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Sen. Lindsey Graham Knows “The Iranians Are Lying” From Working In A Pool Room

Likely presidential candidate Sen. Lindsey Graham has gone on the offensive towards Jews, women, members of Congress, and even the word “al” with his many attempted jokes, and his latest target is Iranians.

Last Friday, Graham told the Republican Leadership Conference:

“Everything I know about the Iranians I learned in the pool room. I ran the pool room when I was a kid, and I met a lot of liars, and I know the Iranians are lying.”

How could a sitting U.S. Senator and soon-to-be presidential candidate feel comfortable saying such an offensive thing while there are Iranian-Americans who pay taxes, serve this country, and are proud patriotic Americans?

Graham remarked later in his address that “The Iranians cheat and they lie- they are a radical regime. They want a master religion for the world, the Nazis wanted a master race.”

The National Iranian-American Council is now calling for Graham to apologize for his bigoted remark and created an online petition calling on him to retract his statement.

Petition text:

Dear Senator Graham,

I am outraged by the repulsive comments you delivered for the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in which you called Iranians liars.

The fact that you are basing important national security decisions on your experiences working in a pool hall is troubling enough. But stereotyping an entire people as “liars” based on these experiences is racist and completely unacceptable.

I call on you to immediately retract your comments and apologize for these bigoted remarks.



‘Graham Crackers’: The Growing List Of Threats That Became Jokes

With an official announcement expected on June 1st, US Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) appears to be quite serious about running for President. “I’m running because I think the world is falling apart and I’ve been more right than wrong on foreign policy,” he said on Monday.

Over the last few months, Graham has made a few controversial statements about the use of government force that have been described by his staff as jokes. For a potential candidate so dedicated to promoting massive military presence around the world, it can be difficult to dismiss his words as jokes as his list of unusual statements continues to grow.

  •  In New Hampshire, Graham said he would “literally use the military” to hold Congress until its members restored defense spending cuts. (Read more here)
  •  “Al Qaeda, Al Nusra, Al Qaeda in the Arab Peninsula… Everything that starts with ‘Al’ in the Middle East is bad news.” (Read more here)
  •  “If I’m President of the United States and you’re thinking about joining Al Qaeda or ISIL—anybody thinking about that?—I’m not going to call a judge, I’m going to call a drone, and we will kill you.” (Read more here)

Graham’s other jokes have not been limited to humorous threats of force:

The Jew Joke. “If I put together a finance team that will make me financially competitive enough to stay in this thing … I may have the first all-Jewish cabinet in America because of the pro-Israel funding. [Chuckles.] Bottom line is, I’ve got a lot of support from the pro-Israel funding.” Source: JTA

The White Man Joke. “If I get to be president, white men who are in male-only clubs are going to do great in my presidency.” Source: FITS

The Sexist Joke. “Did you see Nancy Pelosi on the floor? Complete disgust. If you can get through all the surgeries, there’s disgust.” Source: Salon

Perhaps this list will grow as the presidential race ramps up and the verbal jabs continue to fly.

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Hawkish Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham to provide ‘very important update’ on 2016 plans Monday

On Sunday, Sen. Lindsey Graham sent out an email (twice) asking his supporters to tune into CBS This Morning at 8am where he plans to give an update on his 2016 plans. Instead of “Peace Through Strength,” Graham’s campaign slogan is, “Security Through Strength” that focuses on foreign policy and national security.

“As an announcement draws near, I need to know you stand with me,” Graham said, and linked to a page where people can donate money to his exploratory committee.

So could Graham go from 91 percent sure he’s running, to 99.9 percent, to officially jumping into the presidential race tomorrow?

Though Graham was never a Desert Shield veteran, nor a Desert Storm veteran, nor a Gulf War veteran, according to FitsNews.com, he is one of the biggest war hawks in the U.S. Senate. 

Graham not only praises Democrats like Hillary Clinton as the “most effective secretary of states,” he also votes like them. Last year Graham was censured by 9 Republican county parties for his liberal voting record.

