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UN passes resolution to stop foreign fighters and terrorists

As the world begins to respond to the growing threat of ISIS, the United Nations Security Council met Wednesday and unanimously approved a resolution which forces member states to stop terrorist recruiting and movement within their territories.

President Obama chaired the committee saying, according to the Hill, “I called this meeting because we must come together as nations and as an international community to confront a real and growing threat of foreign terrorist fighters… The historic resolution we just adopted enshrines our commitment to meet this challenge.”

The resolution not only calls for states to stop recruiting and movement within their borders, but also requires states to take precautions to ward off potential terrorist attacks from foreign fighters within their borders.

Foreign fighters, in this instance are defined, according to the International Business Times, as, “Individuals who travel to a State other than their States of residence or nationality for the purpose of the perpetration, planning, or preparation of, or participation in, terrorist acts…”  An estimated 12,000 fighters who fit into this definition have already traveled from at least 74 countries to the Middle East to fight on behalf of ISIS.

In addition, the resolution calls for all member states to share information concerning any domestic terrorist concerns with other members.  However, there was no definition given as to what constitutes a domestic terrorist, leaving it up to each state to make up their own definition of a “domestic terrorist.”

In order to show how serious the US takes the issue at hand, the US Treasury Department put immediate sanctions in place against 11 individuals and one Indonesian organization.  The people and group in question are thought to be sending foreign fighters and funds to Islamic terrorist groups, such as ISIS.

In a statement after the sanctions were passed, David Cohen, Under Secretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence, said, according to RT, “These steps, taken the same day as the adoption of a new United Nations Security Council Resolution, affirm the commitment of the United States and our partners to degrade and destroy terrorist access to financing.”

“Uncoinventional Living Tour” Takes Activist Family from Texas to New Hampshire Using Only Bitcoin

San Marcos, Texas – Activists John Bush and Catherine Bleish have embarked on a historic journey across the United States, traveling from San Marcos, Texas to Lancaster, New Hampshire, spending only Bitcoin while they travel.

John and Catherine, along with their two children, make up the Blush family. They are the stars of the Sovereign Living reality show that follows the family in their quest to become self-sufficient and lead a voluntary and natural life. John and Catherine are well known for their strong advocacy of alternative currencies, natural health, sustainability, peaceful parenting, and unschooling.

On Monday June 16th they began their 4,400 mile “Uncoinventional Living Tour”, leaving from their home in San Marcos, Texas. The family will be trekking across the country in their minivan, hosting five screenings of their reality show and stopping at several conferences to speak about their adventures and how to make using crypto-currencies like Bitcoin an everyday reality.

The first major stop on the tour is Washington D.C., where the family will speak at the Bitcoin in the Beltway Conference hosted by Jason King of Sean’s Outpost, a homeless outreach and advocacy group. From there the family will be headed to Lancaster, New Hampshire for the eleventh annual Porcupine Freedom Festival. Their final stop before returning home will be Kansas City over the July 4th weekend.

Along their way they plan to find creative ways to travel, eat and sleep without using the dollar bill, or federal reserve note. On the family’s blog Catherine discusses the perils of planning a cross-country trip using only Bitcoin. The more businesses take advantage of crypto-currencies, the more applications are available for everyday living. Catherine said she is “excited to test the practical reality of traveling with Bitcoin.” The Blush family is utilizing Gyft.com for gift cards for food and hotels, CoinMap.org for lists of locations that accept Bitcoin, and Coinfueled.com for gas cards purchased with Bitcoin.

To follow the family’s journey keep up with the Uncoinventional Living Tour Blog.

if you want to contribute to their journey, here are the various ways:

LTC: Ld35jZQhkJrpRPKtnfRw1r37KuazzgAiQS
Doge: DLpxS6j6DA38kZzkGAUNtR6tCtCHckaW7k
PayPal: donttreadoncat@gmail.com