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Sen. Kelly Ayotte Faces 3rd Party Candidate Threat Over Obamacare Medicaid Expansion

Aaron Day, the New Hampshire State Chairman of the Republican Liberty Caucus, has been fighting Obamacare’s medicaid expansion on the local level for years now.

Day spoke with Truth In Media’s Joshua Cook in 2013 after Day and statewide activists were able to successfully table a bill, but in 2015 Medicaid expansion is once again a fierce battle in the state.

In an exclusive interview with Truth In Media, Day told Joshua Cook that N.H. Republicans are not trying to stop Obamacare Medicaid expansion and are actually drafting the bill for the expansion.


Regarding a possible third-party run, Day declared that this is a serious consideration. “I’m not actually just throwing this out here, you know ‘maybe I’ll do it.’ I’ve already got a team together to get on the ballot. I need to get 3,000 signatures to get on the ballot as an independent. I already have a team in place, I’ve had a lawyer review the process.”

Following the interview, Day clarified to Truth in Media that “if the Republicans in New Hampshire expand Medicaid, I will launch a third party campaign. If the party rejects expansion, I will continue fighting in the trenches to elect conservative Republicans.”

Aaron Day said he asked Congressman Paul Ryan (R-WI), who is now the Speaker of the House, how he would advise and instruct the Republicans in the N.H. state senate regarding medicaid expansion.

“Tell them no, no, no on Medicaid expansion. The funding won’t be there,” said Ryan.

Day said that expanding Medicaid would ultimately bankrupt New Hampshire or trigger a massive tax hike. Currently, New Hampshire has no income or sales tax.

Day said that Sen. Kelly Ayotte (R-N.H.) is an influential force behind the movement to move Obamacare’s Medicaid expansion in the state.

Cook asked Day about his thoughts on splitting the vote and the result of Republicans losing a majority in the Senate if Sen. Ayotte loses.

“Not only might this cost her her seat, this might cost the Republicans control of the United States Senate,” said Day. “Which tells you just how serious I am about this issue, because it was thrown in our face. We wouldn’t be in this place if it weren’t for people who made a political calculation that said ‘in order for Kelly to win we are going to throw the state underwater so she has better election chances,’ I’m just changing the math.”

Day asked, “why bother even have two parties if Republicans are going to cave on an issue like this?”

“Because the number one problem our country faces in the next 12 to 18 months is a looming sovereign debt crisis. We have $18 trillion of debt and hundreds of trillions of unfunded liabilities and we are asleep at the switch and adding fuel to the fire by expanding Medicaid is only going to exacerbate the situation,” added Day.

Exclusive interview with Libertarian Candidate Victor Kocher, U.S. Senate


Victor Kocher is challenging two-term incumbent Senator Lindsey Graham (R) along with state senator Brad Hutto (D) and independent candidate Thomas Ravenel for the U.S. Senate seat in S.C.

Cook asked Kocher his thoughts on foreign policy, issues and solutions to reform the VA, and tax policy. Listen to the full interview here.

VIDEO: Sen. Warren refuses to criticize Hillary Clinton

NEW YORK CITY, September 9, 2014 – In an interview with Yahoo Global News’ Anchor Katie Couric, Senator Elizabeth Warren (D- Mass.) lambasted former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor’s new position at Wall Street investment banking firm Moelis & Co., yet refused to criticize fellow Democrat, Hillary Clinton’s, own ties to big business as harshly.

The Senator claimed that former Washington politicians who head to these kinds of firms once leaving office are not being hired because they bring great expertise and insight, but because they’re “selling access back in to their former colleagues who are still writing policy”. “This ultimately infects whatever it is that they’re doing, and I just think this is wrong,” Warren went on to tell Couric.

However, when asked specifically if she thought Hillary Clinton was too cozy with Wall Street the Senator retreated to generalities and refused to chastise a member of her own party with the same severeness she leveled at Cantor.

Clinton’s ties to big business are well known. The financial sector was Clinton’s second largest donor in her 2008 campaign. Since leaving office the former Senator has been paid millions of dollars in speaking fees from firms such as J.P. Morgan and Goldman Sachs. You can watch Warren’s full interview here:


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EXCLUSIVE Interview: “Southern Charm” Star To Challenge Two-Party Status Quo in South Carolina

Businessman, reality television star and former South Carolina State Treasurer Thomas Ravenel announced his run as an independent for the United States Senate seat currently held by liberal “Republican” Lindsey Graham.

Ravenel made his Senate candidacy official prior to attending a Fourth of July rally in Greenville, S.C.

In a candid and exclusive interview with Benswann.com’s Joshua Cook, Thomas Ravenel discussed his solutions on limiting government’s control and expanding individual freedom.

Ravenel discussed his views on tax policy, drugs, foreign policy, privacy issues, growing the economy, healthcare, education, common core, and social issues.