Despite his progressive voting record in a “red state,” he easily won re-election last year.

But recently Graham has been more focused on “trolling” Sen. Rand Paul rather than focusing on his own campaign.

According to Politico, Graham attacked Paul on his defense of civil liberties.

“I’m not going to call a judge,” said Graham. “I’m going to call a drone and kill you.”

Apparently Americans have no constitutional rights or due process according to Graham. Under a Graham presidency, he will be judge and executioner (kind of like Obama).

Graham has stated multiple times that suspected terrorists, whether they are Americans or not should not get due process or a lawyer.

If I’m President of the United States and you’re thinking about joining Al Qaeda or ISIL—anybody thinking about that?—I’m not going to call a judge, I’m going to call a drone, and we will kill you. *laughs*

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Exclusive Audio: As POTUS, Sen. Graham Vows U.S. Military Force Against Non-Compliant Congress

Among the crowded field of potential Presidential candidates vying for the GOP’s nomination, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) is the latest to stump in New Hampshire.

While visiting the Concord City Republican Committee on March 7th at the “Politics and Pies” forum, the 59-year-old Senator asserted that American ground troops would be necessary to defeat ISIS. In addition, he advocated for the reversal of defense spending cuts and, as President of the United States, Graham would restrict the movement of lawmakers until those cuts are reversed.

Exclusive audio here:

In a chilling statement, Graham said he would not allow Congress to leave D.C. until his demands are met, declaring he would use United States military force to keep them there.

“…and here is the first thing I would do if I were President of the United States, I wouldn’t let Congress leave town until we fix this. I would literally use the military to keep them in if I had to.”

New Hampshire GOP leaders were unable to speak on behalf of the candidate.

Graham’s South Carolina U.S. Senate primary opponent, State Senator Lee Bright, had this to say:

“If Graham is not being serious he should choose his words with more thought. If he is being serious those actions would be a threat to the republic.”

Graham’s office responded to a clarification inquiry with:

“Due to the large volume of mail I receive, I regret that I am only able to respond personally to inquiries from South Carolinians.”


Follow up: Were Lindsey Graham’s Military Remarks Intended To Be Humorous?

Exclusive | Former INS Agent: ‘Lindsey Graham’s Solution to Fixing This Problem Should Get Him the MVP Award From ISIS’

The latest U.S. intelligence estimates say that more than 100 Americans have joined the jihad in Syria to fight alongside Sunni terrorists there.

Americans ISIS members still have their passports and can still return to the United States. They can even cross the southern border with ease, and they can even fly into any international airport by gaming the failed U.S. immigration system.

According to reports, some ISIS members claim to be in major US cities already. After alleged Islamic terrorists threatened Chicago and Washington D.C., on Twitter, the government is begging local police to remain vigilant.

How real is the threat? According to Oklahoma Senator Jim Inhofe, the threat is very real.

He told a local Fox affiliate: “We’re in the most dangerous position we’ve ever been in as a nation.”

“They’re crazy out there and they’re rapidly developing a method of blowing up a major U.S. city and people just can’t believe that’s happening,” he added.

Last year Sen. Graham (R-SC)  and Chuck Schumer (D-NY) said that they would not settle for the status quo after the Boston bombing attack.

But both political parties and President Obama have done nothing to fix the visa waiver program and immigration process regarding national security concerns.

Former INS agent Mike Cutler explained just  how easy it would be for ISIS to come to the US by exploiting our failed immigration system in an interview with Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook.

Listen to the exclusive interview with Mike Cutler.

Breaking: The Republican Liberty Caucus endorses U.S. Senate candidate Lee Bright against Lindsey Graham

Today the Republican Liberty Caucus (RLC) endorsed U.S. Senate candidate Lee Bright against Sen. Lindsey Graham. This is the first time a major national organization has backed a specific opponent of Lindsey Graham’s in this race. Sources told Benswann.com  that the endorsement was unanimous after a detailed consideration process, candidate survey, and direct Q&A with the candidate.


