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Dash Spotlight: Dash Is Helping Solve Hyperinflation in Venezuela

Welcome our Truth In Media spotlight on Dash Digital Cash.

Venezuela’s economic crisis is infamous across the world. But could Dash Digital Cash be a solution to that problem?

The South American country has been plagued by never-ending inflation and devaluation of its central currency, the bolivar.

As we reported on Reality Check, the Venezuelan government recognizes the opportunity with cryptocurrency to solve its economic problems. But their approach is the petro, a cryptocurrency essentially backed by oil, not the blockchain. Take a look.


In that episode, we reported, “The two major selling points of blockchain are radical transparency and decentralization, meaning no one can manipulate the supply or the transactions, including the government. And it’s those two aspects of blockchain that governments are not fans of.”

So what can the people of Venezuela do to solve this problem? A group of citizens have discovered the power of Dash Digital Cash to advance genuine, long-term solutions.

The Dash Venezuela project, led by an organization called Dash Caracas, was launched in 2017 by Eugenia Alcala Sucre. She saw the currency’s potential to help Venezuelans break free from government currency and achieve real prosperity.

A proposal was submitted to the Dash Treasury last year to finance a series of educational conferences, aimed to teach Venezuelans, step by step, how to use Dash Digital Cash as a much-needed alternative to government issued money. It easily gained the votes necessary to fund the project.

The results have been promising, with now 15 Dash communities within the Dash Caracas organization.

In less than a year, more than 4,000 people have attended these educational conferences. And the number of entrepreneurs accepting Dash as payment has grown to over 100.

These conferences are an inspiring example of effective outreach, supporting widespread adoption of Dash use throughout Venezuela.

Be part of the revolution and start using Dash Digital Cash today.

Dash Spotlight: The Sole Reason Why Reality Check & Truth In Media Are Back

Welcome to the first episode of our Sponsor Spotlight on Dash Digital Cash.

As you may know, Dash Digital Cash is the exclusive sponsor of Reality Check and the Truth In Media project.

After a year “in the dark,” the only way I was able to bring back Reality Check and the Truth In Media project, was through the support of Dash Digital Cash, which I’ve described as a revolutionary cryptocurrency that will change the game for everyone.

In the next Sponsor Spotlight, I’ll explain how that funding was made possible through the unique way Dash Digital Cash operates as money-as-a-service business.

But first, how do you use Dash Digital Cash? Well, it works just like cash.

It’s transferred instantly, in just one second, and is completely anonymous. It costs less than 1 cent to send Dash, regardless of the size of the transaction. One second, less than 1 cent.

The easiest way to buy Dash Digital Cash is on Uphold.com, as explained in the video below:

You can also purchase Dash Digital Cash on exchanges like Bittrex and Poloniex.

To hold and spend small amounts of Dash Digital Cash, you will need a mobile wallet. Dash Digital Cash has mobile wallets available for download in the Apple App Store and on Google Play.

Remember—always consider the amount of Dash you carry and the necessary security measures to protect your crypto.

So where can you use Dash Digital Cash? CheapAir, Overstock.com and BitCart are some of the most popular places Dash Digital Cash holders spend their crypto.

Be part of the revolution and start using Dash Digital Cash today.