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Rand Paul Challenges Bernie Sanders To Hour-Long Debate On Socialism vs. Capitalism

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) posted a video clip on Facebook on Thursday from a live broadcast on the Iowa-based talk radio station WHO NewsRadio 1040 in which he can be seen challenging Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.) to a debate.

We’ve been saying what a fun, dramatic, and informative debate it would be if Bernie Sanders and I could have an hour-long debate. Can you imagine? Debating over what rights are versus what obligations are and debating socialism versus capitalism,” said Sen. Paul.

He continued, “See Bernie… he says, ‘Oh, I believe in a benign form of socialism, democratic socialism.’ But here’s the problem—if a majoritarian takes away your rights, it’s not any different or less bad than an authoritarian taking away your rights.

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We had this debate over whether majorities were correct a long time ago when we had Jim Crow laws. In the south, legislatures, majorities passed laws saying segregation, separate-but-equal was O.K. So they discriminated against a whole group of people in America. But that was a majority. A majority is not always right, and I think that you have rights that come from your creator that precede government that can not, should not, and must not be taken away from you by a majority, and I really, really object to Bernie’s understanding of what rights are,” added Paul.

Senator Paul challenges Bernie Sanders to a debate and talks socialism. Live on whoradio.com #StandwithRand

Posted by Rand Paul on Thursday, November 12, 2015

Earlier this year, Truth in Media reported in an exclusive interview with Kentucky-based libertarian activist Donald Meinshausen that Senator Paul had said that he would be willing to debate Bernie Sanders “anytime, anyplace.” Truth in Media subsequently launched a petition offering to host a town hall debate between the two candidates in New Hampshire, which has already reached over 5,000 signatures.

In October, Joshua Cook of Truth in Media spoke with Rand Paul, who agreed to participate in the town hall. Bernie Sanders’ campaign offered the reply, “No comment.”

It has been theorized that Democratic National Committee rules may prevent Sanders from debating Paul in an officially-sanctioned event, but on the other hand, the fact that Paul and Sanders are both U.S. senators who would ordinarily debate each other under the course of their typical duties may limit the DNC’s ability to block the two from participating in a joint town hall.

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Bernie Sanders supporters attack Jason for his anti-socialist views PLUS: French now settle for FAKE jobs

Yesterday Jason tore down Bernie Sanders and his socialist ideology, and last night the socialist movement took to Youtube to attack Jason in full force. Today, he responds by showing the results of Bernie Sanders’s policies and what a Sanders presidency would mean for America.

The Jason Stapleton Program is live from 11:05 am to noon eastern. Enjoy replays from earlier episodes before and after the live show. You can also find recorded episodes on iTunes.

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$20 Minimum Wage Endorsing Socialist Group Posts $13-Per-Hour Job Listing

The website of Seattle’s Freedom Socialist Party lists its most recent presidential candidate Stephen Durham’s political positions, which include the party’s effort to “raise the minimum wage to $20 an hour.” The group also avidly supported a successful push for a $15-per-hour minimum wage in Seattle, which passed this year. However, as Zenon Evans at Reason pointed out, that same political party just got caught posting a $13-per-hour job listing seeking a web content manager with web development skills.

Opponents of increases to the minimum wage often cite unintended consequences like price inflation, the elimination of jobs for unskilled workers, and small businesses‘ inability to pay higher wages as reasons for opposing such measures. As a small non-profit, the Freedom Socialist Party would certainly be wise to limit its labor expenses to the extent possible considering the fact that it is competing with organizations like the Republican and Democratic parties that have exponentially bigger budgets.

However, the Freedom Socialist Party promised that its push for a $15-per-hour Seattle minimum wage would “leave no one behind.” The party’s article promoting Seattle’s minimum wage hike includes this choice quote, “The Seattle fight has moved from the streets to City Hall. In May, new Mayor Ed Murray, Democrat, announced his proposal for $15/hour — for some workers, after several years. Healthcare, tips, and other ‘compensation’ would be calculated into their ‘income.’ In short, Mayor Murray’s plan caters to big business… Concretely, Murray’s proposition affects 102,000 working people in Seattle.” In that quote, party activist Linda Averill effectively criticizes loopholes in Seattle’s minimum wage that allow some employers to get around it.

One such loophole allows small employers like the Freedom Socialist Party to wait seven years before fully implementing the $15 minimum wage. The City of Seattle’s posting on the new minimum wage law says, “Small employers (businesses with fewer than 500 employees) will reach a $15 an hour minimum wage in seven years. Also established is a temporary guaranteed minimum compensation responsibility of $15 an hour to be met within the first five years, which can be achived [sic] by combining employer-paid health care contributions, consumer-paid tips, and employer-paid wages.” Consequently, the Freedom Socialist Party is not technically violating the minimum wage law that it promoted, but is merely using a loophole that it criticized to leave its own future web content manager behind with regards to the $15-per-hour pay rate.

Reason points out the fact that web development, one of the skills required of the Freedom Socialist Party’s future employee, typically brings in around $62,500 per year according to a Bureau of Labor Statistics citation by US News and World Report, meaning that the chosen applicant will have to work at wages far below industry norms. Given the reality that small organizations and businesses do not have unlimited money and sometimes can not afford to raise wages to an arbitrary level, the Freedom Socialist Party’s example proves that its rhetoric about small businesses’ struggles with conforming to a minimum wage are not just a “phony concern,” an argument that party activist Linda Averill advanced in her article promoting Seattle’s $15 minimum wage hike. In fact, it is a very real concern for the Freedom Socialist Party itself.

The controversial job listings were posted on Craigslist and Indeed, and a screenshot of the Indeed posting can be seen below. One wonders how this future employee will feel when being asked to design graphics promoting a $20-per-hour minimum wage while working for $13 per hour.