According to the RLC, the other Graham opponents declined to fill out surveys to go on the record about specific issues with the RLC (including Nancy Mace and Richard Cash).

The RLC recently backed Mark Sanford and was an early backer of Ted Cruz in Texas and Mike Lee in Utah during their primaries.

The endorsement will be announced in a series of press conferences across South Carolina on Wednesday.

The press conferences will be held in Greenville, Columbia, and Charleston.

Lee Bright will be speaking at each and will be available to talk to voters and the press.


According to Fitsnews.com, “U.S. Sen. Lindsey Graham’s campaign is said to be in “meltdown mode” based on internal polling done in the wake of his conflicted votes on Obamacare last week.”

Clemson political science professor Dave Woodard conducted a poll recently and found only 31 percent of South Carolina’s Republicans plan to vote to re-elect Graham, regardless of who else was in the race.

Last week the Greenville County GOP, the largest and most influential party in the state, joined other county parties to officially censure Senator Graham. The censure resolution cites 29 points where Graham is said to have strayed from or violated the GOP platform, sided with Democrats, and openly ridiculed members of his own party.

*The Republican Liberty Caucus is a nationwide grassroots organization founded in 1991 to advance free markets, limited government, and individual liberty within the Republican Party. More about the RLC can be found at www.rlc.org. More about the South Carolina chapter can be found at www.rlcsc.org. Joshua Cook, the author of this article is the Chairman of the RLC Greenville Chapter.

Sen. Lindsey Graham Facing Heavy Backlash for Cloture Vote

Increasingly, conservatives feel sold down the river by their leadership, including Sen. John McCain, Sen. Lindsey Graham, Speaker of the House John Boehner, and Rep. Peter King.

Just look at the reaction Sen. (R-SC) Lindsay Graham received on Twitter about the Obamacare debate.

As Michael Lofti reported on Monday, Sen. Graham told constituents that he had done everything possible to stop the implementation of the Affordable Care Act.. What Graham failed to mention is that he and 79 other Senators voted in favor of cloture, which allowed Senate Republicans to be outvoted on the Senate spending bill that stripped out the defunding language on the ACA.

We can debate whether or not Republicans should be attempting to block the implementation of the Affordable Care Act but it is without question hypocritical for Sen. Graham to allow the bill to move forward and then claim to voters that he has done everything possible to stop it.

The Graham blog tweeted on Sept. 27th: “Today I proudly voted to #DefundObamacare”

Graham Obamcare Twitter

The twitter sphere reacted swiftly, with multitudes calling him a flat out liar. Bob Zaruta tweeted: “You voted to FUND Obamacare. U voted yes on Cloture, knowing Reid would strip defund language. You own O-care now.”

Jujubug tweeted; “No you did not. You voted yes to cloture which funded Obamacare. We are not progressive liberal sheep we don’t buy lies.”

Glenn M tweeted; “You are counting on conservatives to be stupid. We are not. That only works on Obama supporters.”

Adam Wainwright tweeted: “Wow, you must not really think much of your voters.”

Sen. Graham has now followed up with this:

Graham Obamcare Twitter

Some of his Twitter followers weren’t that impressed, and “Sal Amuk” tweeted  “ummm salary? how about 10mil in lobbying money”

Graham Obamcare Twitter

Must be tough to govern these days, now that citizens can provide instant feedback!

Senator (R-SC) Lindsay Graham will be facing off against newcomer Nancy Mace for his Senate seat in the 2014 Republican primary.  She is the first woman to graduate from the Citadel.  Lindsay Graham has held his Senate seat for 10 years.   Prior to that he was a Congressman for 10 years.

Polls show Graham extremely vulnerable in South Carolina primary

Sen. Lindsey Graham has represented South Carolina since 1995, but he hasn’t faced re-election since the Tea Party brought principled conservatives and libertarians to the forefront of the Republican Party.  His last election was in 2008, and 2014 is not looking good for the veteran politician.  In a recent poll, Graham won support from under 50% of the state’s Republican voters.

