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Top Searches For Our Favorite Politicians (Is Lindsey Graham A Woman?)

We’ve all done it. Whether we are searching our own names to see what comes up, or simply laughing at the search results, Google can be quite entertaining. Google commands the internet. In fact, one could even argue that Google is the internet.

According to Alexa, a leading web analytics company, on average users spend almost 18 minutes a day on Google, making it the number one visited site in the world. The amount of data processed by Google in a single day is astronomical. The tech giant processes more than 20 petabytes in a single day. That’s 20,000,000,000,000,000 bytes of data a day. Impressive right? Not so fun fact, only the NSA singularly touches more data than Google. The NSA touches 29.21 petabytes, or 29,210,000,000,000,000 bytes of data a day.

So, when all that data is processed and arranged these are the results for some of the most talked about politicians in Washington. Your search results may slightly vary.

Rand Paul has made waves within the past few months. Many expect him to launch a presidential run in 2016. The search results seem to suggest an electorate seeking to learn more about him, or clear up whether or not he’s a racist.
Well… These speak for themselves.
It seems many in the country wonder whether or not the minority house speaker may be just plain stupid, or if she is just on drugs.
Many seem to believe that the president is connected to conspiracy and end times.
More conspiracy surrounds Bush. Oh, and in fact, George W. is related to Obama. (Click on this picture to see how)
Clinton is so far considered the favorite to receive the democratic nomination for a presidential bid. People are also concerned with her dietary habits.
Speculation has been accumulating that the vice president may himself seek the White House next year. However, he will encounter quite the challenge if Hillary does indeed throw her hat into the race.
Senator Cruz has become the latest political target for the left, and hero to the right. Many question his citizenship because they expect the Senator may mount a run for the White House. The birther results are undoubtedly a byproduct of irony.
After having an extremely successful TV series search results for the Tea Party favorite show many results dealing with her personal life.
Is J’Mac a liberal? If voting records count- then yes.