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Ron Paul: Guest Lew Rockwell Discusses The Future Of Liberty

From the future of liberty to the federal budget and foreign policy, Lew Rockwell provided his perspective as a special guest on today’s Liberty Report.

Rockwell joined his former colleague and Liberty Report co-host Daniel McAdams in sharing praise for the man they have worked for since his days in elected office—three-time presidential candidate and former Texas Rep. Ron Paul.

According to Paul, he and Rockwell met in the mid-70s while Rockwell worked for a magazine called Private Practice. Rockwell was also a book editor, serving as editor for Ludwig von Mises. Together, Rockwell and Paul share a common goal to increase awareness of Mises’ work and an interest in Austrian economics.

During the interview, Paul asked Rockwell for his thoughts on the freedom movement in the 1970s compared to how it is today. “If you look at the evening news and you look at the disaster of monetary policy, economic policy, foreign policy and Washington D.C. you get one impression,” he said. “What is your impression on the progress—if we are making any progress—compared to 40 years ago with what’s going on today?

I think there’s been huge progress,” Rockwell replied. “You’re absolutely right. The commanding heights of the media and the government and so forth are bad guys, are liars, are cheats, are people who . . . don’t even watch them. Don’t turn on FOX. Don’t turn on any of these networks. Get your news from the Internet, from Daniel at the Ron Paul Institute and other places like that.

You would absolutely get the impression that we’re sunk, the bad guys have won everything, they control everything. But actually, underneath that, especially among young people—and Ron, you’ve been the most powerful reason for this. You guys have made a huge difference, huge progress. I remember so strongly back to the last time you ran for president, the PEW Research people did a poll of young people who supported you, and they wanted to know what was the key issue. . . . It turned out that the key issue for young people was war and peace. They were against the wars. They wanted peace. And that’s why they loved you.”

Paul also inquired Rockwell’s opinion on today’s congressional hearing by the budget committee on how the Republicans are going to support a balanced budget.

First of all, we should mention that there is off-budget spending,” Rockwell noted. “There’s the official budget, but there’s all kinds of spending that goes on off budget. We can do that in our own lives, right? If the family budget is under strain, you just do the spending off budget. That’s the government. The Republicans, of course, have never been for a balanced budget. This is just a propaganda trick. Democrats of course have their propaganda tricks too. But anytime the Republicans have had control of the government, under Reagan, under Bush and so forth, of course they don’t balance the budget. They believe in deficits.”

. . . It’s one of the terrible things about having a Federal Reserve, a central bank, that today Congress is trying to decide who should they kill next, who they’re going to bomb next, what war should they start next. There’s never a consideration about how we’re going to pay. That’s not even an issue because, of course, the Fed will print up the money.”

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