Listen to the interview below:



In a press release yesterday Ravenel stated, “It’s time for voters across our state and this country to declare their independence from a failed two-party system – one that no longer represents their interests or the interests of Americans to come,” the star of Bravo’s ‘Southern Charm’ said.  “Election after election of choosing the lesser of two evils has our economy and our freedoms on a downward slide – but there’s still time to change the road we’re on.  To do that, though, we need a real debate and a real choice – candidates who are offering real ideas to turn things around.”

“Government doesn’t belong in your boardroom, your bedroom or your email inbox,” he said.  “But its presence in every aspect of our lives continues to grow.  Democrats keep dictating choices in our marketplaces and Republicans keep telling us who we can and cannot love.  And both parties want to keep spending like there’s no tomorrow while they spy on us to make sure we don’t step out of line.  All of this leads to less prosperity and liberty – and more dependency and fear,” said Ravenel.


thomas ravenel - FanRavenel talked to a number of “Southern Charm” fans downtown Greenville, SC about his run for U.S. Senate.



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From Bravo TV to the Ballot: Reality Star Hopes To Dethrone Lindsey Graham

November’s U.S. Senate election in South Carolina just got a bit more interesting after Charleston businessman and reality TV star Thomas Ravenel said he’s considering jumping into the race, only if he can get the signatures.

With less than a month to the filing deadline, Ravenel, who was state treasurer before resigning due to federal drug charges, said Wednesday that he plans to complete a petition push, collecting the signatures of at least 10,000 S.C. voters.

If he meets his signature quota, Ravenel will appear on November’s ballot with three other candidates, including incumbent Lindsey Graham, Democratic state Senator Brad Hutto and Libertarian Victor Kocher.

According to The State, Ravenel is the son of former 1st District U.S. Representative Arthur Ravenel, previously ran for the U.S. Senate in 2004 and placed third in the GOP primary. In 2006, he was elected state treasurer.

Most recently, Ravenel has starred in Bravo’s “Southern Charm” reality show, and that star power can be a real threat to Senator Graham.

Liberty activist and County Republican Committeemen, Chris Lawton said, “the elections are not over and grassroots activists still have time to “Lose Lindsey Graham.”

“Ravenel has the charisma, has solid libertarian ideas, and has the money to unseat Graham this November,” said Lawton.

“All I want from my representative is to vote Constitutionally 100% of the time. Every time, Without Fail, NO exceptions! What they do in their off time is their business,” said Lawton. 

One source on the ground told Benswann.com that there are “busy worker bees” who are enthusiastically gathering signatures to put Ravenel on the ballot.

One thing is certain, there are grassroots activists in South Carolina who are still working very hard to oust Sen. Lindsey Graham and they are not giving up.


One liberty activist put out a fact sheet about Ravenel on facebook:


•Thomas is a successful businessman.

• Former statewide official. South Carolina Treasurer

• Hard core fiscal conservative/ free market supporter

• Aggressive proponent of individual liberty.

• Thomas opposes tax hikes/ spending hikes/ further unnecessary expansions of government.

• Thomas supports broad-based tax relief/ draconian spending cuts to the federal government (and will be proposing specific cuts to both in his campaign).

• Rabidly pro-gun

• Pro-life (just had a gorgeous baby girl)

• Opposes handouts (welfare or corporate welfare)

• Supports a strong military but opposes unnecessary deployments and wasteful Pentagon programs (F-35, Littoral combat ship, etc.)

• In addition to being right on the issues, Thomas is also totally unafraid to take on Graham – to challenge him substantively in ways the GOP candidates who ran against him in the primary were incapable of doing.

Jim Rubens Endorsed By Republican Liberty Caucus In New Hampshire Senate Race

Concord, NH- United States Senate candidate Jim Rubens, who is running in New Hampshire to win the seat held by Jeanne Shaheen, was officially endorsed today by both the Republican Liberty Caucus of New Hampshire and the Republican Liberty Caucus. The RLC and RLCNH are grassroots organizations focused on promoting individual liberty and small government in the Republican Party.

RLCNH Chairman Aaron Day said in the announcement:

“Grounded in the principled belief in constitutionally limited government, Jim Rubens brings the intelligence and experience needed to reverse the damage inflicted by Obama and Shaheen. Jim’s 40-year track record creating jobs and wealth as an entrepreneur, empowering the citizens of New Hampshire as a legislator, and ability to solve complex problems while bringing people together is exactly what is needed in this time of great peril. The Republican Liberty Caucus is pleased to endorse Jim Rubens as the clear choice to replace Jeanne Shaheen in the United States Senate.”

