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Truth In Media with Ben Swann, Episode 31: Pandemic Lockdown and Protests Push Gun Sales to All Time Highs

The pandemic lockdown and protests have pushed gun sales to all-time highs, but what the media doesn’t want to talk about is who is buying the majority of these guns.


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Senate Democrats Agree to DHS Funding Bill to Protect Obama’s Immigration Order

On Wednesday, the Senate voted 98-2 on a bill that would continue to fund the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). The bill, which comes three days before a partial DHS shutdown, has created controversy between Democrats and Republicans in the Senate, and was only agreed upon after Majority Leader, Republican Mitch McConnell, removed provisions added by the House that would have reversed President Obama’s executive immigration action.

The Hill reported that the two votes against the bill were from Republican Senators James Inhofe of Oklahoma and Jeff Sessions of Alabama.

Senate Minority Leader, Democrat Harry Reid, called the bill a “clean Homeland Security funding substitute,” and said that Democrats in the Senate would only support it on the condition that it did not reverse Obama’s immigration order.

According to the Huffington Post, under the agreement presented by McConnell, the Senate will “resolve the DHS funding issue and then vote on a separate bill” from Republican Senator Susan Collins “to block Obama’s executive actions.

The Associated Press noted that the bill will now be sent to the House, where some conservatives called the new plan a “surrender to the White House.”

The Hill reported that several Republicans criticized this “clean” plan, and many of them vowed they would “not vote to fund agencies that would be carrying out Obama’s immigration order.”

As previously reported, DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson addressed the possibility of a shutdown, while on Meet the Press on Sunday. While also commenting on threats made against the Mall of America by Islamist militants in Somalia, Johnson said it was “bizarre and absurd” that the U.S. government was having this discussion “in these challenging times.”

Following Johnson’s comments, DHS spokeswoman Marsha Catron released a statement admitting that the department was not “aware of any specific, credible plot against the Mall of America or any other domestic commercial shopping center.”

Vets Tear Down Memorial Barricades, Drop them in Front of White House

*Story by Ben Swann and Sonya Sandage

Sunday morning, 2,000- 3,000 veterans, family members and citizens gathered at the World War II Memorial in Washington D.C.  There, the veterans took apart the barricades set up by Park Police to keep visitors out of the WWII Memorial, placed the barricades on their shoulders and carried them away.



The protestors who included veterans of the Korean, Vietnam, WWII, Gulf, Iraq and Afghanistan wars,  took those barricades and carried them about 3/4ths of a mile to a sidewalk in front of White House and piled the barricades there.


The protest had several facets to it, but began as a push back against the closure of open-air memorials in Washington D.C. as a result of the government shutdown. As we have reported, these veterans are furious, saying that these memorials are being closed down in order to inflict pain on veterans and their families.  Already, WWII vets taking part in Honor Flights, have pushed past these barricades to enter the memorial.


“Part of the reason we are out here is because the government is refusing to pay for soldiers’ funerals”, one protestor told our reporter, Sonya Sandage.

In addition to the memorials being closed down, $100,000 payments are no longer being made to the families of soldiers who are killed in combat.  The growing list of soldiers who have died in combat include 5 U.S. soldiers who were killed in Afghanistan just over a week ago.  The payments, however, are not being made because of the government shutdown.  The U.S. government provides these payments to help to pay for funeral expenses and travel for family members.


It is important to note that over the past two weeks the Republican Congress, who has initiated the government shutdown, has passed a bill that would reinstate these payments.  But that bill cannot get an up-or-down vote in the Democrat controlled Senate.

For the most part Sunday’s protest was incident-free.  There was one moment when 4 protestors who put their backs against the iron gate in front of the White House and linked their arms through it.  One police officer in riot gear attempted pull the protestors off the fence but as the crowd seemed to become angry, the officer appeared to back away.  About 25 horse-mounted Park Police also kept a close eye on the protestors but again, without incident.

Police show up:

Here are some additional pictures from the protest:








Obamacare Day 1: Online Exchange Is Already Broken

Have you tried to sign up on the Obamacare exchange yet? After hearing reports from potential patients around the country that the website is already malfunctioning we decided to investigate. The domain is available, seemingly unaffected by the government shutdown. Other government sites are currently unavailable, which makes one wonder- Does the federal government pay for and register their domains on a daily basis? If so, they deserve to be shut down. Obamacare webstite

Like an ominous sign of things to come the Healthcare.gov website is already telling potential patients they’ll have to wait in line… It took approximately 8 minutes for the site to allow us to advance, and no- our internet connection wasn’t slow. Once we were able to advance the site asked a series of questions. Again, once we tried to advance we got this message:

Obamacare Website 2So, we tried again, and we got the same message. This time waiting for more than 10 minutes to get through the website. How is it that the federal government didn’t prepare the website for the high traffic it claims to be receiving? When videos go viral on Youtube with millions of people using the site at once how often do you hear of it crashing? How about Google, which receives millions of hits a day? How often are those sites down? The difference? Government vs. the free-market.

As Obamacare celebrates its first birthday during a government shutdown, signs are already looking worrisome with regards to the efficiency of the new “market”.


The federal government has just officially ordered a shutdown for the first time in 17 years due to the inability to produce funding. Below is an image of the letter sent from the office of management and budget from President Obama.


House republicans sent multiple offers to the Senate in order to avoid a government shutdown as long as Senate democrats would compromise on some level. However, Senate democrats were unwilling to compromise and pass anything less than full implementation of Obamacare. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has been demanding a “clean” continuing resolution, which would not compromise the President’s healthcare law. Reid claims that democrats have already met republicans in the middle and compromised enough.