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Full Transcript: NBC News Interview with Vladimir Putin

The following is a full transcript of the March 2018 NBC News interview between Russian President Vladimir Putin and Megyn Kelly, published by the...

Reality Check Tuesday, Assad Not Using Sarin Gas in Syria?

Reality Check with Ben Swann, powered by Dash - This Tuesday at 2:30 p.m. ET, we examine new comments about the Syrian government's alleged...

Tension Simmers Between Israel and Iran, Syria

Last week, Israel attacked a Syrian government facility that it claimed was used in the production of chemical weapons. That claim was unusual considering...

Defense Sec. Mattis Admits U.S. Has No Evidence Syrian Government Used...

WASHINGTON (AP) — U.S. Secretary of Defense James Mattis confirmed that the U.S. government has no evidence that the Syrian government used sarin gas...

ISIS Fight Against al-Qaeda Spills Over From Syria into Lebanon

While most of the factions within the Syrian Civil War are party to an ongoing ceasefire, neither ISIS nor al-Qaeda’s Nusra Front were invited to take part. As those two factions continue to clash with myriad other groups, they’re also finding time to fight against one another.

Clinton Email Shows US Sought Syria Regime Change for Israel’s Sake

It is rare for a succinct foreign policy platform paper to so fully encapsulate a candidate’s thinking process. A State Department email of Hillary Clinton, available on WikiLeaks, lays out the Democratic front-runner’s strategy as an architect of US intervention in Syria, shows the flawed reasoning that beget the scheme.

Clinton Emails: Google Aided State Dept. in Attempt to Overthrow Assad

The latest batch of emails released from the private server of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton show Google officials working with the State Department...

Syria Peace Talks Begin in Geneva, With ‘No Plan B’

The latest round of Syrian peace talks began Monday in Geneva, with UN officials saying there is no plan for the government and rebels to actually meet face-to-face at all during the talks, with the UN simply ferrying messages back and forth.

Syrian al-Qaeda Seizes US-Made Missiles in Fight

Al-Qaeda’s Syrian wing, Jabhat al-Nusra, has turned on one of their traditional allies in Idlib Province, the US-backed Free Syrian Army wing called Division 13, accusing the group of planning to attack its own bases.

Syrian Rebels Furious as Ceasefire Continues to Hold

After five years of civil war, Syria is experiencing a temporary return to normalcy, with a ceasefire now in its fifth day and still holding steady. There is a lot of negativity about the chances of making a peace deal, but everyone is enjoying the dramatic reduction in violence the ceasefire has provided.

18 Rebels Killed in South Syria Car Bombing

18 moderate rebels affiliated with the Free Syrian Army were killed in a car bomb attack in the southern Quneitra province today. The bombing targeted a base in the village of al-Isha, not far from the Israeli border.

Violations Reported, But Syria Ceasefire Mostly Holds

Both Syrian rebels and government allies reported multiple ceasefire violations over the weekend, each blaming the other side for all violations, but by and large the ceasefire held through the weekend, with fighting enormously down from pre-ceasefire levels.

Syrian Rebels Backtrack on Endorsement of Ceasefire

Yesterday, the Syrian rebel faction the “High Negotiations Council” (HNC) announced that it intended to abide by the ceasefire deal announced by the US and Russia. Today, they have backed off of that, saying they support the idea in theory, but haven’t committed to it.

Kerry: If Ceasefire Fails, Partition of Syria is ‘Plan B’

Speaking to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee today, Secretary of State John Kerry suggested the latest push for a ceasefire in Syria could amount to the last chance for one, and suggested that the US would see a partition of the country as “plan B.”

ISIS Bombs Homs, Damascus, Over 140 Killed

On Sunday, ISIS carried out major bombing attacks in Shi’ite districts in the Syrian city of Homs as well as a key suburb of the capital city of Damascus, killing in excess of 140 people and wounding at least 170 others. The toll is expected to rise further.

ISIS Kills 10 in Suicide Bombing Against Damascus Police

A suicide car bombing in one of the most secure parts of Damascus has killed at least 10 people and wounded dozens more, with a report from the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights saying eight of the slain were police, along with 20 of the wounded.

Syrian Islamists Face Growing Pressure on Multiple Fronts

North Syrian Islamist faction the Levantine Front is facing mounting losses in Aleppo Province, as their battle with the Syrian military turns sour just as the Kurdish YPG is mounting its own offensive in the area, imperiling them on another front.

Pentagon: Number of ISIS Fighters in Iraq, Syria Declining

Desperate to claim some “progress” in the ongoing ISIS war, US defense officials are claiming that their assessment on the size of the ISIS force between Iraq and Syria has declined, and that the best estimates are now between 19,000 and 25,000 fighters.

UN Declares Syria Talks ‘Paused,’ But Both Sides Argue They Never...

by Jason Ditz UN special envoy Staffan de Mistura today declared a “pause” of the Geneva-based Syrian peace talks, saying both sides need to do...