Rubens accepted the endorsement, saying, “I am deeply honored to ​have the endorsement of the Republican Liberty Caucus. Together​, RLC, grassroots ​Republicans and my campaign will ​win elections by showing how we will solve our nation’s most pressing challenges and improve people’s lives without retreating from core Republican values of personal liberty, a free economy, and constitutionally limited government.” 

At the press conference held by the RLCNH, Rubens spoke about major issues plaguing the country, and shamed Senator Shaheen and President Obama for their disregard for the Constitution. “President Obama and Jeanne Shaheen are shredding our Constitution. They have allowed our government to spy on hundreds of millions of innocent American citizens. They have acted to compromise our Second Amendment protections, our ultimate defense against government tyranny,” said Rubens.

Rubens also called out Shaheen for ignoring the deplorable health care services pushed onto veterans. “Congress was informed two years ago that VA hospital administrators have been profiting by falsifying heathcare wait lists and denying vets the medical care we owe them. Jeanne Shaheen’s grandstanding today about how much she cares about vets does not absolve her for her failure to demand and get action two years ago. And if Jeanne Shaheen was acting in vets’ best interests, she would not have backed another Middle East war quagmire with her vote to bomb Syria as cover for President Obama’s rashly-formulated red line.”

“I, for one, am sick to the heart with our heroes coming home in boxes, without legs, and with brain injuries when US national security is not at stake and where regional powers can intervene.”

The wedge issue between many conservatives and Rubens is Rubens’ belief in man-made climate change, which is not a belief widely accepted by Republicans. Rubens looks to the free market to solve climate change, and would intend to end all energy subsidies, including wind and solar: “We can terminate all energy subsidies, tax preferences, and purchase and supply mandates. Our innovators will stop the endless rent seeking in Washington and use all their talent to commercialize the low-cost, clean, and completely abundant energy we need to free America and the entire free world from energy imports from our enemies,” said Rubens.

Rubens’ stance may actually be in his favor: billionaire climate change activist Tom Steyer has said that he plans to spend $100 million to attack “climate change deniers” in the upcoming Senate and gubernatorial elections in several states including New Hampshire.

Rubens is currently running against Bob Smith, Karen Testerman and Scott Brown in the Republican primary in New Hampshire.

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Sebelius Considering Run For United States Senate?

WASHINGTON, April 16, 2014– In this town, one rarely stays gone for long. Only a week has passed since former Department of Health and Human Services secretary Kathleen Sebelius stepped down from her cabinet position. The departure has largely been credited to the failed Obamacare roll out.

According to a report by Jeremy Peters of the New York Times, Sebelius is now weighing a possible bid for United States Senate. Democrats believe that incumbent Senator Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) is vulnerable and Sebelius is the one to take him out.

However big Democrats may dream, it does not seem likely that Sebelius can take the seat. Democrats haven’t held a U.S. Senate seat in Kansas since the late 1930s. In fact, Kansas has only elected a Democrat to the U.S. Senate three times since it achieved statehood. In addition, many believe that Republicans will regain control of the Senate this year due to multiple scandals that have been executed throughout the Obama presidency.

Roberts’ true concern is not with Sebelius. His tea party challenger Dr. Milton Wolf presents the most dangerous obstacle to reelection. Reporting $313,000 from individual donors, recently released quarterly fundraising totals show that the Wolf campaign could be gaining some traction. In contrast, Roberts only raised $274,000 from individual donors. Meanwhile, he raised an additional $260,000 from special interest super PACs.

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Scott Brown: I Don’t Have The Best Credentials, “Cause, You Know, Whatever”

Manchester, N.H. — Former Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown has embarked on his “Main Streets and Living Rooms” tour of New Hampshire as he continues to toy with the idea of running for Senate in the state. He is currently touring New Hampshire, speaking to residents and small businesses and visiting to “listen to them and learn of their concerns”. While he still hasn’t completely committed to launching a campaign, he has the media in New Hampshire and across the country assuming he will try to win over the Senate seat currently held by Democrat Jeanne Shaheen. Brown’s presence in New Hampshire has been met with resistance from grassroots conservatives who are doubtful of his sincerity in his potential new bid for Senate.

Brown’s reputation as somewhat of an outsider in New Hampshire is not the only issue bothering voters. During one of his several stops, he made an off-the-cuff statement to The Associated Press that has riled New Hampshire residents:

“Do I have the best credentials? Probably not. ‘Cause, you know, whatever.”

Although he followed up on that by saying that he has “long and strong ties to the state”, Brown’s statement could be considered glib and nearly apathetic, and it’s unlikely that grassroots voters are going to let it slide. He already faces concerns with conservatives who are aware of his record for being less than supportive of the Second Amendment; he supports a federal ban of assault weapons and expressed opposition to concealed carry reciprocity in Massachusetts. Those issues alone are enough to make the Republican primary a challenge for him. But his “whatever” statement leaves him even more vulnerable to criticism from voters who are undecided.