Worse, Graham doesn’t even break 40% among evangelicals, a group who makes up almost 60% of likely primary voters.  Though the highest polling of Graham’s opponents (Lee Bright) currently polls at only 13%, with Nancy Mace at 10% and Richard Cash at 7%, Graham’s position as not only an incumbent, but an incumbent with universal name recognition running against currently-little-known challengers makes the low poll numbers particularly telling.

Graham’s low poll numbers come at a time that many moderate Republicans have been losing reelection bids to principled primary challengers.  2010 brought the first wave of Tea Party victories, and 2012 saw numerous Tea Party candidates winning primary challenges against establishment opponents.  Long time Indiana Senator Richard Lugar lost his primary election to Richard Mourdock, and Ted Cruz famously won both the primary and general elections in Texas.

Graham isn’t the only establishing Republican who will be facing a tough 2014 primary, either.  A recent report has already suggested that John Boehner will retire after the 2014 election, and high profile candidates are staging primaries against establishment backed candidates.  Liz Cheney is running against Mike Enzi in Wyoming and Mitch McConnell is also in a tough battle.

South Carolina’s primary, like the Texas protocol which helped Cruz win, calls for a runoff election in the case of no candidate winning over 50% of the vote.  This means that even if Graham gets more votes than any other candidate in the primary, if he does not break 50% a new election will take place between Graham and his top challenger.  Though the South Carolina GOP has been unsuccessful at closing the state’s open primary system, it is noteworthy that Texas also has a mostly-open primary system.


In a statement regarding Graham’s low poll numbers, primary challenger Lee Bright told BenSwann.com blogger Joshua Cook, “a veteran of two decades, and a darling of the media with 100% name recognition is really in trouble at only 42% in the polls.  It’s embarrassing frankly.”

Lee Bright Pic“The numbers show that Lindsey Graham is out of touch with conservatives. Graham wants to fund Obamacare and bomb Syria.  Graham has it all wrong, and that’s why he’s so vulnerable.  We’re encouraged that even though we were the last to announce, we’re in a strong position.  I’ve been telling our supporters and the media that all we need is a little financial support to retire Lindsey Graham, and this validates that.  We never believed the reports that indicated he was bullet proof.  We knew that was not the case,” Bright said.

Graham will indeed likely receive a high amount of funding from establishment types.  His challengers will need some financial support to increase their name recognition, but the Senator’s positions and willingness to acquiesce to Democrats has made him fundamentally unpopular with the state’s voters.

Crowd Erupts In Thunderous Applause When Presented with Resolution to Replace Lindsey Graham

On Aug. 5, 2013, in Greenville, S.C. a resolution supporting the replacement of Senator Lindsey Graham was presented at the county GOP executive committee meeting which resulted in spontaneous  applause. More than 200 republican leaders attended.

According to the TimesExaminer.com, the resolution lists 29 actions by Sen. Graham that the resolution states are “fundamentally inconsistent with the principles of the South Carolina Republican Party.” The actions include voting with Democrats to appoint radicals Elena Kagan and Sandra Sotomayor to the Supreme Court, and consistently supporting amnesty for illegal aliens.

One republican attending the meeting said, “it is the responsibility of all republicans to defend the platform, and speak out, and then take action to replace any republican who consistently votes contrary their party platform.”

On Tuesday, South Carolina state senator and Tea Party favorite Lee Bright launched his campaign website sending a warning shot across the bow for Lindsey Graham. This makes Bright the third candidate seeking to replace Sen. Graham.

The campaign website states, “As a South Carolina state senator, Lee Bright has earned the reputation for being the most conservative leader in the legislature. His impeccable voting record reveals a strong belief in Second Amendment freedoms, pro-life values, the advancement of civil liberties and fiscal responsibility.”

