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Yale Study To Manipulate Americans Into Taking C0VID Vaccine

Yale University is conducting a study to figure out how to best create effect "messaging" in order to convince Americans to take the upcoming C0VlD vaccine.

California’s New Vaccine Law Puts Kids In Danger

The new law in California which bans medical exemptions for vaccines puts thousands of children in harms way. The law prevents doctors from exempting...

California Governor Signs Vaccine Bill Banning Personal Belief, Religious Exemptions

California Gov. Jerry Brown signed a controversial bill into law on Tuesday that prohibits families from using "personal belief" or religious exemptions to keep...

Video: $3,000 For Live Flu Vaccine Test Subjects

Ben Swann talks about government scientists offering as much as $3,000.00 for volunteers to take a flu virus administered directly up their nose. ...

Truth in Media: Vaccine Court and Autism

The claims that autism is caused by vaccines have been completely disproven, right? We have all heard that claim, maybe most famously by actress...