringe radical. It’s nice.”

In July 2015, the Truth in Media Project released a Consider This video, seen below, revealing that Independents and third party voters together are now outnumbering Democrats and Republicans.

Republicans and Democrats are no longer the majority.Learn more: http://bit.ly/1Kdbdqm

Posted by Ben Swann on Saturday, July 18, 2015

Exclusive Interview | N.C. Libertarian Candidate says “Republicans and Dems keep stealing my votes”

Libertarian Sean Haugh is a major factor in the U.S. Senate race in North Carolina and cannot be ignored!

According to recent poll numbers, incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan has 46 percent of votes and Republican challenger Thom Tillis has 43 percent, with a 4-percent margin of error. But, Haugh is polling at 7 percent. The media and conservative news sites like the DailyCaller and Breitbart are calling Haugh a “spoiler candidate.”

Haugh scoffs at that idea.

He’s not there to spoil anyone’s election. He’s there to provide a much-need Libertarian voice and option. “A vote for me is a vote for me. Period,” said Haugh in one of his YouTube videos.

Haugh told the Washington Post he was motivated to run against Hagan and Tillis because he “couldn’t stand the idea of walking into the voting booth and just seeing the Democrat and the Republican on the ballot.”

“This whole ‘wasted vote’ and ‘spoiler’ nonsense depends on a false premise. It’s an arrogant notion to suggest that votes belong to my opponents and I am somehow taking votes from them,” he said.

“The truth is, your vote belongs to you.  Not me, and not the Democrats or Republicans. Your vote is your way to tell the politicians what you want. You don’t owe it to anybody. We candidates have to earn it, every time,” he continued.

Haugh told Benswann.com that he was grateful to those who have worked for years to get Libertarian candidates on the ballot.  Because of their hard work Haugh now has the freedom to focus on being himself and put out his message. “I have a huge opportunity here to smash all records. I’m standing on the shoulders of lots of people who have worked so hard to get us to this point,” he said.


Joshua Cook interviews Sean Haugh on the issues–all substance.

Libertarian Senate Candidate Shaking Up the Political Machine in NC

North Carolina joins at least 10 other states with Libertarian U.S. Senate candidates that are shaking up election season.

Libertarians are poised to draw votes in Montana, Oregon, Colorado, Minnesota, Iowa, Arkansas, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia and Alaska. The party is currently working to collect enough signatures to appear on ballots in Kentucky and New Hampshire and is attracting attention with gubernatorial candidates in Florida and Kansas, the Washington Post reported.

In the Tarheel State, Libertarian candidate Sean Haugh’s support in four recent polls is between 8 and 11 percent.

The media states that Haugh’s strong support is not enough to win, but it’s conceivably enough to affect the outcome of the race. Those same results show the margin between incumbent Democrat Kay Hagan and Republican challenger, state House Speaker Thom Tillis, at 6 points or less.

“If it ends up being a one- or two-point race, Democrats could keep the Senate because of Sean Haugh,” said Tom Jensen, director of Public Policy Polling (PPP), which showed the Libertarian at 11 percent in its May and June surveys.

Haugh responds to the classical scared tactic from the right that says “if you vote for a Libertarian you’re throwing away your vote or you’re voting for a Democrat.”

“The only votes that count are the ones that vote “for” a candidate,” said Haugh.

Haugh states in the video below, “Voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.”

“Only Libertarians can be counted on to stop all war and let you keep your money,” said Haugh.

Watch video below.