“It’s time to take this proven track record to the U.S. Senate so South Carolina can lead the charge against the Washington establishment,” the site declares.

Last Sunday, Graham said on CNN’s State of the Union with Candy Crowley, “I am going to keep being a social and fiscal conservative that focuses on our national security, takes care of our interests at home, like the Port of Charleston, working with my state officials, and be a conservative like Ronald Reagan who will sit down with a Tip O’Neill to solve America’s problems … I will continue to be Lindsey Graham a solid fiscal and social conservative who wants to solve problems I think that’s the future of the Republican Party.”

A well known liberty activist, Chris Lawton who presented the resolution told Full Disclosure, “We are the largest republican county in SC (13% of the entire state) and we fired the first shot in the retirement of Lindsey Graham tonight. We anticipate other County Executive Committees across the state to join this movement to bring our senator home to pasture.”

Resolution to Replace Lindsey Graham

He’s In! Lee Bright Launches U.S. Senate Campaign Website

Today the anti-establishment, pro-second Amendment, pro-life, pro-civil liberties state senator Lee Bright launched his campaign landing page. Conservatives and liberty activists throughout the state have been waiting for a sign to settle everyone’s mind about whether or not he’s running against Lindsey Graham or not. Well that day is here. His formal announcement will be coming soon, but this move is to signal those in the grassroots that he is indeed running.

This morning the Bright team has launched his official campaign landing page: www.BrightForSenate.com

bright - website

“Conservatives and those in the liberty movement are excited about Bright running because he is the only challenger with an impeccable voting record, and we will stress this throughout the campaign,” one Bright supporter said.


Talbert Black with Campaign for Liberty and founder of the Palmetto Liberty PAC which monitors S.C. legislators’ voting records said,


“Lee Bright has been an outstanding state Senator, standing up against corruption, for life, for the right to keep and bear arms, for fiscal responsibility and constitutionally limited government. He has not been afraid to stand against his own party leadership when they are wrong. He has a proven record. I have no doubt his past actions are an accurate predictor of what Lee Bright will do as a US Senator.”

Recently theGreenvillePost.com asked Bright why he thought there was so much passion to replace Lindsey Graham with a true conservative?

lee-brightConservatives feel that South Carolina should be a state that helps and not hurts. And they expected a U.S. Senator from a “Red State” to help the conservative cause and not be an impediment to it. And we let them down on that front…Graham has let us down on so many issues. A lot of folks thought he would follow in the footsteps of Strom Thurmond (R), but instead, we got another Fritz Hollings (D). Except I would argue that Hollings was more conservative on fiscal issues than Lindsey Graham is. He has not done what we thought he would do. He is not the Graham that went after Bill Clinton at the impeachment hearings. He is the Graham that has fallen under the tutelage of John McCain,” Bright said.

Bright’s website is just another warning shot across the bow for Lindsey Graham. Bright will be the 3rd candidate to enter the race to unseat Sen. Graham following small business owners Nancy Mace and Richard Cash.

War Hero Considers a Run for Sen. Graham’s Seat: Exclusive Interview with Lt. Colonel Bill Connor

This week I contacted Lt. Colonel Bill Connor to ask him a few questions about a potential run against Sen. Lindsey Graham. Currently Lt. Colonel Connor is on active duty and cannot campaign due to military restrictions. Connor is a well-known and respected Constitutional Conservative in South Carolina and won the Bronze Star for his efforts in Afghanistan.

Joshua Cook: There are rumors that you are considering a run for the U.S. Senate seat to replace two-time incumbent Lindsey Graham. Tell me where you are at on that decision.

Connor: I am strongly considering a run for Sen. Graham’s seat.  I do not believe that Graham has provided the “consistent” conservative leadership expected by South Carolinians (particularly conservatives).  He is “hit or miss” on the issues.  I appreciate his strong stance on national defense and issues like Benghazi.  I am disappointed with his record on the TARP bailout, immigration, spending/taxing (internet sales tax, etc.), foreign aid and importantly his decision to vote to nominate Sotomayor and Kagan for the Supreme Court.  That vote for those two radical justices is inexcusable.  That is a reason the SCOTUS struck down DOMA, and we may see an end to traditional marriage as we all know it.

Cook: When you ran for S.C. Lieutenant Governor, you said that you were “The Ultimate Outsider.” What did you mean by that?

Connor: When I ran for Lt. Governor, I was a 41-year-old military guy just back from war who had never run for office.  I have never worked in the political world as a consultant (Nancy Mace with Fitsnews) or elected official (Lee Bright).  I have never had a family member run for office, and I don’t have political connections.  I discovered my situation of running as a Tea Party candidate without any political background/connections made me the ultimate outsider.  I lost the race for Lt. Governor in the runoff, so I can no longer say I’ve never run for office.  However, I believe I remain an outsider.  A conservative who just wants to defend the Constitution in a different manner from the way I defended it as an infantry officer in Afghanistan, Kuwait, Egypt (Sinai), etc.

bill connor-hero

Cook: Why did you feel called to volunteer for the 218th infantry brigade that was called into combat to Afghanistan? You were not in the 218th but you decided to volunteer anyway.

Connor: I was not in the 218th Infantry when they were alerted to deploy to Afghanistan.  I volunteered because I felt the call to defend our great nation and my family.  I had been trained as an Airborne Ranger, had commander Light Infantry and Ranger Tng units and had almost 2 decades of experience in the Army combat arms.  I believed in the mission, as we were attacked on 9/11 from what was planned and supported by Bin Laden and Al Qaeda from Afghanistan (and the Taliban would not give up Bin Laden to justice).  I love our Constitution and would give my life for that document.  I feel the same passion to fight for it back home.

Cook: Why do you think there is so much excitement to replace Lindsey Graham not only in SC but throughout the U.S.?

Connor: Sen. Graham has ceased to be a South Carolina conservative leader and sought the public spotlight as a national figure.  In doing so, he is praised by the liberal media for “reaching across the aisle.”  He spends his time around John McCain attempting to garner that “aura” of the national spotlight.  Therefore, Graham has generated support among moderates nationally and the ire of conservatives, particularly in S.C.

Cook: One of the big issues in the U.S. is immigration. The Chamber of Commerce-types want cheap labor, democrats want new voters, but the majority of Americans want secure borders. How can we expect that passing new laws will help when we don’t follow the laws we currently have on the books? What is the answer to our immigration problems?

Connor: In the 1950s, General Eisenhower (after the Presidency, he asked to be referred to as General and not President) did the right thing by enforcing our laws.  It may have seemed hard, but he rounded up those who broke the laws and deported them.  We now have a situation in which Sen. Graham and many others have been very weak on the enforcement of our laws and allowed us to come to this point.  Now, they argue we cannot enforce the law and seek ways to reward lawbreakers.  I take a tough approach to this issue.  Before any discussions, we must secure our border properly.  Graham is against that being the top priority.  He patronizes conservatives by claiming that the new political reality (created by his negligence) forces the GOP to back off of the tough line on immigration.  Bottom line:  We cease to be a nation if we cannot control the borders.  We have people from throughout the world following our laws and watching the laws being selectively enforced due to pressure from interest groups.  We need to secure the border and enforce the laws.  Period.

Cook: Should the 2nd Amendment be limited? What are your thoughts on the recent attempt to ban “assault” rifles (M-4, AR-15 variants) and weaken the 2nd Amendment?

Connor: Having had to defend my life with my personal weapons (including 9mm pistol) in war at close range with those seeking to kill me, I will NEVER back down on the 2nd Amendment rights.  All this seems theoretical, until one needs a weapon for self defense.  Someone may only need it once in their life, but that one time determines if they live or die.  Our founders and the Constitution is 100% clear about this right.  It cannot be taken.  That includes so-called “assault” rifles, which are no different beyond cosmetics.

connor 50 caliber

Cook: Sen. Lindsey Graham and John McCain have criticized Senators like Mike Lee, Rand Paul and Ted Cruz. McCain even referred to them as “Wacko Birds” and then later apologized. How do you view them? Are they doing a good job?

Connor: I believe John McCain and Graham need to go back home, get real jobs and be forced to understand they are no longer conservatives.  Mike, Rand and Ted are the true conservatives to most conservatives in America.  McCain calling them “Wacko Birds” is ironic.  McCain’s various statements and decisions, while maintaining the GOP/conservative label (his label), is pretty wacky.  Those conservatives are doing an excellent job and exactly what conservatives want.  McCain and Graham seem to be doing what the liberal media want done.

Cook: One of the biggest issues for business owners is Obamacare. What is the best way to defeat Obamacare?

Connor: Obamacare should be defunded and repealed at the earliest opportunity.  The defunding seems to be taking place, but I suspect Graham will support Obamacare (claiming that “elections have consequences,” and that’s what he must do).  This is a huge reason I want conservative leadership in Graham’s seat.

Cook: Rep. Jeff Duncan recently noted that oil production is booming in North Dakota because the drilling is on state-owned or private land. He spoke of the potential benefits to South Carolina by opening up drilling opportunities 70 miles from our coastline.  The drilling rigs would not be seen from the beaches and coastal communities, and 37% of the revenue generated from such drilling would come back into the South Carolina economy.  The federal government controls the permitting of offshore drilling. Obama ended offshore drilling within 125 miles of our coast.  Rep. Duncan has introduced legislation to allow oil, exploration and drilling off the South Carolina coast. Is this something you can support? Are regulations killing creativity and our economy? What is the solution?

Connor: I support Jeff Duncan and believe he is going in the right direction.  We should allow oil exploration in S.C. and anywhere else we can begin domestic production.  Regulations are killing us, and in a bad economy, the first priority must be the economy and jobs.  Not Obama’s plans to fight “global warming” as the top priority.

Cook:  What is the best strategy to promote peace in the Middle East, instead of arming the Muslim Brotherhood? We want more peace, but what is the best way to do it? Should we be involved in helping the rebels in Syria? Where is Lindsey Graham going wrong?

Connor: We should never have supported the Muslim Brotherhood.  It is against our national interest, and they are clearly attempting to use the ballot box to end the Constitution and Democratic systems.  They are openly for the oppression of Christians and other non-Muslims and seek to build a Caliphate that can eventually attempt to conquer the West for Sharia law.  I understand all this, having served in the Middle East a number of times (something neither Graham, McCain nor the other candidates have done).  We should not be funding and supporting Islamist groups as we did with Libya, and we should not be funding/supporting Islamist groups in Syria.  American interest should be the number one factor in foreign policy not attempting to remake other countries and not supporting governments opposed to our interests like we have done in Egypt.

Cook:   You have stated that our rights come from God and not from the government. You said that in the Bill of Rights – the “pursuit of happiness” meant economic freedom and property rights, and that they come from God and not from government. You also note that we must stay true to our founding values of a constitutional republic that our founders gave us. How do we destroy the chains of socialism that are suffocating America and get back to a Constitutional Republic that you embrace so much?

Connor: We must fight to regain our Constitutional Republic and that will not happen with men like Sen. Graham.  We are at a crisis, and we must have leaders in D.C. willing to forgo the acclaim of the mainstream media and be willing to be lampooned if necessary.  Men like Graham have allowed the desire for national acclaim to overshadow their duty as conservatives.  We must fight the democrats’ agenda to remake America.  We must fight it with every fiber of our being.  We are “one nation under God,” and only have secure rights if America collectively acknowledges we believe rights come from God and not government.  General Eisenhower understood this necessity and inserted “Under God” in the pledge and changed our national motto to “In God we Trust.”  The media is generally liberal and will call such rhetoric “right wing.”  However, it is what made America the nation we have become.


To find out more, please visit his website: www.billconnoronline.com.